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7位の原油輸出国、輸出先は主にEU諸国である。2023年は 430 万バレルの石油を生産し、エネルギー
価格の急騰による大きな経済的利益を確保すると予想されている。 財務省は、2023 年の予算案で、
翌年の石油とガスの収益は1310 億ドルに増加すると見られている。また、雨や雪が多く、豊富な水を
アルミニューム、 ニッケルなどの鉱石産出量も多く、コンピューターを含む電気機械の輸出も少なくない。

(L) Lake, Ustevatn and a railroad between Bergen and Oslo (R) A snowy Route 7: This is a photo taken in June 2015.

Source:Innovation Norway

(L) Voringfossen (R) Steinsdalsfossen

The underground round-about in the vallavik tunnel.
This road connects Vallavik and Brimnes of Route No.7.
In 2013, a roundabout and a 600-metre long branch were added near the southern end
of the tunnel to connect up with the newly constructed Hardanger Bridge.

(L) A view over the city of Bergen (R) Bergen railway terminal

(L) "Forest fairy" created at the top of hills near the upper station of Bergen cable car.
(R) When we drive from Oslo to the north, there are a lot of mountain tunnels.

(L) An ire along the Sognefjorden (R) Dragsvik ferry terminal

(L)Gaularfjellet National Tourist Route is composed of the 130-kilometre-long stretch of a road between Balestrand and Moskog.
(R) Likholefossen waterfall

Source:Innovation Norway

(L) A group of sheep sometimes cut off the traffic.(R) A fjord and river at Briskdal

(L)A tunnel of E-39, from Styn to Volda
(R) Hornindalsvatnet is Norway's and Europe's deepest lake, officially measured to a depth of 514 metres.
Its surface is 53 metres above sea level, which means that its bottom is 461 metres below sea level.

(L) Mountainous area along the Route 39, after passing a long tunnel
(R) Undersea tunnel connecting the two islands off Alesund: There is a passing lane in the uphill in the tunnel.
We have to pass through these undersea tunnels to go to Alesund Airport.

A high cost of living in Norway -

A high cost of living in Norway - Source: Sergiu George, Living Costs Around the World, 16 January 2015

A pack of eggs cost NOK 28-48, about double of Tokyo prices.
The 1.5 L bottle of CocaCola cost NOK 28.2; that is about 3.1 times higher than in Tokyo.
Sushi cost NOK 139, about 2.5 times higher than in Tokyo.

A Hamberger at McDonald's costs NOK 110 in Bergen, Norway: It is equivalent to US$13.8.
It is also about three times higher than that in Tokyo.

The price for Diesel-extra is NOK 13.57, regular 95 is NOK 15.57, at the suburb of Oslo.
The price for Diesel-extra its NOK 13.64, regular 95 is NOK 15.26, at the place north of Bergen.

A 20-pack cigarette cost NOK 102-120, which is 4 to 5 times higher than the price of Tokyo.
This price is almost the same in Australia.
The law of Norway enforces to place all tobacco products should be stored in a state, that is not visible from the outside.

Norway The price of tobacco in Norway is the highest in Europe.

Norway Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway Oslo 2015
Norway Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway Bergen 2015
Norway Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway Fjord 2015

 Norway 2008
Norway Norway 2016
Norway Smoke-free hotels in Norway 2016

Norway smoking ban ノルウー日本語要約 2015-2016

Norway 2008 Norway 2015 Arrival to Oslo Oslo 2015 Oslo to Bergen Bergen 2015 Bergen to Alesund
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Smoking ban in Norway Departure from Norway

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