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No-smoking policy in all trains throughout the world,
except that Japan only allows smoking in the train.

Smoking is prohibited in a train.

No-smoking policy in all Amtrak trains ( USA )

Where and When Smoking is Permitted: On Amtrak trains and other services where there is no smoking,
passengers may smoke on station platforms at longer stops only when announced by train crews.
Smoking devices, such as electronic cigarettes, are not allowed in any area on trains,
on Thruway services, in stations or in any other location where smoking is prohibited.

Passengers may smoke on station platforms at longer stops as announced by train crews.

  • Passengers must remain next to the train, ready for re-boarding immediately upon hearing
  • the sound of the locomotive horn and the "all aboard" calls from Amtrak employees.
  • Smoking stops may be shortened or eliminated entirely if the train is operating late.
  • State or local laws may prohibit smoking on station platforms.


Amtrak railway routes

(L) Southwest Chief ( Chicago-Los Angeles ) (R) Acela Express ( Boston-Washington,DC)

Amtrak train serving Seattle and Chicago: two night and three-day trip

No-smoking policy in all VIA trains ( Canada )

The VIA rail offers a completely smoke-free environment in all our trains, as well as in all our stations.
The railway company wishes to thank smokers for their understanding and cooperation.
To know if smoking is permitted at certain stops along the way, please refer to your specific train route below:

Trains in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor
No smoking is permitted during station stops.
Montreal-Halifax ( the Ocean ) and Montreal-Gaspe
You will be able to smoke when the train stops in Charny, New Carlisle, Campbellton and Moncton.
Toronto-Vancouver ( the Canadian )
You may get off the train to smoke during stops at Capreol, Hornepayne, SiouxLookout, Winnipeg,
Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper and Kamloops.

Those wishing to smoke will be able to do so during regular station stops at Pas, Thompson
and Gillam.

VIA train serving Vancouver and Toronto: three night and four-day trip

Enforcement of smoking regulations
VIA personnel are bound by law to enforce regulations.
Read about sanctions applicable to offenders before you board.

No-smoking policy in all TranzAlpine and TranzCoastal trains ( New Zealand)

The TranzAlpine train is reserved seating 'One Class Non Smoking' service.
The TranzCoastal train is reserved seating 'One Class/Non Smoking' service.

TranzAlpine and TranzCoastal trains ( New Zealand )

A separate smokers' capsule provided in Indian Pacific ( Australia ) was removed.

Smoking is already prohibited on trains and covered stations, and this ban will now be extended to include
all platforms and interchanges, regardless of whether they are covered or not. From January 2013, smoking
is banned at all public transport stops and stations in NSW ( New South Wales ).
The law extends the smoking ban to cover the outdoor areas of bus stops, railway platforms, ferry wharves,
taxi ranks and light rail stations.

No-smoking policy in all trains in France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Norway and Denmark

(L) TVG Bar-car at Paris Rail Terminal (M) Portugal's AP Express train(R) Spain's AVE Renfe express train

Federal law prohibits smoking in a railway train in Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy. Deutsche Bahn
banned smoking on all trains in the country. In 2005, total ban was enforced for all trains in Switcherland.
No-smoking rule has been applied for train in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Total smoking ban was
enforced in trains and railway stations in Belgium.

German's ICE and Austrian Railjet

A restaurant car in a Swiss train and German train

The Railjet is a high-speed OBB (Austrian Railways) train and non-smoking. All trains run at Swiss Federal Railways
and at German railways (DB) are smokefree. No-smoking vehicle nor smoking booth is provided.

No-smoking policy in all trains in Ireland and UK

No smoking in the express train between Dublin and Belfast.

All public transport needs to display no-smoking symbol, in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

No-smoking policy in all trains in Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and in India

(L) Taiwan high-speed railway train (R) Taiwan local railway train

Federal law prohibits smoking in trains in Taiwan. India enforced a complete smoking ban at rail station
and in trains. No smoking is allowed in Thailand. However, the writer observed a few smokers were
put the light on the rear deck of a train. Smoking is not permitted on any of Korean trains or stations,
including open railway plateform.

(L) Korean super-express train (R) In all Indian rail trains, smoking is prohibited.

Smoking on trains is banned in many countries. With stricter more bans coming into effect every year,
train passengers should count on being able to smoke in the train vehicle. Until a few years ago, smoking
booth was provided in the vehicle of the Indian Pacific, Australia; however, it has been removed. At present,
no smoking is permitted onboard at all. In June 2013, a small smoking booth set in the Aurola-Borealis-
Express train in Finland has been abolished. Since smoking is prohibited in all super-express trains in China,
the only operating smoking vehicles supported by law, at the point of March 2017, would be
in Japan.
This is because of a poor understanding in the adverse effect of a tobacco-smoke, which is observed in
the three major railway companies and health officials of Japanese government.

All Russian Trains are smokefree.


Siemens-made high-speed train, Sapson connects 650 km length in 3 hours 50 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes,
between two megalopolis of Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is a major traffic artery in the north-west region of Russia.

