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Smoking Ban in Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle International Airport

Charles de Gaulle International Airport in the Paris area, is one of the world's principal aviation centers,
as well as France's main airport. It is located 25km to the north-east of Paris. The airport serves as
the principal hub for Air France.

In 2008, Charles de Gaulle Airport handled more than 60,000,000 passengers, making it the world fifth
busiest airport in terms of passenger services.

(L) At first, everybody's eyes fall upon a big no smoking sign at arrival to the airport terminal building.
(R) Terminal 2 of Charles de Gaulle International Airport

(L) Welcome sign board at the Terminal 2 (R) Every corner of the building, there are no smoking signs.

An extra-ordinary-size no smoking sign is posted in all over in the airport terminal buildings.

A widespread ban has been into force in France on smoking in workplaces. After January 2008,
people lighting up in airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, shops and offices will face
fines of 68 Euros. There are many warning signs in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport.
This is perhaps the world's most numerous no-smoking signs posted in the airports.

(L) No smoking, no smoking, .... There are so many warning signs in the Departure Terminal 2 building.
(R) This sign board says you have to pay 68 Eur fine per violation.

(L) A large no smoking mark at a stairway to a toilet (R) High density of no smoking sign boards is seen in the airport terminal building.

No one can overlook so evident no smoking sign boards.

(L) Bars and restaurants are all smoke-free. (M)(R) Soldiers are watching any small signs of terrorism.

Smoking is allowed outside area only in the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Tobacco sales in Japan International Comparison of Cigarette Prices 2008-2016

Tobacco Prices and Health Warnings in Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

The duty-free shop in Paris's international airport sells Marlboro to air passengers for the European Union
destinations at 53.00 Euros, and for passengers to the Non-European destinations at 31.00 Euros.

(左) 喫煙は脳や心臓への血流を阻害し血栓をつくり、心臓発作、脳梗塞などを引き起こします、喫煙は死をもたらす
(右)喫煙行為はあなたの健康と周囲の人の健康とを侵害する、禁煙するために あなたの医師や薬剤師が手助けします



(左)喫煙は死をもたらす (右)喫煙者は若死にします、喫煙は精巣への血の流れを悪くし性的不能を引き起こす




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Photographs were taken in June and July, and the article was written by Dr. J. Miyamoto, in August 2008.
The site is revised in August 2009.


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 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
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