Airports in Canberra and Sydney

Arrival to Australia

(L) An in-flight meal JAL to Sydney (R) The Sydney Airport is the main hub of Qantas Airlines.

(L) A moving walkway provided by Qantas (R) Many Qantas aircraft are taxing on the Domestic Airport.

Passengers are picking up the in-flight luggage before boarding to the aircraft.

Qantas Airways is the flag carrier of Australia. Nicknamed 'The Flying Kangaroo' Qantas is Australia's
largest airline and the second oldest in the world. It began flying international services in May 1935.

Canberra (International) Airport

A passage to the exit at Canberra Airport

A waiting room in the Canberra Airport

The centre hall of Canberra Airport

Although the airport is designated by the Australian Government as an 'Designated International Airport',
there are no current scheduled international flights. Canberra Airport's old Main Terminal has been
replaced in a major redevelopment set for completion in November 2013.

Sydney Domestic Airport

(L) A ticket counter hall of Sydney Domestic Airport (R) A luggage receipt turntable at Sydney International Airport

Sydney Airport has three passenger terminals. The International Terminal is separated from
the other two by a runway. Therefore, the connecting passenger needs to allow for longer transfer times.
Sydney Airport requires minimum connection times.

  JAL flight is arriving to Sydney Internationl Airport.
  Qantas Air from Sydney Domestic Airport to Canberra

Smoking restriction of the world airports

australia Australia: A tobacco plain packaging was enforced in 2012.

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Photography: Australia 2007


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Canberra, the Capital of Australia

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