A panoramic view of Mount Myogi from Usui Pass Observation Point with an altitude of 1200

Karuizawa Mampei Hotel

Mampei Hotel in Karuizawa has a total number of 109 guest rooms. It is composed of Alps, Usui, Atago and
Bekkan ( Annex ). Appointed with tokonoma alcoves, hand-carved wooden chests, clawfoot bathtubs, and
fretted glass shoji screens and sleeping and sitting areas, the twin bedroom of half-timbered in the main
building features the early twenty-century ' East meets West' design that is the landmark of Mampei Hotel.
In this type room, smoking has been prohibited. In all other entire rooms, including Usui, Atago and Annex,
had become smoke-free after April 2016 .

This hotel was opened in 1894, after taking over Kameya ryokan. In1972, Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka and
US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger had meeting in this hotel. It is also known Musician John Lennon stayed
at Mampei Hotel during the summer season.

The entrance of the main building, Alps-ken in daytime and at night

(L) Stained glass on the wall and a flower at the lobby (R) Main dining room

A course of French-style dinner

(L)(M) A Chinese cuisine (R) A Japanese-style breakfast

A western-style breakfast

(L) A passage to the Annex
(M) All guest rooms are non-smoking. This picture shows a smoking booth attached to the corridor of the hotel building.
(R) An inner garden in fall

A twin-bedroom at the Annex and the key of the early Showa Era

(L) A full-functioned washlet-toilet (M) Very comfortable bathtub (R) powder room
All above facilities are photographed at the Annex guest room.

A twin-bedroom and bathroom at the Alps main building of Mampei Hotel

(L) A quite old notice posted at the entrance door into a guest room
(M) Prime Minister Tanaka and US secretary of state, Kissinger had meeting in Mampei hotel.
(R) A Happi uniform was used in the early Showa period.

A historic hotel in Karuizawa, Nagano

The way to get the Hotel in Karuizawa from Tokyo:
Take Tokai Shinkansen super-express train to Karuizawa. Take a taxi to the hotel. It takes about 5-6 minutes
from Karuizawa station.


As of February 2016, the town of karuizawa has an estimated population of 20,000. At an elevation of 941m
and a low-temperate summer climate, Karuizawa is a popular year-round resort offering many outdoor sport
and recreational activities.

The Shinetsu Main Line railway went through the pass between 1893 and 1997. The 11.2 km pass segment,
between Yokokawa and Karuizawa has been operated with the rack-and-pinion railway system until 1963.
When the line was rebuilt, and new locomotives for non-rack operation were introduced. It was the JNR
Class- EF63 banking engines used for help in both ascending and descending the 66.7‰ (1 in 15) gradient.
In 1997, the segment was closed due to opening of the new Nagano Shinkansen line that detours the pass
with a long tunnel.

Improved road and rail access from central Tokyo, has ensured Karuizawa's popularity as a location for
second homes and resort hotels since the Meiji era. Karuizawa hosted equestrian events in the 1964 Summer
Olympics as well as curling in the 1998 Winter Olympics. To date, it is the only city in the world to have
hosted both Summer and Winter Olympic events. Since 1997, Karuizawa has been accessible via the JR
East Hokuriku shinkansen.

A panoramic view of Mount Myogi, which is seen from Miharasgidai, the Usui Pass Observation Point.

Leaves of trees turned to bright red on the plateau at an altitude of 1200.

Leaves of trees turned to bright red. This is the place at the border between Gumma prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, with an altitude of 1200.

Kumano Shrine is one of three Kumano Shrine located Usui, Gunma. This shrine is unique because it is located
on the border line of Nagano and Gunma prefectures. They both enshrined the same God, and the origin is equal;
however, because this mountain pass was a very important point for Sengoku period, to avoid the duel,
people built two shrines for both sides in Edo Period.

(L) Kumano-Kotai Shrine (M) Old bell of Usui Kumano Shrine, the important cultural heritage (R) Usui Kumano Shrine at the Gumma side

Kumano Shrine in Karuizawa is located at the Prefectures border of Gumma and Nagano. Mampei Hotel is seen between Karuizawa
railway station and Kumano Shrine. You can see a long shinkansen railway tunnel drawing curves in the mountain in the area of
the upper right of this map. Usui-Pass Railway line-track adopted the Apt railway system until 1963, linking Karuizawa and Yokokawa
station, which is seen near the right corner of this map. The steep gradient railroad was removed in 1997, and the line over the
Usui-Pass was abolished.

The top of Usui Pass and the town of Karuizawa-Ginza is connected by attractive mountain walking path.

The mountain walking path offers a rich nature.

Mountains are decorated with a fresh green and red leaves throughout.

(L) A bus stop sign
(R) Karuizawa red bus, which operates between Manpei Hotel and Observation Point. It costs 500 yen for one-way trip.

Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church and villa house: This is the first church and summer-house built in Karuizawa in 1895.

Road from Karizawa-Ginza to Ropontuji Round-about

Kumogaike Pond in Karuizawa

Kumogaike Pond in Karuizawa was crated by dammed a small river with spring water as a source.

Kumogaike Pond in autumn

It is worth visiting Kumogaike Pond in spring and autumn seasons.

(L) Emperor first met Miss Michiko Shoda, presently Empress, here in this tennis court in Karuizawa.
It was in August 1957. They married in April 1959.

How to get Karuizawa Manpei Hotel from Tokyo:
Take Tokai Shinkansen super-express train to Karuizawa. Take a taxi to the hotel. It takes about 5-6 minutes
from Karuizawa station.

(L) E7 super-express train for Naganao at Tokyo Terminal (R) Plateform of Karuizawa Shinkansen station

(L) E7 Shinkansen train at Karuizawa station (M) AC100V, 60Hz 2A electrical outlet and description how to use it
(R) Interior of the E7 Shinkansen vehicle
Karuizawa station is the highest shinkansen station throughout Japan, with an altitude of 940.5 m.

 A railway heritage, Usui Pass
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Smoke-free Hotels in Japan
A summary of non-smoking-room rate studied in local hotels of Japan

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

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