The tobacco company is trying to brain-washing Japanese people on TV commercial.

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Tobacco: You may like it, although, it may be there are people who dislike it.
Japan Tobacco Inc.

TV commercial broadcasted by TV Tokyo on April 7, 2016.

There are various people around the world. You may like it, although, it may be there are people who dislike it.

The tobacco is also exactly the same.

(L) The common practice of adult requires consideration.
(R) One by one, but is one step toward to the future: JT

There are various people around the world.
You may like it, although, it may be there are people who dislike it.
The tobacco is also exactly the same.
The common practice of adult requires consideration for the others.
One by one, but is one step toward to the future: JT

People are living together.
There are people who smoke in that space.
There are people who think the smoking annoying.
We divide the smoke. By doing so, we like to create the society in which
the smokers and non-smokers live together.

One by one, but is one step toward to the future: JT

Many people might not believe these images are commercial of a tobacco company. Truly, this is an ad on the leading television, sponsored by JT.

 YouTube sponsored by JT This video has been deleted.

The tobacco company, JT is trying to brainwash Japanese people, by appealing to the human mind.
Absolutely, there is no relevance between the movie image and the tobacco goods.

・・This YouTube has been deleted, probably because it beautified smoking.

Full-page newspaper advertisement

Full-page newspaper ad: Asahi Shimbun, January 17,2016
The Asahi Shimbun is one of the major national newspapers in Japan.

TV advertisement by JT: Smoking style in a hotel, in an office and in a restaurant

What we want to make in this country is an advanced society in dividing smoking and non-smoking section in each place.
We propose the various kinds of space separation in society, making it as a new lifestyle. It is our desire to create various
forms of smoking room, that we want to go forward with new and consistent feelings. JT (2017)

JT admits the health risk caused by tobacco. However, at the same time, as far as smokers know its adverse effect
of tobacco products, it means the smokers have the good reason to love smoking. It is advised to defend the smokers'
manners. Our society and JT provide to maintain the smoking areas' environment in a separate space in buildings,
to provide a comfortable space, both for a non-smokers and smokers. We have to respect the idea of each person
within the community. It creates the future that is desired.

Do you agree to that?

A full-page advertisement on the weekly magazine, Shukan-Shinchou
'Is it nice little dose?

A tobacco company is trying to brain-washing Japanese people
by a tobacco commercial on TV, to establish a smoking room in a food and drink hospitality space.
Smoking politicians in Japan

Smoking Rate Investigation in Japan

Overall smoking rate: 17.9% of the total population in Japan
Gender display: Male, 27.8%, Year-on-year 0.4% decrease
Female 8.7% Year-on-year 0.3% decrease
Source. JT data May 2018

US: Overall 15.5% (Gender display: Male, 17.5%, Female 13.5%) in 2016

A position to oppose smoking habits and protect the people's health.
Comparison with Russia and Australia rail trip Australia

Tobacco sale in Russia
Russian tobacco obtained in July 2014:
The left picture, we can easily understand that smoking causes impotence.
The right picture that shows two hands with string means that smoking causes nicotine addiction.
On the front side, there is the same health warning that emphasis the fact  smoking kills users.

Tobacco has been struck by being put in a black big box, like as the coffin.
No one can see a cigarette unless a smoker asked to specify the brand name of tobacco to buy.

Australia intends to reduce the cost of medical of two trillion yen per annum.
The Government says the new packaging laws will reduce the number of smokers.
Tobacco package at present and after December 2012

If you smoke, it means that you breaths in and captures 4,000 kinds of toxic substances into your body.
These are TV commercials sponsored by Australian Government.

(L) The former minister of Health and Aging, Ms Roxon said we want the concept of 'smoking is stylish' to be of the past.
(R) A tobacco package should not be attractive to the young people, and the health warning on smoking should be distinct.

Australia rail trip A plain tobacco package in Australia

A series of cigarette storage in a large box in the convenience shop in Sydney

Nobody can usually see this scene. This photography was taken by a special arrangement.

Health warning on the front and back view: Bond Street Blue is the band name of cigarette.

Health warning on the front and back view: Choice Xl Original Blue is the brand name of cigarette.

(L) Health warning shown in all round surfaces of cigar, saying cigar smoking causes mouth cancer.
(R) There is the company's name, address and the product of Belgium.
La Paz Corona is the brand name of cigar.
Copyright (C)2014 Junhaku Miymoto

Look younger for long, quit smoking.

United States The outcome of the sad miserable life

An advertisement used in TV commercial in 1960s':
Wayne MCLaren (L) at the time, he was in active as a driving force behind the ad.
(R) He was lying in the bed of death with the unrepentant.
He died at 51 years old by a lung cancer. The words of the last to leave his wife:
'Take care of the children. Tobacco will kill you, and I'm the living proof of it.'

United States A note about the miserable death of a smoker, in the day Bryan's death

You are very important financial backer for the tobacco company.
Smokers are just like the people manipulated by the Mafia who seek narcotic.

United Nations A video created by WHO to stop tobacco-industry-interference campaign.
Smokers, can you see your life 30 years after?

english index tobacco control 日本語

「禁煙席ネット」主宰 日本タバコフリー学会顧問 医学博士 宮本順伯
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The photographs were taken and the article was written in April 2016, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

Japan high speed railways
Department of Health, Labor and Welfare announced to assist
an establishment of indoor smoking room

Special Note

 Russia unduly occupies our Northern Territories of Japan.


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