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A garden of hot-spring resort in Hakone, that is photographed in April 2016 by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto.

Travel sketch ( An English guide) in Japan in respect to smoking regulations in hotels and railways

Ise Grand Shrine
Meiji Shrine and Inner Garden in autumn
Yasukuni Shrine
Sensouji Temple
 Tokyo Metropolis mini-tour
Enoshima-Kamakura Tour
Matsumoto Castle
 Outskirts of Tokyo Metropolis: Mt. Ohyama
 Outskirts of Tokyo Metropolis: Mt. Mitake
Takasaki Kannon, Takasaki
 Kawagoe, Old Town in Meiji Era
  Spa resort in Odawara
 Hot-spring in Beppu + Yufuin
smoking restriction in this ryokan is rather unsatisfactory.
  Japanese inn, 'ryokan' at Kaminoyama Hot-spring
            A smoking restriction in this ryokan is rather unsatisfactory.
 Miyajima ( Itsukushima shrine ) and Hiroshima
President Obama's visit to Hiroshima
Nara shrines and temples
Kyoto shrines and temples

 Kagoshima, the southwestern tip of the island of Kyushu
 Mt.Komagatake and Lake Onuma in the southern Hokkaido
 Yuze Hotel, a well-maintained hot-spring ryokan in Tohoku
 Urabandai mountain, lake trail and hotel
 Nikko, Lake Chuzenji mountain trail and hotel
Nikko Toshougu Shrine
 Japanese ryokan, Kagaya: The place we can experience the real 'Omotenashi' sprit.
Kagaya is a top-class accommodation in the way of hospitality in Japan.
However, a smoking restriction in this ryokan is rather unsatisfactory.
 Japanese inn, 'ryokan' at Dogo Hot-spring, Matsuyama
smoking restriction in this ryokan is rather unsatisfactory.

Hotel Associa Takayama Resort, a well-maintained hot-spring hotel in the mountainous
central Japan, between Nagoya and Toyama
            + Hida-Takayama and Shirakawago
Minakami highlands ski and hot-spring resort
 Yoshiike, Hot-spring resort, Hakone-Yumoto
  Fujiya Hotel, Miyanoshita, Hakone
 Mount Takao
 A railway heritage, Usui Pass
 Karuizawa-Mampei Hotel
            +Karuizawa in autumn
 Akakura-Kanko Hotel, Myoko Highland
 Toba International Hotel Shiojitei
Teennooji Zoo, Osaka
Asahiyama Zoo, Hokkaido
Toba Aquarium

Smoke-free hotels in Japan


  Odakyu express trains between Hakone and Shinjuku, via Odawara
            +Enoshima and Kamakura
 Hakone-Tozan Railway
            +Hakone cable car, Hakone ropeway +Lake Ashinoko
 Hakone Cable Car, Ropeway and Lake Ashinoko
 Hayabusa, Peregrine Falcon, the new 320 km/h Tohoku shinkansen train
 Tokyo-Akita bullet train 'Super-Komachi' train, 320 km/h between Tokyo and Morioka
 JR-Kyushu trains
 Narita Airport-City Express Rail Service
 Shinjuku Highway BusTerminal
 Stress-free Travel in Japan

Travel sketches in the world and Japan

Special Note:
 Two South Kuril and two islands off Hokkaido are the own land of Japan.
 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Domestic travel in Japan
 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.


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 Smoking ban in train, restaurant and hotel in Japan