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 The indoor total smoking ban is the rule of the world.

It is well known that a total smoking ban in an indoor public place is the only way to keep our health from
various toxic tobacco substances, which may be associated with the growth of malignant tumor and acute
hazard of cardiovascular disease. The comprehensive smoke-free law significantly reduced the exposure
to second-hand smoke, which causes the damage to our health. The favorite effect of smoking-bans,
includes a reduction in heart-disease morbidity, in respiratory symptoms and an expected decline in lung cancer.

Brazil, a host country for the 2016 summer Olympic games, decided to enforce a complete smoke-free law,
which forbid smoking in all indoor and enclosed public spaces such as bars and restaurants, clubs, health
facilities, government offices and school. The decision was made in 2009 on the viewpoint of people's health,
but there might be the idea that, if no-smoking restriction, it may not be judged as the first-class country.

The Liberal-Democratic Party of Japan, the former political party in power, is cigarette-dependent.
Many ashtrays are always provided and placed in each room of the party's headquarter in Tokyo.
The government denied a carpet smoking ban in public places, since the most building on a firm has
provided separate smoking and non-smoking spaces. Prime minister Hatoyama took over a political power
in September 2009, and he announced that we had to change things so that this nation truly becomes
one in which sovereignty lies with the people. Although the cabinet approved to raise a cigarette duty
by 3.5 yen ( 4 cents ), a proposal for smoking bans in a public space was none at all.

In Japan, there was no movement toward the official smoking ban until March, 2008, that Matsuzawa,
governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, first established a regional anti-smoking ordinance. However, the local
law was watered down and exempted small-scale facilities less than 100 square meter, which consists
about 70% of total. Further, the governor recommended providing non-smoking and smoking rooms in
restaurants and bars. He stressed the need to set up a separate smoking room in eating and drinking
and other public places and offered a financial support to create a smoking space inside. He approved
waiter and waitress to work in a restaurant and bars with full of toxic tobacco-smoke. Regretfully,
the members of general assembly in Kanagawa Prefecture voted for the ordinance, which completely
neglected the safety of workers.

Unfortunately, most Japanese people are contented with that restaurant spaces are divided into smoking
and no-smoking. Large-scale restaurant chain stores are now preparing, in speculation, a smoking room
next to the non-smoking area. About 65 per cent of Japanese workers are suffering a health hazard
from a toxic tobacco-smoke. A nation-wide total smoking ban is urgently desired. The dead line for FCTC
is February 2010. Japan must move faster on the anti-smoking law.

FCTC=Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Herald Tribune International: Japan must move faster on anti-smoking law
by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD.PhD.

In February 2010, NHK TV News showed the Japanese Government addressed a local authority to accept a total
smoking ban in public indoor spaces. The Department of Health, Labor and Welfare now recognized the adverse effect
of second-hand smoke, which can cause myocardial infarction, lung cancer, and further; the separate room
for smokers may not prevent an outward flow of the toxic gas from cigarette into the nonsmoking space.

Health Ministry Panel 2016
Japan's effort to curb exposure to secondhand smoke is one of the worst in the world.

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