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Non-smoking room ratio in famed local hotels of Japan

Hotel in Onuma, Hokkaido

Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel (2012)

(L) The fourth floor of Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel is the non-smoking floor
(R) A spectacular view of Mount Oyama from the fourth-floor guest room

(L) An open-air bath of the West-Morinoyu Onuma Hot-Spring
(R) The smoking place outside of the entrance hall of the Onuma Prince Hotel

Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel
Total guest rooms: 256
Smoking rooms: 149
Non-smoking rooms: 107
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms
There are 39 cottages, and in all rooms, smoking is allowed.
The space of a lobby and restaurant is smoke-free. In the bar, a guest may put light on cigarette.
Smoking booth: outside

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel, Hokkaido

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel (2018)

(L) The entrance of the West Wing of Hakodate Kokusai Hotel (M) A curved corridor (R) The room guidance of non-smoking guestroom floor

(R) A port view of Hakopdate Port (R) A warning for smoking in the non-smoking guest room: A charge of 20,000 yen or over,
as a cleaning fee will be applied if smoked.

Chinese restaurant

(L) A course menu (M) Appetizer platter (R) Shark's fin boiling and sea urchin

(R) Cod and scallop soup (M) Special stir-fried scallops (R) Chili sauce of snow crab

(L) Shrimp and lettuce rice
(M)(R) A morning buffet, with a variety of sea foods: Western dishes with the special product of Hokkaido are available.

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel
Total guest rooms: 118
Smoking rooms: 39
Non-smoking rooms: 79
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms
Non-smoking floor is located on the floors of 4F, 5F, 7F and 8F.
These data may be changed after a completion of New East Wing.
The space of a lobby and restaurant is smoke-free.

A key-point hotel for a bus service to the Hakodate Ropeway and to Hakodate Airport

Hotel in Yuze-Onsen, Akita

Yuze Hotel (2013)

Yuze Hotel and Yoneshiro River Valley

A smoking-room rate in 2013:
Yuze Hotel
Total guest rooms: 89
Smoking rooms: 67
Non-smoking rooms: 22
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

The fifth floor (Rooms 501-519) is a non-smoking floor.
Rooms of 601, 401, 301 and 201 are designated as non-smoking rooms.

NEW This Yuze Hotel became smoke-free in October 2017, after a complete renovation. Total guest rooms are 134;
7single, 6 twin, 24 triple, 86 Japanese tatami rooms, 2 Japanese style with bedrooms, 5 special guest rooms, and 4 others.

Yuze Hotel in details

Hotel in Odawara

Odawara Hilton Spa and Resort (2013 and 2015)

A hotspring spa of the Odawara Hilton

(L) The reception desk and a lobby hall in 2013 (R) A lobby hall with Christmas decoration

A panorama view from a guest room

Hotel guest can view a wide ocean scene hotel over cottages.

(L) A clean, pleasant tennis court (R) A smoking booth on the second floor of the hotel

(L) A renovated twin-bedroom (M) A dinning room (R) A sunrise over the coast of the Sagami Bay
Odawara Hilton Spa and Resort in details

Odawara Hilton Spa and Resort
Total guest rooms (hotel): 163 plus Cottages: 10
Smoking rooms (hotel): 48 → 24
Non-smoking rooms (hotel): 124 139
*29.4% → 14.7% (hotel)
(2013 → 2015 renovation)
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

The hotel made an extensive renovation during the period of June 2014 and March 2015.
A non-designated room was abolished and changed to a non-smoking room.
This hotel has received the 2013 TripAdviser Certificate of Excellence Award.
It provides well-equipped European-style spa facilities.

NEW Odawara Hilton Spa and Resort became smoke-free in January 2018, after a complete renovation.

