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United States smoking ban
A smoking ban in US airports

Secondhand smoke inside airports put air travelers and employees at risk.

Salt Lake City International Airport

Smoking room in a terminal building of Salt Lake City Airport:
No door is provided in the smoking room, and a toxic tobacco-smoke is flowing out to the airport corridor.

Smoking room in a terminal building of the airport: This area has an automatic door to close the section for smokers.

Average air pollution levels from secondhand smoke directly outside designated smoking-areas
in airports are five times higher than the concentrations in smokefree airports, according
to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study conducted in five
large hub U.S. airports also showed that air pollution levels inside designated smoking-areas
were 23 times higher than the concentrations in airports with no-smoking facilities. In the study,
designated smoking-areas in airports, included restaurants, bars, and ventilated smoking rooms.

Five of the 29 largest airports in the United States allow smoking in designated areas that are
accessible to the public. The airports that allow smoking are Hartsfield-Jackson
Atlanta International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, McCarran International
Airport in Las Vegas, Denver International Airport, and Salt Lake City International Airport.
More than 110 million passenger-boarding, about 15 percent of all U.S. travellers, took place
at these five uU.S. airports in 2011.
The findings confirm that ventilated smoking rooms and designated smoking areas are not
effective in preventing tobacco hazard. Th prohibiting smoking in all indoor areas is the only
reasonable means of fully eliminating the exposure to secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke causes heart disease and lung cancer in nonsmoking adults and is a known
cause of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, respiratory problems, ear infections, and asthma
attacks in infants and children. Even brief exposure to tobacco-smoke can trigger acute
cardiac events such as heart attack. Cigarette use kills an estimated 443,000 Americans each
year, including 46,000 heart disease deaths and 3,400 lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers
from exposure to secondhand smoke.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: November 20, 2012

A control tower and Delta Airline aircraft at Salt Lake City International Airport:
Salt Lake City International Airport is the fourth largest and westernmost hub for Delta Air Lines
and a major hub for Delta Connection air lines. The airport ranked first in the US for on
time departures and arrivals as of April 2012.

Guam International Airport

The entrance door of the smoking lounge is kept open in the Guam Airport.
No wall barrier was between the smoking lounge and airport lobby.

The following airports have a smoking room inside of an airport terminal building.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Thirteen smoking rooms are in the air terminal building.
Dallas/Ft.Worth International Airport
Smoking is allowed in the airline club lounges.
Denver International Airport

Four smoking lounges in the terminal buildings. The airport is exempted from the Colorado statewide smokefree law.

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas
The lounges are exempted from Nevada's law.
Washington Dulles International Airport
Four smoking lounges are near gates of the B, C and D.
Nashville International Airport
Smoking is permitted in two Graycliff Boutique & Lounge
Source: www.no-smoke.org

The following airports are completely smoke-free indoors.
As of October 2012, 28 of the top 35 U.S. airports are 100% smokefree indoors.

Kona International Airport, Hawaii

Kona International is the only remaining major airport in the Hawaiian Islands where a mobile ramp is used
to plane and deplane passengers.

Logan Boston International Airport

Logan Boston International Airport has six runways, and is one of the 20 busiest airports in the United States.
The number of passengers is estimated over 26 million a year.

JFK International Airport, New York

In 2011, it was the busiest international air passenger gateway to the United States, handling more traffic abroad
than any other airport in North America. It is also the leading freight gateway to the country by value of shipments.

Maiami International Airport

The right picture shows a smoking place in the courtyard of terminal building, photographed in 2008.
There is a no-smoking area past security checkpoint. Smoking is permitted only in designated curbside areas on
the first and second level, across the street from the terminal.

Chicago' s O'Hare International Airport

Chicago' s O'Hare International Airport is completely smokefree. These photographs were taken in 2008.

Glacier Park International Airport, Montana

No smoking allowed in the terminal building of Glacier International Airport.

Jackson Hole International Airport, Wyoming

Terminal lobby of the Jackson Hole International Airport. This airport is completely smokefree.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

No-smoking sign and a guidance about a ground transportation at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport

Oakland International Airport

All airports of California are smoke-free due to the indoor smoking bans.
There are smoking areas located near the curbside of each terminal.

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport is smoke-free. No smoking booth is provided in the terminal building.

The following all airports are smokefree indoors.
( as of October 2012)
Los Angeles International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston
Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
Orlando International Airport
Chicago Midway Airport
Regan-Washington National Airport
Honolulu International Airport
San Diego International Airport
Tampa International Airport
Portland (OR) International Airport
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
Kansas City International Airport
William P. Hobby Airport in Houston
General Mitchell International in Milwaukee
Newark Liberty International Airport
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
La Guardia Airport in New York
Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Baltimore/Washington International Airport
Source: www.no-smoke.org

Smoking restriction of the world airports




復活したが、2017年には屋内喫煙室を認めず, すべて完全禁煙となった。

The number of smoking rooms in the Japanese air terminal building is the undesirable 'number one' in the worlds.
There is no plan to close any of the smoking rooms as of November 2012.
Narita airport smoking roomsSmoking Room in Airport
Narita International Airport provides 42 smoking rooms, the world's second largest. 
Tokyo Haneda airport smoking rooms Smoking Room in Airport Tokyo
Haneda International Airport provides 73 smoking rooms, the world's largest. 
Japan Sapporo airport smoking rooms Smoking Room in Airport
A door-less smoking room in the New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

日本では成田国際空港に42ヵ所の喫煙所、羽田国際空港に 73の喫煙所、世界最大である。恥ずべき指数が世界一である

2012年6月写真撮影、2012年7月執筆 2012年11月加筆
「禁煙席ネット」 主宰 医学博士 宮本順伯
The article was written in July 2012. All photographs were taken in June and revised in November 2012,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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