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Tokyo Metropolitan Government advised to establish a separate smoking
space in a public place to avoid second-hand smoke.
Can new Tokyo Govonor Koike be achieved the total smoking ban at a public indoor space?
--- It's unlikely. She proposed a smoking room in restaurants an bars.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government denies a total smoking ban in restaurants and public places.

Former Governor Ishihara of Tokyo did not know that Kanagawa Prefecture had compiled a basic
plan for an ordinance to ban smoking in restaurants and other public places to prevent
second-hand smoking. The Governor Ishihara thinks that smoking is the matter of a hobby and
therefore, Tokyo Metropolitan Government will not consider proposing the new law to ban
smoking at restaurants and public places.
(April 19, 2008)

A smoking habit is a 'disease', or is a 'traditional culture' ??
Former Governor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Inose

The Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Inose thinks that a cigarette and alcohol are
the symbol of Japanese tradition. If people go ahead with the idea of Islamic fundamentalism,
that is 'Smoking is equal to evil', the Japanese traditional culture will be vanished. The ideas in
a market society are based on the consumers' standpoint, and any thinking to deny this rule is
the same to fascism by the name of health. A total smoking ban in the campus of college and
railway station excluding smokers is doubtful, and it seems to him that Japanese people are
behaving like a little child.
(November 24, 2009)

Former Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Ishihara at Lausanne, France

A very few Japanese welcomed Tokyo Olympic. We did not disappoint the result. Tokyo and Japan
spend at least $150 million
* for this crazy invitation game.
* Japanese Communist Party claims the Governor Ishihara used $ 360 million wastefully for Olympic
game run, including his private diversion of a municipal public finance. He should recognize that
Tokyo and Japan would be given the mark as the lowest city and country in the phase of healthy
smoke-free eating environment.

The Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Ishihara withheld to announce the statement
about a total smoking ban recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, because the
things will be discussed at the division in command. He avoided expressing his own opinion.

Source: 2010.2.26 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp.

Divergence of opinion about smoking, between the New York Mayor, Bloomberg,
Tokyo Governor, Ishihara and Deputy Governor, Inose

Tokyo Metropolitan Government advised to establish a separate smoking
space in restaurants and a public place.

In November 2011, Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced the revision of the measures to
cope with a side-smoke hazard, in suggesting to divide a public space into smoking and nonsmoking,
e.g. in a restaurant. The officer in charge said each firm may choose which systems they adopt,
either a total or a partial smoking ban, based on the situation of that food shop. Although they
recommend a total ban in a public space, an entrepreneur can set up an area for smokers in their
shop. A man of Departmentof Health Policy of Tokyo Government suggested to post a notice of
smoking or no-smoking at the entrance of the restaurant, in order to the consumer can select the
restaurants or pubs.

Smoking Control in Restaurants at Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic

Tokyo Metropolitan Government is planning to prevent a second-hand smoking at a food
industries by showing the sticker on the entrance of restaurants, in four different forms.
These are: (1) A total smoking ban, (2) Smoking is prohibited during the certain hours of
the day, (3) A complete separation of smoking and area, in which smoking is prohibited,
and (4) Smoking and non-smoking areas are present in the same indoor space.
The office has distributed four different sticker label, as shown as follows. Each restaurant
and bar can select one of the stickers and may show it of the entrance to the shop.

Sticker labels recommended by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.


A big question is why the health official has been recommended to establish a separate smoking space in a shop.
Who was a lecturer? Their knowledge is based on an incorrect information given at their study class? We are utterly
scandalized at obsolete idea of the cigarette smoke control. I am afraid that nobody knows the WHO's Framework
Convention on Tobacco Control ( FCTC ) , and Japan has signed this treaty to promote a total smoking ban in a
public space. No industrial advanced country is seeking the goal of the system, in which we accepted the space for
smokers in an indoor space. To admit the smoking space is against the purpose of human health. No solution can
be obtained from these unhealthy rooms. All Tokyo Government health officials have neglected the world treaty of
FCTC. They are discussing the systems that tobacco company desired and recommended.
November, 2011 written by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

This is a sign posted at the cafe's entrance in Tokyo. It says the shop provides 14 non-smoking
and 46 smoking seats inside. However, they are in the same indoor space. No wall extended
toward the ceiling to separate the guest seats. This represents
the non-smokers and smokers
are staying in the same room, breathing together.
There is completely meaningless; although,
all guests using this cafe do not mind it at all.

Two Tokyo Governor candidates had been arguing about smoking restriction in a public indoor
space. When you listen to them, they are both incorrect.

The former governor of Kanagawa, Matsuzawa insists we have to establish a separate smoking
system in a public space, in which we provide a smokers' space and non-smokers room.
A new governor of Tokyo Municipal Office, Innose admitted smoking inside of the building,
and he is rather reluctant to prohibit smoking in indoor space.