Hotel in Minakami Highlands

Minakami Kogen Hotel 200

The Minakami Kogen Hotel provides a total of 226 guest rooms. Of these, 53 are for smokers and 173 smoke-free rooms.
The percentage of smoking room to the total is 23.4%. Non-smoking floors are located on the 3F, 7F, 8F and 9F.
All restaurants are smoke-free. Smoking is allowed in a bar.

Hotels in Nagoya

(L) Outer moat of the Castle (R) The Westin Nagoya Castle

The Westin Nagoya Castle (2012)
Total guest rooms: 195
Smoking rooms: 130
Non-smoking rooms: 65
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms
A designated non-smoking floor is located on the 7th floor.
In two restaurants and bars, smoking is allowed.

(L) The entrance to Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel (R) Restaurant/cafe, Pergola

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel (2012)
Total guest rooms: 774
Smoking rooms: 280
Non-smoking rooms: 494
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms
The hotel provides 774 rooms located on 29 floors. There are 280 smoking rooms on 10 floors,
and 494 non-smoking rooms on 19 floors.
A smoking room is located on the 15th floor, the floor of a reception counter and a hotel lobby.

Hotel in Noto Peninsula

Kagaya (2014)

(L) This is one of the traditional 'Omotenashi' provided by women staff in aligned to welcome visitors to Hotel.
(R) Men in a traditional style hit the drum.
A variety of entertainments are performed on the Japanese style stage with beautiful wood-grain patterns.
When sitting in the box-seat, you will be excited by the festival mood.

(L) Air cleaner is on the floor at the smoking place; however, it is no use to prevent a cancer-causing harmful side-smoke.
(R) Smoking room: There is no wall between the lounge, Hiten and bar next door.

A designated smoking place on the fourth floor: No wall exists between the banquet and convention halls and open ceiling space.

The Kagaya's hospitality policy is well-known throughout Japan. It is located in Noto Peninsula,
Ishikawa Prefcture.

The total number of guest rooms is 232. In almost all guest rooms, smoking is allowed, except for a bedside.
During the two-day stay, the writer did not experience a tobacco smell. However,
this fact does not prove that a hotel guest is not exposed to the harmful side-smoke.
No no-smoking signs are observed throughout the Kagaya building. If there is this kind of the prohibition
sign, it may be against to the Kagaya's hospitality policy. It is desirable that it is an unspoken rule.

It is hard to find the extraordinary hospitality by an exclusive female servant ( waitress ) at traditional Kagaya.

However, smoking guest room is their standard, and non-smoking room is set on the special floor of
Setugekka and Notohonjin wing only. If we desire the non-smoking room other than above,
sprinkle deodorant spray, when necessary.
from a point of health view, it is very careful to reserve the accommodation in Kagaya.
The hotel, Kagaya appears not paying a big attention to the hazard of toxic tobacco smoke.

Kagaya Ryokan in details

Hotel in Takayama

Hotel Associa Takayama Resort (2015)

Open air bath of the Hotel Associa, Takayama, just before dawn
Copyright (C) 2015 Junhaku Miyamoto

(L) The interior of a twin bedroom (R) A buffet dinning room on the second floor

The entrance and interior of smoking booth

Hida-Takayama, located about four hours from Tokyo by super-express and limited express trains, is
a well-knownas a well-preserved quarter with Edo-style streets. It is, sometimes, called 'Little Kyoto of
Hida District'.
Hotel Associa Takayama Resort provides 290 well-equipped western-style guest rooms.
Non-smoking rooms are 48 (16.6%) only. There is a smoking booth on the first floor near the main entrance.
All restaurants are smoke-free.

Total guest rooms: 290
Smoking rooms: 242
Non-smoking rooms: 48
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms


Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel, Japan's tallest building

The Hotel almost conforms to the smoke-free hotel.

