A railway trip to Wakura, a hot-spring resort

Wakura-Onsen, Hot Spring in Noto Peninsula

The early-morning scene of Wakura-Onsen Hot-spring resort, Noto Peninsula, central Japan

Noto Peninsula

Noto Peninsula is a peninsula that projects north into the Sea of Japan, in Ishikawa Prefecture located in central Honshu.

(L) A limited express direct train from Echigo-Yuzawa to Wakura-Onsen station (R) Echigo-Yuzawa terminal in a deep snow.

A snow-covered scenery from the train window
(L) A rice field and mountains with snow (R) Bento, a tasty train lunch, crab sushi

(L) An express train arrived at Wakura-Onsen station. (R) A station yard of Wakura-Onsen
The direct express train from Yuzawa-Onsen to Wakura-Onsen was abolished in March 2015,
due to the opening of Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kanazawa.

This is a video showing a view from the abolished express train running from Echigo-Yuzawa to Wakura-Onsen stations, through Kanazawa.

(L) Ebisu, a Japanese god of luck (M) A sushi dish: All fishes used for sushi are fresh.(R) A charging station for an electric vehicle in the town

Notojima Bridge

Wakura Hot-Spring has a history of 1200 years since it was opened. Transparent hot water constantly gushes
from under the ground. Wakura Hot-spring is one of the most famous hot-springs in Japan. This hot-spring is high
in chloride, so those with sensitive skin should take their time getting in, and let their body become accustomed
to the water.
Hot-spring consists of Sodium, calcium, chloride.
PH: 7.7  Spring's temperature: 89.1 C
Amount of hot water discharge: 1600 liters per minute

Seirinji temple

A bamboo forest and trail in Seirinji temple

(L) Hot-spring Sohyu-Kan
(R) A heated bench: It is warmed by a hot water of hot-spring.
(L) A hot spring water can be drinking. This stature is called 'wakutama-kun'.
(R) An entrance sign board of KadoiSaburo museum

KadoiSaburo museum

(L) ル ミュゼ ドゥ アッシュ
(R) A guide map of the surrounding area of Nanao Bay

Wakura boat harbour:
This photograph was taken from a guest room on the 11th floor of Kagaya Ryokan.

Kagaya Rykan, Wakura-Onsen


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