Bergen to Alesund

Bergen to Alesund

A driving along Route 585 and to E39, to the north direction

The European route E39 highway runs north to Ytre Oppedal to the ferry quay at Ytre Oppdal,
where the highway crosses the Sognefjorden via the Lavik-Oppedal ferry route.

(L) The interior of the ferry boat (R) A truck slope of the ferry boat

(L) A car ferry is crossing the Sognefjorden (R) A ferry coming to Lavik at late evening

Route 55

Hoyanger town on the Route 55

Route 55 runs along the Sognefjorden

(L) A town along the road to Balestrand (R) A shelter of the Highway 55

An attractive Gekkens Restaurant is managed by a Philippino family at Balestrand.

Route 13 to Vetlefjorden

A peaceful scene along Route 13

The fjord mountains along the Route 13

Route 13 turned to north to the mountain area.

A hairpin-bend going up to Nystolsvatnet ( 749 m high)

A hairpin-bend going up to Nystolsvatnet


Nystolsvatnet is completely snow covered.



A group of goats are resting on the roadside near Fossestien.

Sandane and a summer festival

A mother sea gull is warming two eggs in the nest along the shore of Sandane.

A mountain and lake along the road to Briksdal Glacier

A river water comes from Briksdal Glacier.

(L)Hornindalsvatnet is Norway's and Europe's deepest lake, officially measured with a depth of 514 metres.
Its surface is 53 metres above sea level, which means that its bottom is 461 metres below sea level.
(R) A cruise ship is seen, in the distance, at Nordfjord.

A fjord and the deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet

A fjord and town along Route E39

Approaching to the ferry terminal to Sundevegen

The ferry terminal to Sundevegen and Handeidvik

Sundevegen and the ferry terminal

 Lavik Oppedal ferry
 Gaularfjellet and Likholefossen waterfall
 A North shore of Sognefjorden
 A fjord country, Norway

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