Total guest rooms: 360
Smoking rooms: 21
Non-smoking rooms: 339

The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

All 360 guest rooms are smoke-free, except for 21 smoking rooms on the 39th floor.
All of Marriott's hotel groups in the United States and Canada have a smoke-free policy.
However, in Japan, it is not necessary to be so, and allow smoking in a guest room.
All non-smoking hotels are shown as follows; Izu Marriott, Fuji Marriott, Karuizawa Marriott,
Lake-Biwa Marriott, Nanki-Shirahama Marriott and Okinawa Marriott.
Ninety-five per cent of guests said good, or very good for Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel.

The Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is located in the Abeno-Harukas, Tennouji, Osaka. At 300 meters,
it stands as the tallest building in Japan. The hotel connects directly to a major Osaka terminal,
linking seven train and subway lines, the ideal location for an intercity hub. A fast express train
services to Kyoto, Nara, and to the area nearby temples and shrine.

The 300-meter high tallest building throughout Japan

(L) The private entrance to the 19th floor lobby of Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel
(M) A reception desk (R) An elevator hall

(L) A twin-bed guest room (M) A shower with a bath, and a powder room (R) A toilet with a full-functioned washlet

A morning buffet

(L) A view from the guest room of 52nd floor: In the distance, we can see Ikoma mountain range.
(R) In the morning, a fog is spread over underneath. You can experience a life over the clouds.

A life over the clouds

Hotels in Matsuyama

ANA Hotel Matsuyama (2013)
Total guest rooms: 330
Main building 228, Annex 88, Private-company use: 14
Smoking rooms: Main building 76. Annex 36
Non-smoking rooms: Main building 152. Annex 52
Main building
*33.3%, Annex *40.9%
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

ANA Hotel Matsuyama has a total of 330 rooms. Fourteen rooms are designated
for a company. For a general hotel guest, non-smoking rooms are located on
the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th floor. A guest room, in which smoking is allowed inside,
locates on the 7th and 12th floor.
The Tea Lounge on the first floor and Italian restaurant on the 14th floor are
smokefree. Smoking is allowed in other restaurants and bars of ANA Hotel.

(L) The central district of Matsuyama City (R) ANA hotel Matsuyama, the major hotel in Matsuyama

ANA Hotel Matsuyama (2015)
Total guest rooms: 355
Main building 248, Annex 107
Smoking rooms: Main building 89. Annex 20
Non-smoking rooms: Main building 159. Annex 87
Main building
*35.9%, Annex *18.7%
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

Funaya Ryokan
(2013 and 2015)
Total guest rooms: 58
Smoking rooms: 50
Non-smoking rooms: 8
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

(L) A smoking booth in Funaya Ryokan (R) The exterior of Funaya

Funaya has a bright-brilliant 380-year history of hot spring Japanese-style hotel. They offer
a sincere Japanese-style hospitality to a guest. Japanese Emperial family has used this rykan
when Emper or Prince attended a national event nearby.

There are renovated eight non-smoking twin rooms on the 6th and 7th floor of the south wing.
In all other 50 rooms, smoking is allowed in the ryokan rooms. A lobby and restaurant on
the second floor are smokefree. Smoking is allowed in a banquet room.

(L) The main entrance of Funaya (R) The porch of a non-smoking twin guestroom

Welcome fruits and tea are served at arrival to the room.

A powder room with two sinks and a new cypress bath

A bedroom and a powder room

A breakfast is served at a dinning room.

A variety of dishes in a Japanese-style dinner

(L) A Japanese-style breakfast (R) The main entrance of Funaya Rykan on a National Hiliday

Present Japanese Emperor and Royal family have stayed at Funaya Rykan.

NEW This Funaya Ryokan became smoke-free in April 2019. All 58 guest rooms are now non-smoking.

