Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin

Kremlenagrad: the first detailed map of the Kremlin (1663)

The Moscow Kremlin, sometimes referred to as simply the Kremlin, is a historic fortified complex
at the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Moskva River to the south, Saint Basil's Cathedral and
Red Square to the east, and the Alexander Garden to the west. It is the best known of kremlins
and includes five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers.
The complex serves as the official residence of the President of the Russia Federation.
It had previously been used to refer to the government of the Soviet Union (1922-1991), and
its highest members, such as general secretaries, premiers, presidents, ministers, and commissars.
Reference: Wikipedia

(L)Reception of the Tsar of Russia in the Moscow Kremlin
(R) Moscow Kremlin, Teremnoy Palace, 1840s

The exit of metro station is just outside Red Square.
The horse statue is Marshall Zhukov, the commander of the Soviet Army in World War II.

(L) State Historical Museum (R) Kazan Cathedral (1993 reconstruction, it originates back to 1612-1625)

(L) Red Square - State Historical Museum
(R)) Iverskiye Gates leading to Red Square are the only extant gates of the Kitay-gorod wall.

The main gate to Kremlin

(L) State Kremlin Palace: Exterior and interior (R) State Kremlin Palace on a stamp, for 50-year jubilee

The building was constructed at the initiative of Nikita Khrushchev as a modern arena for Communist Party
meetings, opened in October 1961. Although this was hardly the first time that the Soviet government
destroyed architectural heritage in the Kremlin and in the country in general, by the mid 1950s laws were
in place effectively considering all pre-Soviet constructions as historical monuments and preventing their
demolition, in some ways making the construction illegal.

(L) Senate Building in Kremlin is the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin
(R) A flower garden in Kremlin

The Kremlin Senate is a building within the grounds of the Moscow Kremlin. Initially constructed in 1787,
it originally housed the Moscow branch of the Governing Senate, the highest judiciary and legislative
office of Imperial Russia. Currently, it houses the Russian presidential administration, also known as Staff
of Russian president, Presidential Executive Office, and is a highly secured and restricted area closed to
the public. At present, only the southern corner facade can be viewed.

Tsar Cannon

Tsar Bell is a large bell that has never been rung. In 1737, when the bell was still in the casting pit,
a fire broke out resulting in a huge piece cracked off, rendering the bell unusable.

(L) Ivan the great bell-tower (R) Cathedral Square in 1797

(L) The Grand Kremlin Palace, built between 1837 and 1849 (R) Cathedral of the Annunciation

Cathedral of the Annunciation

Archangel Cathedral

Cathedral of Dormition: It is located on the north side of Cathedral Square, where a narrow alley separates from the Patriarch's Palace
with the Twelve Apostles Church. (1475-1479)
The Cathedral is regarded as the mother church of Muscovite Russia.

Church of the Deposition of the Robe (1484-1486) and Golden domes

Air view of Kremlin and Cathedral Square

A sprinkler truck in the Kremlin makes the scene vivid.

(L) A helicopter landing pad (helipad) (R) Radison Royal Hotel beyond Moskva River and Cathedral of Crist the Saviour in the right

In order to stop the disruptions to Moscow traffic caused by motorcades, President Vladimir Putin authorized
the construction of the Kremlin helipad. It was completed in May 2013. The President will now commute
back and forth to the Kremlin using a Soviet-designed Mi-8 helicopter. Careful consideration was taken
in choosing the location of the helipad, the location selected is said to be of no threat to the architecture
of the Kremlin.

Diamond Fund Exhibition

The Diamond Fund of Russia was opened in the Moscow Kremlin Armory in 1967. It contains a world-famous
state collection of the symbols of the royal power, outstanding jewellery of the 18th to 19th century,
rare precious stones, rich decorated imperial orders, interesting objects of modern Russian jewellery,
the Yakut diamonds of extraordinary sizes and unique platinum and gold nuggets. It is a part of
the Staten Depository of Treasures under the Ministry of Finance of Russia.

No camera, video and all bags are not allowed to bring into the room of Diamond Fund.
There is a security check at the entrance.

A postage stamp issued in 1971
(L) Daffodil Bouquet, eighteenth century, exhibited in Diamond Fund (R) Shah Diamond

YouTube: Imperial Jewels - Kremlin Exhibit

(L) The wall of Kremlin (R) Alexander Garden outside Kremlin

(L) St Basil's Cathedral in Red Square was built between 1555 and 1561.
(M) A souvenir-shot at Red Square: Russian from country-side? (R) Spasskaya Tower at Kremlin, Moscow

(L) Architects' models of St Basil's Cathedral (R) Interior of St Basil's Cathedral

Interior of St Basil's Cathedral

(L) Red Square viewed from St Basil's Cathedral (R) World War II Memorial at Red Square

Some kind of assembly was held at Red Square Kremlin in July 2014.
Is this some kind of memorial day?

An assembly was held at Red Square Kremlin.

An assembly was held at Red Square Kremlin in July 2014.

Alexander Garden and Red Square

Horses Fountain in Alexander Gardens outside Kremlin

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