Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg Pool Riches to Fight Smoking

Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates and New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg
Source: Wikipedia and Associated Press.

The Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates and the New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg are pooling their piles of
money and pouring $375 million into a global effort to cut smoking.

Video New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg

Not merely content to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and stadiums here, Mayor Bloomberg is joining
with Bill Gates to spread his anti-smoking reinforcements around the world. The multi billionaire pair
announced in July 2008 joint $500million campaigns to persuade smokers in Asia, Africa and across the
globe to put down their cigarettes. There are now 300,000 fewer smokers in New York City than there
were six years ago,"Bloomberg said, crediting his ban on smoking in bars among other anti-smoking

The progress we've achieved here in New York helped convince me to take on the global initiative.
I believe that a world in which everyone is aware of the destructiveness of tobacco and empowered to
avoid it is within our reach."Bloomberg and Gates, who have a combined net worth of $70 billion,
announced the joint campaign in a slick midtown presentation. It featured a video of worldwide efforts,
such as a smoking ban at the upcoming Beijing Olympics and a campaign in Brazil to print disturbing
images on cigarette packs to illustrate the dangers of smoking. "Tobacco is a very, very big killer," Gates
said, citing statistics that tobacco is behind more preventable deaths around the world than tuberculosis,
AIDS and malaria combined. For Gates, the announcement was his first since relinquishing the reins at
Microsoft and committing himself full-time to philanthropy.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will devote $125 million over five years to the anti-smoking effort,
including $24 million that it will hand over to Bloomberg's foundation to administer. For Bloomberg, the
announcement represents a dramatic expansion of a smaller effort he launched with his foundation in
2005. At the time, he invested $125million in efforts such as anti-smoking TV ads and campaigns to
raise tobacco taxes in countries like China and India, where smoking rates are high. He's now investing
another $250 million over four years. Gates said his money will fund some work in countries with high
smoking rates, and focus on poor and developing countries, where smoking is not as prevalent but has
been rising.
Source: 23, 2008.


Divergence of opinion about smoking, between the New York Mayor Bloomberg and the Tokyo Governor
Inose Both Mayors have resigned from the city office in late 2013. The difference between both Mayors
are:Mayor Bloomberg left the top seat of New York City after the 12-year term, after he performed a
brilliant work.Inose, the Mayor of Tokyo had to leave the Tokyo Municipal office after one year, because
of the money scandal.

Tokyo Governor Masuzoe' s misuse of political funds:

His political funds' scandal was exposed by the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun, which reported recently
that a total of about 370,000 yen paid to a resort hotel in Chiba Prefecture in January 2013 and January
2014, was booked as expenses for 'conference fees,' but was actually spent to cover costs for family
vacations.Masuzoe came under suspicion of having made false entries of expenses in political funds' reports
in violation of the Political Funds Control Law.


タバコは非常に巨大な殺人者( a very, very big killer )であり、タバコによる疾病は喫煙をやめることにより

会見の席上で、新たな世界規模での禁煙活動資金として540億円( $500 million)の資金を提供することを申し出た。
ビルゲイツ氏は$125million を、喫煙率の高い中国、インド、バングラデシュ、インドネシアなどでの禁煙
キャンペーンとタバコ税値上げを広報するテレビ広告に投資し、この他に4年間かけて$250 million を喫煙率の高い
 資料引用: 2008年7月23日 AP通信



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