A smoke-free women's condominium, Shinjukuku, Tokyo

This premise is located on a main street between Higasgi-Shinjuku and Wakamatsu-kawada subway stations.

A view the road from Higashi-shinjuku subway station

A main street from Wakamatsu-Kawada subway station

(L) Delivery locker (M) Mail box (This unit is to be replaced to the new mail-box system.)
(R) Random numeric keypad at the entrance of each room

(L) Private substation (R) Kenmore and Smeg-made free automatic washing machines on the basement for women residents only

An elevator that is periodically undergoing inspection once every two months.

Available unit:
No Vacancy: Full House

Monthly rent and the length of the lease
Refer for the individual unit.
It is necessary to join a rent guaranteed system. The annual fee: 10,000 yen

Management fee:
10,000 yen per month
This includes a cable broadcasting of a fin music, sounds of waves, environmental sounds such as river flow,
foreign language courses, wired stereo broadcasting, etc. (3,800 yen/month, if you subscribe as an individual), 
and maintenance fee of an elevator, and also gas, water and electricity fees of washer and dryer.

Amount of the security deposit required
Refer for the individual unit.
When the tenant leaves, a full refund of the security deposit will be made except for repair and cleaning expences.
There is no un-refundable key money at the time of moving in.

A tenancy qualification
1) A single woman ( We welcome a student.)
2) No smoker:
Smoking is prohibited on a veranda and in this building.
This rule is applied for all visitors.
3) No male can visit and/or stay between the hours of from 22:00 to 07:00 (at night )

Three to four minutes on foot from Wakamatsu-kawada subway station
Seven to eight minutes on foot from Higashi-shinjuku subway station

A direct bus service, connecting to Shinjuku, Takatanobaba, Yotsuya and Ichigaya stations
Map shows the place of Wakamatsu-kawada subway station

(L) The entrance to Higashi-shinjuku subway station (R) Wakamatsu-kawada subway station

Hakoneyama is located about 15 minutes walk from this condominium; that is the highest point within the Yamanote-Loop line in Tokyo.

Drum, flute and lion dancing at Nukebenten Shrine, two minutes on a walk from this condominium,
at every year as a New Year event

Date apartment is available

Refer for the individual unit.

Utilities You do not necessarily have to pay utilities for an electricity, water, hot-water, gas necessary
for automatic washer and dryer.

Building specifics
The rental house is located on the main road between Higashi-Shinjuku and Wakamatsu-kawada subway stations.
You are very welcomed to the owner of this premise. E-mail is shown as follows;

●E-mail Address: j@mcfw.jp

Steel and steel-reinforced concrete cleat building

This is a robust reinforce concrete housing. It is also excellent in earthquake resistance.
We maintain the elevator and fire protection-notification network of this building by a qualifies professional.
The units for rent are located on the first and second floor.

No car parking space

Real Estate Agent: 'New House'
The lease agreement is intermediated through the designated real estate agent.
Please pay a broker fee equivalent to one-month rent (plus 8% tax)

School list of this condominium user
Waseda University, Sophia University, Hosei University, Meiji University, Tokyo Women's Medical University, etc.

The risk of a third-hand smoke

Smoke-free woman's condominium
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One room is available at present.
Please contact us by the following E-mail:

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American, Canadian, EU residents, Chinese, other foreign people

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