St. Petersburg Metro


St. Petersburg Metro

(L) St. Petersburg Metro train (R) Tokens, valid for one (unlimited) journey on the St. Petersburg Metro

St. Petersburg's metro is perhaps not quite as majestic as Moscow's. However, architecturally it's still
a cut above nearly any other public transport system in the world. It is also the world's deepest subway.
The view from the top of the escalator is overwhelmed in the best part.

The Saint Petersburg Metro is the underground railway system in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad
Oblast, Russia.It has been open since 1955. The system exhibits many typical Soviet designs and
features exquisite decorations and art-work making it one of the most attractive and elegant metros
in the world. Due to the city's unique geology, the Saint Petersburg Metro is one of the deepest metro
systems in the world. Admiralteyskaya station is located at 86 metres below ground. It is serving 2.15
million passengers daily.

The Metro was originally built as a system that could offer shelter in case of a nuclear attack.
Every station is equipped with CCTV surveillance following recent terrorist threats.
Until the summer of 2009, all photography and video filming in the Metro required a written permit.
However, because of a legal challenge by an amateur photographer, now, photography, without
a flash, can be done without a permit.
Reference: Wikipedia

Kirovsky Zvod of the Line 1

Pushkinskaya station

Pushkinskaya station first opened in 1956.
There is a monument in the station dedicated to the poet Alexander Pushkin.
This station was the first USSR metro station with memorial located under the ground.

Chyornaya Rechka

Advertisement on the wall of metro station

Avtovo station is widely considered to be one of the most exquisitely decorated metro stations in the world.

Metro SPB Line 1 Avtovo

Avtovo is a station on the Line 1. It was opened as part of the first Metro line in 1955. Avtovo's unique and
highly ornate design features columns faced with ornamental glass manufactured at the Lomonosov factory.
Although glass was originally supposed to be used on all columns in the station, white marble was substituted
on some due to time constraints. This marble was supposed to be temporary, but it has never been replaced.

Petrogradskaya station of the Line 2

A route guidance at Petrogradskaya station

Petrogradskaya station, on the Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line of the Saint Petersburg Metro, was opened in
1963. It is the station of deep location with platform screen doors. This station is located in 53 meters below
the ground.

(L) Platform screen-door at Gostiny Dvor station
(R) St. Peterburg metro trains are often crowded with passengers.

Unlike other platform screen doors, which are lightweight units with extensive glazing installed on a normal
platform edge, the St Petersburg metro units give the appearance of a solid wall with heavyweight doorways
and steel sliding doors, similar to a bank of elevators in a large building, and the train cannot be seen entering
into the platform. Passengers become familiar with the sound alone to indicate a train is arriving to the station.

Sportivnaya station of the Line 5

Obvodny Kanal station of the Line 5

Nevsky Prospekt station

(L) Platform of Nevsky Prospekt station
(R) Zvenigorodskaya station

Zvenigorodskaya is on Line 5, between stations of Sadovaya and Obvodny Kanal.
It was opened in 2008 as one of the first stations on the new Frunzensko-Primorskaya Line.
It is connected with foot passages to the Pushkinskaya station. Escalators were added later.

Sadovaya station

Sadovaya station

Inside of Saint Petersburg Metro

The entrance to Admiralteyskaya station and the start of the escalator

Escalators lead to the Admiralteyskaya station, one of the deepest stations in the world.

The connecting passage of Admiralteyskaya station

Admiralteyskaya of the Line 5


Admiralteyskaya is a Saint Petersburg Metro station on the Frunzensko-Primorskaya Line of the Saint Petersburg
Metro. Opened in December 2011, it is designed to relieve congestion at the Nevsky Prospekt and Gostiny Dvor
stations, as well as to provide a more direct link to the Hermitage museum.

The station is connected to the ground with two consecutive escalators. Since it is very difficult to build escalators
longer than 125 metres, it was decided to build one long escalator 125 metres to the intermediate level.
The total depth of the station is 86 metres, which makes it the deepest metro station in Saint Petersburg.

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Tram at Moskovskiye Vorota square in Saint Petersburg

A tram in Saint Petersburg

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