Mr. Inose said that 'All smokers were contributing to a stable tax revenue. Where you can
find a fault with smokers?' Then, he criticized a hysterical anti-smoking campaign.
Around 2000, when he was giving a lecture, he was smoking at a school plateform.
However, when one of a student protested his smoking, he said 'If you have any objection
for smoking act, you may leave a classroom. This class room is in the separate smoking
and non-smoking set up.' No doubt, there is no partition between the lecture's plateform
and students' seat space.

Mr. Matsuzawa, the former Kanagawa's governor, was an official candidate for Tokyo Metropolitan
governor in 2012, and announced to establish a separate system of smoking and non-smoking
spaces in restaurants and other public places in Tokyo. Mr. Inose criticized the Kanagawa's
political issues, allowing smoking in the Prefecture building. Mr. Matuzawa refuted that smoking
was allowed at the Mr. Inse's party. He said that a separate smoking system had well functioned
at the Kanagawa Prefecture-Assembly.

Naoki Inose, a prize-winning writer turned Tokyo's deputy chief, won
a landslide victory in gubernatorial election in the capital in December 2012,
garnering more than four million votes, the largest an individual has ever obtained in
a domestic election, exceeding votes for former Tokyo Gov. Ryokichi Minobein 1971.

He served five and a half years as Ishihara's right-hand man, and pledged an overhaul
of Haneda Airport into a full-fledged international facility. He proposed to combine
the Toei subway network and the Tokyo Metro railway systems into one railway company.
He also follows to carry forward Ishihara's policies, including a bid to host the 2020 Olympics.
However, how he can succeed to gain the agreement of International Olympic Committee,
without enforcing the total smoking ban in food industries.

December 2012, written by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD..

Former Tokyo Govvernor Inose announces resignation over money scandal.
Tokyo Gov. Naoki Inose announced his resignation on December 19, over his receiving of
50 million yen in cash from hospital operator Tokushukai, which is mired in vote-buying
allegations involving a Diet member.
Source: Tokyo, Kyodo, The Mainichi, December 19, 2013

Former Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe
Former TV presenter and cabinet minister Yoichi Masuzoe has won the election for Tokyo governor.
Mr. Masuzoe agrees with government plans to restart Japan's nuclear reactors, while his two closest
rivals campaigned on an anti-nuclear platform.
He has not done the restriction of smoking in a public space when he was Minister of Health,
Labour and Welfare of Japan between 2007-2009.
Februaruy 9, 2014

Tokyo Metropolitan Government advised to establish a separate smoking space in restaurants.

Yoichi Masuzoe, the formwe Governor of Tokyo told the interview with the Asahi-Shimbun, because it is difficult
to enact an ordinance, he has no plan to enforce a smoking ban in a public indoor space. However,
he emphasised to assist to build up new smoking facilities inside of hospitality industries as
the Olympic host city of Tokyo, to prevent a second-hand smoking, and to cope with the guests
who visit Tokyo in the 2020 Olympian year.
Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital: December 27, 2014

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Former Governor Masuzoe ) announced to assist to build
a new smoking space in a public space.

Slide screen to criticize the 80% assistance for creating a separated smoking room, which was drafted
by Governor Maszoe and bureaucracy, that had been used in the academic conference in Matsuyama 2015

The subsidy rate is 80% of the total construction fee, with the maximum of 3,000,000 yen. This is for the restaurants
and hotels which accept a foreign tourist, as a countermeasure for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic. This financial aid started
in July 2015. What a foolish policy! It is against to the global treaty and a violation of the Framework Convention on
Tobacco Control, which Japan ratified in 2004.
Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.

How to protect you from the toxic tobacco-smoke when you use a restaurant in Japan.

The former Tokyo Governor Masuzoe' s misuse of political funds cannot be denied.

His political funds' scandal was exposed by the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun, which reported recently
that a total of about 370,000 yen paid to a resort hotel in Chiba Prefecture in January 2013 and January 2014,
was booked as expenses for 'conference fees,' but was actually spent to cover costs for family vacations.

If the allegation proves true, Masuzoe will come under suspicion of having made false entries of expenses
in political funds' reports in violation of the Political Funds Control Law.
Source: The Japan News by Yomiuri Shimbun, May 14, 2016

Th former Tokyo Governor Masuzoe admits using political funds for private dining.

Photo source: TV Asahi

Former Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe on Friday admitted to using political funds for private wining and dining,
in another blow to the governor who has been under fire over his use of official cars for frequent visits
to his resort villa and expenditures for his overseas trips. I deeply apologize for not being conscientious enough,
Masuzoe, who has been in the post since 2014, told a press conference, saying he would correct
a political funds' report submitted by a group he headed as expenses not related to his politic activities
were wrongly booked.

