Denmark 2008

A satellite view of Denmark

Denmark is the south-most Scandinavian country, and is located south of Norway, south west of
Sweden, and boarded to the south by Germany. Denmark is the Baltic and North Sea girt country.
It consists of a large peninsula, Jutland and many islands, most notably Zealand and Fyn.

The population is estimated about 5,500,000.Denmark economy features efficient markets, above
average European living standards, and high amount of free trade. Denmark has considerable
sources of oil and natural gas in the North Sea. Most electricity is produced from coal. However,
Denmark has a record high share of wind power in the electricity production.

A remarkable investment has been made in recent decades in building road and rail links between
Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden through the Oeresund Bridge, and between Zealand and Fyn
through the Great Belt Link Bridge and Tunnel.

Source:University of Texas Libraries

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Smokers and Tobacco Control in Denmark

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