Department of Health, Labor and Welfare proposed the idea
to reduce the concentration of tobacco smoke,
if the premises cannot accept the total ban.


Department of Health, Labor and Welfare started to restrict smoking in restaurants
and hotels to protect a person who works in the smoking space. The Asahi Shimbun reported
to determine and enforce the minimum concentration of tobacco smoke floating in restaurants,
bars and public spaces in a hotel. After assessment, if no change was possible in their premises,
the owner of the firm has to accept a total smoking ban or to provide a separate room for

This restriction on the facilities which allow smoking inside is based on the new movement
of a revision of the Industrial safety and Health Act in 2011. If it is approved by the diet,
it will have more power than the present Health Promotion Law, and all firms have to
improve to meet the requirement, or simply accept a policy to prohibit smoking entirely.

The proposed minimum concentration of tobacco smoke is 0.15mg/cubic meter. For reference,
the tobacco- smoke concentration in the smoking-car of a JR-Tokai's Shinkansen train is estimated
as 0.79, and non-smoking car next to the smoking-vehicle as 0.18 mg/cubic meter.

Opposition could be aroused from members of a committee saying it is too early to enforce
such a restriction, and the food industries that cannot mend their facilities, because of technical
and financial difficulty, should be exempted from a newly proposed restriction.

In Japan, a separate smoking room will be accepted by the authority. I am afraid that
the government has no mind to enforce a total ban in an enclosed public place even after 2011.

The article was written by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD, August 10 2010.

Department of Health, Labor and Welfare denied a countrywide total smoking ban
in Japan (2008).

Accordance to the agreement of the World Health Organization FrameworkConventionon Tobacco Control,
all signatory nations, including Japan, are required to ban smoking in all enclosed public places by February 2010.
However, Junichiro Mori, Department of Health, Labor and Welfare denied the acceptance of a total smoking ban
in restaurants, and other indoor public places in Japan, because we already separated the space to non-smoking
and smoking. He said to Yomiuri Shimbun in November, 2008.

Smokeless tobacco

We do not need to do anything about the smokeless tobacco, because it is not included as the subject of
'Health Promotion Law', since it does not exhaust tobacco-smoke, said the man in command of tobacco control,
the Department of Health, Laborand Welfare of Japanese Government.

Source: Sankei Shimbun July, 5, 2010


The Japan tobacco Inc. cunningly intended to whisk into the loophole of the law. At the same time,
the company knows this is a tobacco, and it may cause an oral cancer and other serious diseases.
We understand that, under the 'Health Promotion Law' which was established in 2002. It might be difficult
to restrict the use of this kind of tobacco product in an enclosed public area. However, an officer in
the Department of Health should publicize the possible adverse effect of the smokeless tobacco,
and advice to stop using the new tobacco product in the indoor space, where other people are there,
because of a toxic substance, which contained in tobacco leaf could be exhausted by a smoker.
The man in command of tobacco control, Minsitryof Health looks backward rather than forward in
the way of thinking of people's health.

At present, no enforced law is present for the smokeless tobacco. All public places such as restaurant
and coffee shops as well as offices will react to this new revelation. Regardless of being smokeless,
the tobacco company has the same warning message onthe package of this no-smoke cigarette,
just like the regular cigarette, the final verdictrests on a firm and individual.
July 6, 2010, by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD








「禁煙席ネット」主宰  タバコフリー学会顧問 医学博士 宮本順伯
The photographs were taken and the article was written in July 2010,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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