Italian Republic

(L) A location of Italy in Europe (R) Satellite image of Italy


Italy ( Italian Republic ) is a country located on the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula in the southern area of Europe,
with two large islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. The land of Italy shares its northern Alpine
boundary, with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The total area of Italy is 301,230 square kms. A volcano
in Italy is only active in the mainland Europe. The total population is estimated about 60,000,000, the fourth
largest in European Union. The GDP in Italy was $2,314 trillion in 2008, the 7th largest economy in the world.
Tourism is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors. The 43.7 million tourists arrive from abroad,
and the total receipts are estimated to be $42.7 billion. Italy is the fourth highest tourist earner in the world.
Source: Wikipedia.

(L) A military campaign led by the revolutionary general Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1860.
(R) A map depicting the borders of Western Europe after the Treaties of Utrecht and Rastatt

(From left) The fascist stamp, promoting a colonial art exhibition in 1934
The Romanesque Baptistry of Florence
Villa Olmo, in Como, an excellent example of neo-classical architecture in Italy
Italian explorer, Marco Polo
Masks worn during the carnival of Venice

(L) Lamborghinis, an Italy's most iconic super car (M) Wind turbines near Frigento, Campania, Italy
(R) The chart shows the population 1960-2006. The number of inhabitants is in thousands.
Source: Wikipedia

イタリア共和国( Repubblica Italiana )はイタリア半島の大部分とシチリア(シシリア)島、サルデーニャ島とから構成される。

Smoking Ban on Restaurants and Bars in Italy

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