Airport in Brisbane and Sydney

The end of the rental-car driving

The car is approaching to the Brisbane International Airport. The junction to Cairns is nearby.
The car is approaching to the Brisbane International Airport, passing a toll bridge.

After passing the toll bridge, there is the Brisbane Airport. This is the final goal of the rental-car
drive from Sydney.The driving distance was 1,107 km. It took over five nights and six days.
In contrast, the flight time from Brisbane to Sydney was only 95 minutes. On occasion, from
the window of the aircraft, the highway which we had been driving from Sydney was seen
through the cloud.

Brisbane International Airport

Brisbane Domestic Airport is the terminal station of Airtrain. It connects the city and Gold Coast district.

Qantas Terminal of Brisbane International Airport

Sydney International Airport

Approach to the Sydney International Airport

A shuttle bus for operates between hotels and Sydney International or Domestic Airport with six dollars per person.

(L) A carriage entrance of the Sydney International Airport
(R) It appears as a smoking booth; however, it is a non-smoking window-break room.

A tax-free shop in the Sydeny International Airport

Inside of JAL aircraft and good-tasting meal was served in the aircraft.

So-called 'Butterfly island' was observed from the JAL aircraft on the way from Sydney to Narita.
It was lucky to see this coral reef island, since this area is often under the low pressure covered with a thick cloud.
This butterfly-shaped coral reef is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 350 km south of the equator.

 Qantas Air from Brisbane International to Sydney Domestic Airport
 JAL flight departing from Sydney International Airport

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The article was written in December 2014. All photographs were taken in November 2014,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.
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