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Opposition to Total Smoking Ban

Campaigners call for full ban on smoking in bars and restaurants to comply
with IOC requirement to stage healthy Games.

The country has a reputation as a smoker’s paradise.

Japan is expected to pass legislation soon that will ban smoking in or near public buildings
such as schools or hospitals, but the bill says the crackdown will apply to restaurants only
in principle. Restaurateurs and bar owners will instead be given the option of installing
self-contained smoking rooms on their premises. A measure campaigner says to contravene
an IOC requirement for host cities to hold a healthy Olympic Game.

The situation for preventing passive smoking in Japan is on a level with that in a developing
nation, said Dr.Sakuta, chair of the Japan Society for Tobacco Control. Smoking is
banned in hospitals, restaurants and other public buildings in dozens of countries, but Japan
lags behind in addressing the health risks associated with secondhand smoke. Smoking is
banned on some Tokyo streets and in taxis, but only about 10% of the bars, restaurants
and cafes of the capitol are totally smoke-free, according to the society. There is even a
cigarette vending machine in a Health Ministry Annex.

Despite recent price rises, a packet of 20 cigarette still costs about 440 yen ( 3.10 pound )-
far less than smokers pay in Britain. The government holds 30% of shares of JT (Japan-
Tobacco Inc.)- which generates huge tax revenues - meant it was reluctant to follow the lead
of Ireland, Britain and other countries and impose a smoking ban at bars and restaurants.
Newspapers, he added, often failed to highlight the dangers of smoking afraid to make JT
angry, which spent an estimated 30bn yen on advertising in 2014. Whenever a celebrity
dies of throat or lung cancer, their deaths are never linked to their smoking habit.

At the end of last year, restaurant industry groups warned that many of their members
would go out of business, if they were forced to install segregated smoking rooms on their
premises, insisting a strict regulation will make their business operations impossible.
The Asahi Shimbun, a leading newspaper in Jpan, quoted a restaurant federation official
as saying - Why does the government plan to impose restrictions that could lead to the
closure of small shops in local areas ahead of the Olympics?

Sakuta accused restaurateurs and hoteliers of resorting to emotional and unscientific
arguments in an attempt to avoid a crackdown on secondhand smoke. Now smoking bans
in bars and restaurants are becoming more common all over the world, he said.
The government has been accused of failing to reflect hardening public attitudes towards
tobacco use, amid a sharp drop in smoking among men.

About 30% of Japanese men smoke, according to a survey conducted in 2016, compared
with more than 80% in 1965. The smoking rate among women has remained at about 10%
in recent years. The Health Minister, Yasuhisa Shiozaki, said he hoped the bill would be
submitted to parliament during the current session. WHO official evaluates the measures
by the government to prevent passive smoking is the worst in the world; he added.

Yumiko Mochizuki, a doctor and associate director of an anti-tobacco group, said the proposed
ban should be free of loopholes such as smoking rooms, which critics say do not completely
protect other diners, or the people who empty the ashtrays, from secondhand smoke.
Countries like Finland, Ireland and Australia are all working to make the next generation
smoke-free; however, Japan is still the way on behind.

Japan urged to go smoke-free by 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Reference: The Guardian, UK January 31 2017

? ? Japan should aim to become a leading country in promoting separate smoking areas.

Minister Shigeru Ishiba ( 40 years of smoking history )

Japanese restaurant-industry groups on 12 January voiced opposition to a total ban on smoking in restaurants
following moves to further combat passive smoking ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
At a meeting in Tokyo of industry organizations, participants expressed concern that a smoking ban would
drive small businesses into the ground. They said
Japan should aim to become a leading country in promoting
separate smoking areas.
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare wants to ban smoking, in principle, inside
restaurants and aims to submit to the Diet a bill to revise the Health Promotion Law to prevent secondhand smoke.
The meeting adopted a resolution that voluntary efforts by the industry be better recognized. It is the time
to come up with creative ideas for realizing a society in which everyone can enjoy themselves without troubling
others, said Shigeru Ishiba, a former secretary-general of the ruling-Liberal Democratic Party, who attended
the event on that day.
Source: Kyodo, January 12, 2017

Past Minister Remark:
The Transport Minister Fuyuba has opposed to a total smoking ban in a taxi in Japan.

Tetsuzo Fuyushiba , the Minister of Land Infrastructure and Transport,
in power between September 2006 and August 2008
He lost an election in August 2009, and died from pneumonia at age of 75 in 2011.

 Is there any relationship between smoking and lung cancer?
Finance Minister of Japan Aso said.

