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The Present states of Smoking in Switzerland 2013


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Geneva gets tough with smoking ban scofflaws.

The cantonal government this week approved raising the maximum financial penalty to 60,000 francs, up from
the previous maximum of 1,000 francs. ”A certain establishment does not care at all about the law banning smoking.”
- said Pierre-Francois Unger, Geneva Health Minister, in defending the new get-tough policy, the Tribune de Geneve
reported. A handful of nightclubs, in particular, have openly violated the smoking ban with employees lighting up
as well as customers. The Java Club, a popular hangout for young people in the Hotel Kempinski, became the focus
of controversy earlier this year over reports that it habitually allowed patrons to smoke.

The canton introduced a law on July 1, 2008, banning smoking in enclosed public places, including bars and restaurants.
The law followed an initiative supported by 80 percent of Geneva voters. However, some restaurant and nightclub
operators have been reluctant to accept the regulation.

Geneva’s legislation is designed to protect workers, residents and visitors from the health impacts of second-hand
smoke. It is one of the cantons with the strongest such laws, but nationally Switzerland still lags behind other
European countries when it comes to smoking bans in public places. Last year, two-thirds of Swiss voters rejected
an initiative to tighten national regulations. That left minimal federal requirements in place that allow for smoking
in restaurants, nightclubs and “fumoirs”, or smoking rooms, unless otherwise specified by individual cantons.

Reference: 14 Jun 2013 Source:The Local


(L) A tobacco shop in the Geneve Main Station (R) No-smoking sign includes a pipe smoking.
A sign plate showed the words of 'Member of Society of Cafeteria, Restaurant and Hotel of Geneva.'

(L) A notice of no-smoking sign issued by Republique et Canton de Genneve, pasted at the entrance of a tobacco shop
(R) A cafe in the Geneva Railway Station shows a no-smoking sign.

A coin laundry with a no-smoking sign in Geneva

(L) A stand ashtray placed at the entrance of a hotel in Geneva (R) A woman was smoking at the tram-stop shelter.

(L) Hookah smokers at a cafe-bar in Geneva (R) A woman smoker at a train-stop in front of Geneve Main Station

Stricter smoking ban at Geneva Airport

In December 1997, Geneva International Airport introduced a no-smoking policy in its buildings, although a few smoking
areas were kept. From January 2007, in order to safeguard the health of its customers and of airport staff, Geneva
International Airport is applying a strict general smoking ban in all its buildings. Specifically, smoking is henceforth
prohibited in the public area of the Airport, with no exceptions. Anyone wishing to smoke is requested to leave the building.
In the transit area, a few smoking areas will be retained, for the time being, since it is impossible for smokers to leave
the building. Eventually, with the future re-organization of the transit area as a consequence of the new master-plan for
the Airport and the application of the Schengen Agreement, a brand-new smoking room is due to replace the existing areas.
All bars, restaurants and shops on the airport will similarly become non-smoking. The smoking ban also applies
in the Airport station, in line with relevant Swiss Railways policy.

Source: Geneva Airport 2007

Smoky Zurich Railway Station

While Geneva introduced a strict ban, which includes bar and restaurants, Zurich has only outlawed smoking
in public buildings. Many railway passengers are smoking inside the Zurich Hauptbahnhof. A well-known side-dish shop
posted the sign that smoking is permitted inside space of the shop.

A part of inside of Zurich Main Train Station is full of the side stream of tobacco smoke,
because many passengers were smoking on a cafe table and around the ashtray. It is placed in an open public space of the station.

(L) It is a very common scene that smokers putting the light on inside the Zurich Main Satation.
(R) A side-dish shop, Nordsee Zurich HB, posted that smoking is OK inside. Is it safe to eat cigarette-smoked side dishes?

Smoking is permitted on the plateform of Zurich Main Train Station.

Zurich International Airport

Zurich Airport (German: Flughafen Zurich), is Switzerland's largest international airport, and the principal hub of Swiss
International Air Lines. It serves Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, and, with its good surface transport links, much of
the rest of the country.

An outside smoking place and the sign board

Special smoking lounges are provided for smokers at Zurich Airport. There are currently 22 smokers lounges.
Sixteen are located in the passenger area, and six in the public area. Zurich Airport website is publicizing that
smokers lounges are the perfect place for smokers to relax in comfortable surroundings and enjoy, with fascinating
views of the aprons and runways.

Duty-Free Tobacco

A duty-free tobacco with a health warning that smokers die younger, smoking kills, and smoking seriously harms you and others around you.
Th price of Winston per a carton is 39 francs, for two cartons 70 francs.

A duty-free tobacco with a health warning that smoking kills, and smoking seriously harms you and others around you.
Th price of Camel per a carton is 44 francs, for two cartons 80 francs.


(L) Tobacco appears to be the social means for a young woman. (M) A designated smoking area at Bern Railway Station
(R) A cafe table inside of the Bern railway station


Many young women are smoking in the bus stop shelter near Martigny.

No smoking is allowed inside. Smoking is OK at a terrace seat.

(L) This store refuse to dog gests in, but allows to smoke inside of the shop.
(R) An automatic vending machine, which is placed in a cafe.

A tobacco commercial, which is placed in a lobby at the passage of Hotel, Les Bains D'Ovronnaz.
Do these men work for a tobacco company know that the Marlboro Man died at the age of 51 from lung cancer?

McLaren worked as a stuntman and rodeo rider before being hired to appear in ads for Marlboro.
He has long been doing promotional work for the famous Marlboro cigarette advertising campaign as
the Marlboro Man.

Wayne McLaren

The last word he left to his wife; 'Take care of the children. Tobacco will kill you,
and I'm the living proof of it.'

A very attractive super-slim tobacco package, Glamour: It is the leading cigarette, targeting a young woman.
Glamour is the product of JTI. JTI=Japan Tobacco International
This was bought at Martigny Railway Station shop, Swizterland. The price was 7.78 Swiss Francs ( 830 yen or 8.28 UDS) .

Glamour was introduced in 2005 by JTI. , Glamour has achieved remarkable growth, consolidating its No.1 position
as a Super Slims brand in several Eastern European and Asian markets, and it is constantly expanding its geographical presence.

Requirements Relating to Sale and Distribution in USA
  • Prohibits the sale of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to people younger than 18.
  • Prohibits the sale of cigarette packages with fewer than 20 cigarettes.
  • Prohibits the sale of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in vending machines,
  • self-service displays, or other impersonal modes of sales.
Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Switzerland Switzerland 2008
Switzerland Basel 2011

  International comparison of cigarette prices and taxes

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

 Smoking-room rate of hotels in Austria
 Smoking-room rate of hotels in Germany
Switzerland  Smoking-room rate of hotels in Switzerland
 Smoking Ban in Austria 2013
 Smoking Ban in Germany 2013  
Switzerland  Smoking Ban in Switzerland 2013

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