However, the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun recently reported that no such meetings were held,
citing a person linked to the hotel, who added Masuzoe visited the hotel for family trips. He was found
to have spent more than 200 million yen on nine overseas trips since he became governor in February 2014,
including travel and accommodation fees for officials who accompanied him. During a seven-day trip
that took him to Paris and London last year, Masuzoe traveled first class at a cost of around 2.65 million yen
and stayed in hotel rooms that cost about 200,000 yen per night. He has also faced criticism
for visiting his vacation home in Yugawara, a hot-spring resort area in Kanagawa Prefecture,
nearly every weekend, using metropolitan government vehicles. Masuzoe had insisted that the trips
were necessary, and he followed the rules regarding the use of public vehicles; however, he later said that
he would seek to reduce spending on overseas trip and will basically stop using official cars to visit
his vacation home.

Source: The Mainichi, May 13, 2016

(L))New Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike (R)Koike shaked hand with Rice in August 2007.

Candidate Masuda of Liberal-Democratic Party insisted the need of indoor smoking space.

New Governor Yuroko Koike

She started to work as an Arabic interpreter of the VIP, and in Tokyo, she played as the first
newscaster of "World Business Satellite" of TV Tokyo. After that, she entered to politic activities,
and she held a number of ministers in the cabinet. At the election for the Tokyo governor in
July 2016, she won a landslide victory, (The percentage of votes 44.49%, with the difference
of more than 100 million votes to the runner-up candidate.)

At the pre-election TV debate, she said that "no Olympic host city exists without the total
smoking ban in restaurants." We expect a big switch of the attitude of Tokyo Metropolitan
Government concerning the smoking restriction in a public place.

Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD. August 2016

Later, we recognized that the commitment of the governor-election by Koike was abandoned.

Governor Koike denies the total smoking ban, and proposed in September and November 2017, the following
restrictions in the Tokyo's ordinance: It allows a designated smoking area in small restaurant and bar and abroad
trains. In January 2018, she announced to postpone the setting of the metropolitan anti-smoking ordinance to
maintain consistency with the nation-wide regulation which will be determined bythe Japanese Government.

The worst anti-smoking measures have announced by Japanese Government in 2018.

Olympic healthy sports environment is frustrating.

Smoking Regulation Awareness Survey in Japan
Do you support the indoor total smoking ban?

Smoking should be prohibited in all indoor public space 83.7%
The individual firms select the state of smoking restriction and show the outcome in the entrance 9.2%
A smoking-space separation in a facility 5.5%

Gender display of voters: Male, 61.8%, Female 36.6%
Source: Asahi Shimbun Awareness Survey on smoking regulation performed in April 2017.

Smoking Rate Investigation in Japan

Overall smoking rate: 17.9% of the total population in Japan
Gender display: Male, 27.8%, Year-on-year 0.4% decrease
Female 8.7% Year-on-year 0.3% decrease
Source. JT data May 2018

Tokyo metro government enacts watered-down ordinance against passive smoking at restaurants.
The new anti-smoking law shows that the indoor smoking is prohibited, in principle, at restaurants

and bars that employ workers regardless of the size of seating spaces. Customers can enjoy a cigarette
in smoking rooms, however, are not allowed to have the meals in such spaces.

June 27, 2018 Mainichi Japan

Financial Support for build up a smoking space inside restaurants, cafes and bars.

New Smoking restriction set by Tokyo Metropolitan Government was approved at the Assembly in June 2018.
It will be enforced in April 2020. It is far from the agreement with IOC, and determined according to a political
background, considering the tobacco company, JT. The main contents are the financial support with
from 80% to 90% of the whole construction fee, the upper limit of 4,000,000 yen, of smoking indoor space.

Source: NHK April 18, 2019

However, the new rule applies that eating and drinking are prohibited in the smoking space inside,
except in a small food shop which does not have an employee. In contrast to that the nation-wide rule
allows smoking in a restaurant, cafe and bar, if the size of the shop if smaller than 100m2.
Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.

 In January 2011, the government of Spain enforced a total smoking ban in restaurants and bars.
 A total smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Brazil
Turkey Turkey enforced a blanket ban on smoking in enclosed public places.
Olympic smoking ban Smoke-free restaurants and cafe are a precondition for Olympic Games.
Japan high speed railways 
Smoke-free hotels in Japan

Do not repeat to commit a mistake of the anti-smoking ordinance introduced by the Kanagawa Prefecture.
Tobacco industr
y promotes to establish a separate smoking room in a restaurant and pub for smokers,
trying to control the mind of all Japanese people by a repeated TV commercial.

Herald Tribune International Junhaku Miyamoto Herald Tribune International
Japan must move faster on anti-smoking laws.

0601b_tp.gif TV Debate:
Distinguish between right and wrong about a total smoking ban in public places
(In Japanese).
Tobacco: The most sophisticated and engineered products on the market
Display their ignorance or intended concealment of tobacco-smoke hazard.
TV ad by Japan Tobacco Inc.

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Smoking should be banned in all indoor public spaces

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