 Tobacco Mafia??
出典:Record China:G20 February 2013 in Moscow
Finance Minister of Japan Rocks Gangster-style for G-20 Trip.
Finance ministers are not often recognized for their fashion sense. However, Japanese finance minister Taro Aso
set ablaze with his gangster-style attire as he was leaving Japan for the G-20 meeting in Moscow.
Source: Wall Street Journal, Feburaury 15, 2013

Not only LDP members, but DPP lawmakers also oppose a total smoking ban in
a restaurant and cafe. Their claims are the same to the tobacco company , JT.
Hirotaka Akamatsu

Cigarette smoking and thinning of the brain’s cortex.

Cigarette smoking is associated with cognitive decline and dementia, but the extent of the association
between smoking and structural brain changes remains unclear. Importantly, it is unknown whether
smoking-related brain changes are reversible after smoking cessation. We analyzed data on 504 subjects
with recall of lifetime smoking data and a structural brain magnetic resonance imaging at age 73 years
from which measures of cortical thickness were extracted.

Multiple regression analyses were performed controlling for gender and exact age at scanning.
To determine dose-response relationships, the association between smoking pack-years and cortical thickness
we tested and then repeated, while controlling for a comprehensive list of covariate, including, among others,
cognitive ability before starting smoking. Further, we tested associations between thickness of the brain and
number of years since last cigarette, while controlling for lifetime smoking.

There was a diffuse dose-dependent negative association between smoking and cortical thickness.
Some negative dose-dependent cortical associations persisted after controlling for all covariate.
Accounting for a total amount of lifetime smoking, the cortex of subjects who stopped smoking seems to have
partially recovered for each year without smoking.

However, it took up to 25 years for complete cortical recovery in affected areas for those at the mean
pack-years value in this sample. As the cortex thins with normal aging, our data suggest that smoking is
associated with diffuse accelerated thinning of the cortex, a biomarker of cognitive decline in adults.
Although partial recovery appears possible, it can be a long process.
Source: Cigarette smoking and thinning of the brain's cortex, Molecular Psychiatry, 778-785, 2015

This shows the sign of a complete separation of smoking area and area to prohibit smoking in the same restaurant and cafe.
It is a counterfeit to a customer.

 The way to protect yourself from toxic tobacco smoke in a restaurant in Japan

 Health minister rejected a claim by LDP members, that a smoking should allow in small food shops.
(in Japanese)

Minister Yasuhiro Shiozaki

 Governor of Tokyo is positive to a total smoking ban in restaurants and cafes.
小池都知事は飲食店の全面禁煙に意欲的 (in Japanese)

A video created by WHO to stop tobacco-industry-interference campaign.

Olympic Games and a restriction of smoking in a train by the host countries

1948 XIV London (UK)                Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1952 XV Helsinki railways Helsinki(Finland)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1956 XVI Australia rail trip Melbourne (Australia)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
Stockholm railways Stickholm(Sweden)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1960 XVII Italia rail trip Roma(Italy)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1964 XVIII Japan high speed railways Tokyo(Japan)           Smoking is allowed in a train.
1968 XIX Mexico City(Mexico)          Inadequate information
1972 XX Munich(West Germany)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1976 XXI Canada smoking ban Montral(Canada)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1980 XXII Moscow(Soviet Union)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1984 XXIII United States Los Angeles(United States)      Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1988 XXIV Korea Seoul(Korea)             Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1992 XXV Spain Barcelona(Spain)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1994        Norway Lillehammer(Norway)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1996 XXVI United States Atlanta(United State)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1998       Japan high speed railways Nagano(Japan)              Smoking is allowed in a train.
2000 XXVII australia Sydney(Australia)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2002       United States Salt Lake City(United State)     Smoking is prohibited in a train. 
2004 XXVIII Greece Athenes(Greece)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2006       Italia rail trip Turin(Italy)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2008 XXIX China Beijing(China)              Smoking is prohibited in a train. 
2010       Canada smoking ban Vancouver(Canada)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2012 XXX London(UK)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2014        Sochi(Russia)               Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2016 XXXI Brazil Rio de Janeiro(Brazil)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2018       Korea Pyengchang County(Korea)       Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2020 XXXII Japan high speed railways Tokyo(Japan)             Smoking is allowed in a train.

This table shows the smoking ban in a train at the Olympic host countries in and after July 2014.
China Government charges 2,000 Yuan for a violation of smoking restriction in a high-speed train.
In UK, a penalty of the maximum 200 pounds is applied for a smoking at a smoke-free designated vehicle.

! Japanese Government admits to installing a smoking booth in a train to support smoking act.

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Opposition to Total Smoking Ban
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The article was written in February 2017, last revised in Jun 2017,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.



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 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Domestic travel in Japan
 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
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