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Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a country located in southwestern Europe on the
Liberian Peninsula. Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe and is bordered by
the sea of Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by the land of Spain to the north and east.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, with a global empire that included possessions in the partial
area of Africa, \Asia, and South America, Portugal was one of the world's major economic and
military powers. Portugal was also one of the last European nations to give up its colonies and
oversea territories, turning over the Macau's administration to the People's Republic of China in 1999.

The total population of Portugal is estimated about 10,700,000. Travel and tourism will be
extremely important for Portugal.

(L) Praia de Marinha, Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal
(R) Serra da Estrela mountain range at 1,993 m high above sea, the highest point in Portugal ( Source: Wikipedia )

(L) Map of Portugal Source: University of Texas Libraries
(R) A subway train entering to the underground Olaias station in Lisbon, Portugal, photographed in May 2010.


Portugal Lisbon city Lisbon metro and railways Lisbon tram Lisbon-Porto express train Porto train station
Porto metro Porto city

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Lisbon city

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