Oslo to Bergen

Oslo to Bergen

(L) A rent-a-car office, which includes Avis and Hertz in the Oslo International Airport
(R) Oslo International Airport: This place was the start point of this rental-car trip.

(L) A gas station along Route 7: The price for diesel extra is NOK 13.57, regular 95 is NOK 15.57.
(R) A peaceful countryside north of Oslo

A cafe-restaurant along Route 7

A lot of foods and vegetables are arranged in a supermarket in Gol.

Bergen Express train: Bergen to Oslo

(L) Gol wooden church (R) A mountain cafe on the Route 7

A cafe stands buried in the snow.

(L) A delicious refreshment served at a mountain cafe (R) Out of the window is covered with snow.

(L) A troll stands beside Voringsfossen. (R) Snow-covered Hardangervidda mountain ranges in the distance


(L) Voringsfossen (R) A fine water falls from the rock mountains seen at the area between the spiral tunnel.

The only way up there was a path with 1,500 stairs up together with a bridle path that had been built in 1872
to carry English tourists to the waterfall. In 1891, a new road with tunnels was built along Eidfjordvandet.

Th spiral Voringsfossen tunnel road

(L) A map of Th spiral Voringsfossen tunnel road (R) Eidfjord entrance to the spiral tunnel road to Voringsfossen

A ocean-cruise ship is moored in the Eidfjord harbor.

Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel: A dinning room and a morning buffet

(L) An ocean-cruise ship is moored in the Eidfjord harbor.
(R) Thre are many tunnels in Norway roads. This photo was taken at Route 7.

(L) An closed ferry pier because of a new construction of Hardanger Bridge. (R) Hardanger Bridge

Hardanger Bridge is a suspension bridge connects the municipalities of Ullensvang and Ulvik.
It replaced a ferry connection between Bruravik and Brimnes, and thereby shortens
the driving time between Oslo and Bergen. It is also the longest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge in the
world. It is the longest suspension bridge in Norway; the span 1,310meters.
On the south end of the bridge, cars enter the 1.2-kilometre Bu Tunnel that goes under the village of Bu
and on the north side of the bridge, cars enter the 7.5-kilometre Vallavik Tunnel
which includes a 500-metre long segment to a roundabout inside the tunnel.

(L) Hardanger Bridge (R) A snow-covered mountain and fjord

A round-about inside of the tunnel

(L) Vallavik Tunnel (R) The Roadbranch point to Route 7, 13 and E16

A new tunnel is under construction along the Route 7 to Bergen.

A national tourist route, Route 7

(L) A peaceful country on the mountain slope (R) A waterfall at any places

Steinsdalsfossen on Route 7


An automatic toll gate: It costs NOK 43 for a car.

A warning roadside sign of over-speeding

Fossen Bratte on the Route 7, between Tysse and Oystese

Wild Lupins

A house closed to Fossen Bratte

(L) The junction of Sandviken and Stromkaien in ahead
(R) Long Floyfjell tunnels are constructed under the Mount Floyfjellet.

 Bergen Express train: Bergen to Oslo, Norway
 Hardanger Bridge-tunnels
 Fossen Bratte

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