Dogo Hot-spring

Hotels in Imabari

Imabari Kokusai Hotel

(L) Shimanami Kaido links Hiroshima Prefecture to Ehime Prefecture over the Seto Inland Sea
(R) Imabari Castle

Imabari Kokusai Hotel
Total guest rooms: 355
Main building 248, Annex 107,
Smoking rooms: Main building 89. Annex 20
Non-smoking rooms: Main building 89. Annex 87
Main building
*64.1%, Annex *18.7%
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

A lobby

A dinning room and a Japanese garden

(L) An open stand ashtray is placed in the center of a hall. A hotel guest had to breathe the adverse side-smoke of cigarette.
(R) The main entrance

Hotels in Kagoshima

Hotel Shiroyama (2012)

Open air bath of the Castle Park Hotel, Kagoshima
Copyright (C) 2012 Junhaku Miyamoto

Hotel Shiroyama
Total guest rooms: 365
Smoking rooms: 143
Non-smoking rooms: 222
*The ratio of the smoking rooms/total guest rooms

Restaurants are smokefree. There are four smoking booths and one open-air smoking place.

(L) The entrance and interior of smoking booth (R) No-smoking sign in a guest room

The entrance to a main dinning room and interior


Summary of smoking-room rate studied in local hotels of Japan

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel : 360 rooms/21 smoking rooms ( 5.8% )
Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa: 172 rooms/ smoking 48 rooms (
27.9% )
Hakodate Okusai Hotel: 118 rooms/ 39 smoking room (
33.1% )
ANA Hotel Matsuyama: 316 rooms/smoking 112 rooms (
35.4% )
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel: 774 rooms/smoking 280 rooms (
36.1% )
Hotel Shiroyama: 365 rooms/143 rooms (
39.2% )
Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel: 256 rooms/149 rooms (
58.2% )
Minakami Kogen Hotel: 226 rooms/53 rooms (
23.4% )
The Westin Nagoya Castle: 195 rooms/smoking 130 rooms ( 67.0% )
Yuze Hotel: 89 rooms/smoking 67 rooms ( 75.2% )
( 0% )
Hotel Associa Takayama Resort: 290 rooms/242 rooms (
83.4% )
Funaya Ryokan: 58 rooms/smoking 50 rooms (
86.2% )
Meigetsuso ryokan: 20 rooms/Smoking is not prohibited in all guest rooms ( 100.0% )
Kagaya Ryokan: 232 rooms/Smoking is not prohibited in all guest rooms ( 100.0% )

A smoking-room in local hotels in Japan

Japanese-style tatami-mattered room in a ryokan

In Japan, there is a ryokan, which is a Japanese-style inn. The typical future includes a tatami-mattered
room, communal bath, and another public area where guests may wear a yukata, Japanese garment.
Most of the ryokans are more typically located in scenic areas, such as in the mountains, hot-spring area
and near the lake or sea coast.

It is not a surprise to see a rykan in which smoking is allowed in guest rooms.You may have a difficulty in
finding a non-smoking ryokan around all area of Japan. In recent years, almost all western-style hotels in
the city provide a non-smoking room. However, the smoking-room rate to the total room is still high.
This may be come from many Japanese guests do not concern about smoking itself when they make a
room reservation, and the air-tightness in most of Japanese-style tatami-room is not so great. The ryokan
usually takes a step to deodorize the room, if tobacco-smoke remains. A few people know that is not the
good measure to avoid the adverse effect of third-hand smoke.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

 A smoking-room rate is studied in hotels of Tokyo.
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Korea
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Macau
Thailand  Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Bangkok
Hong Kong Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Hong Kong
Canada smoking ban  Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Vancouver
United States Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Seattle
United States  Smoking-room ratio in hotels at San Francisco
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Shanghai
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Berlin-2011
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Nice-2011
 Smoking-room ratio of hotels in Spain
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Austria
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Germany
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Switzerland
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Moscow, Russia 2014
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Saint Pertersburg, Russia 2014

Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Movements of changing to all smoke-free guest-rooms in hotels of Japan 2016

 How to protect yourself from toxic tobacco smoke when you use a restaurant in Japan.

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A smoking restriction at hotels around the world

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