How to register the video clip you are watching in YouTube.

Twilight in Norway

All original video clips except taken in 2012 under the name of DrJayMic are posted posted as follows:  
 Original Video Clips   1960-2020
 *Original video clips taken in the year of 2012 under the name of JayMicDr, are posted as follows:
 Original Video Clips   2012 only

    Please subscribe to my channel. The goal is to register 1000 people.

    保存先は [DrJay Mic] → 自動的に表示される
    How to register → Tap the "Save" icon under the video of the channel you want to register.     
     The save destination is [DrJay Mic] → automatically displayed.     
    *If you are watching the video of the channel you want to subscribe to, tap the "Subscribe"
    "" icon at the bottom right of the video.

Travel sketches over the world


Smoke-free Hotel and Travel