A high-speed train connecting Saint Petersburg with Moscow, Sapsan
( Video running time: 61 minutes )


The Allegro is a high-speed train service between Helsinki, Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia.
The express train runs between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg in 3 hours and 36 minutes.
The units are equipped for both the Finnish and Russian railway technical systems.
Doors have a retractable step to make boarding from both Finnish 550 mm-high and Russian 1,100 mm-high platforms easy.

Allegro express trains linking Saint Petersburg, Russai and Helsinki, Finland
( Video running time: 55 minutes )

Long-distance trains of the Canadian (the distance traveled: 4,466 km) and the Southwest Chief
(the distance traveled: 3,645 km) prohibit smoking inside of trains. The Indian Pacific
(the distance traveled: 4,352 km) in Australia and all Russian trains, including the Trans-Siberian Railway,
are smokefree and no passengers can smoke.

Olympic Games and a restriction of smoking in a train by the host countries

1948 XIV London (UK)              
1952 XV Helsinki railways Helsinki(Finland)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1956 XVI Australia rail trip Melbourne (Australia)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
Stockholm railways Stickholm(Sweden)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1960 XVII Italia rail trip Roma(Italy)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1964 XVIII Japan high speed railways Tokyo(Japan)      Smoking is allowed in a train.
1968 XIX Mexico City(Mexico)          Inadequate information
1972 XX Munich(West Germany)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1976 XXI Canada smoking ban Montral(Canada)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1980 XXII Moscow(Soviet Union)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1984 XXIII United States Los Angeles(United States)      Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1988 XXIV Korea Seoul(Korea)             Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1992 XXV Spain Barcelona(Spain)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1994        Norway Lillehammer(Norway)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1996 XXVI United States Atlanta(United State)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1998        Japan high speed railways Nagano(Japan)             Smoking is allowed in a train.
2000 XXVII australia Sydney(Australia)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2002        United States Salt Lake City(United State)      Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2004 XXVIII Greece Athenes(Greece)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2006        Italia rail trip Turin(Italy)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2008 XXIX China Beijing(China)              Smoking is prohibited in a train. 
2010        Canada smoking ban Vancouver(Canada)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2012 XXX London(UK)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2014         Sochi(Russia)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2016 XXXI Brazil Rio de Janeiro(Brazil)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2018        Korea Pyengchang County(Korea)       Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2020 XXXII Japan high speed railways Tokyo(Japan)           Smoking is allowed in a train.
2022        China Beijing(China)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2024 XXXII 高速鉄道網建設 Paris(France)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2028 XXVIIII United States Los Angeles(USA)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.

This table shows the smoking ban in a train at the Olympic host countries in and after July 2014.
China Government charges 2,000 Yuan for a violation of smoking restriction in a high-speed train.
In UK, a penalty of the maximum 200 pounds is applied for a smoking at a smoke-free designated vehicle.
Japanese Government admit to installing a smoking booth in a train to support smoking act.

The smoking space in a train is necessary for all smokers? Is that the superb service
to a train passenger? A smoking booth or smoking vehicle is provided in a super-express train
operated by three major Japanese railway companies
All sleeper-trains in Japan, except for Seven-Stars by JR-Kyushu, are connecting a smoking vehicle.
JR-West and JR-East's new deluxe sleeper-trains provide smoking vehicles, that start operation in 2017.

China prohibited smoking in all high-speed trains.
During a trip, all the carriages are closed and equipped with smoke-alarms, so smoking is banned, not even
in the connections of cars or toilets. According to the Railway Security Management Regulation, which
newly released by the State Council, smoking is banned on high-speed trains and the non-smoking area of
other trains. Those who violate the regulation will be fined CNY500- 2,000.
The law was enforced in January 2014.
Reference: TravelChinaGuide. com

Japan is the only country which allows a smoking car and express car with smoking booth.
Among the advanced industrial counties, Japan is the sole nation in which a smoking car is running.
Japanese Government allows smoking in the railway trains: however, a few Japanese people have doubted about
that it is very unusual thing.

Narita airport smoking rooms Three major Japanese railway companies think that the smoking car and/or smoking booth
in a train are the superb service for train passengers.

Narita airport smoking rooms All sleeper-trains in Japan are connecting a smoking vehicle.
Narita airport smoking rooms JR's N700 high-speed train provides a smoking room.
Tobacco sales in Japan Kyushu Shinkansen provides a smoking room.
Tobacco sales in JapanA new ( 2017 ) deluxe sleeper-train by JR-West and JR-East provides smoking vehicle.
Narita airport smoking rooms Kinki-Nippon Railway Company claims the necessity of installing the room for smokers in all express trains.
Smoking booth of Odakyu Electric Company was closed in March 2007.
Narita airport smoking rooms Smoking booth of JR Shikoku's express train was closed in March 2011.
Narita airport smoking rooms Smoking Room in Airport Narita International Airport provides at least
43 smoking rooms, the world's second largest. 
Tokyo Haneda airport smoking rooms Smoking Room in Airport Tokyo Haneda International Airport provides
69 smoking rooms, the world's largest. 
Japan Sapporo airport smoking rooms Smoking Room in Airport: A door-less smoking room in the New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido
LDP Japan neglects smoking ban The smoking space in a train is necessary for all smokers? Is that the superb service to a train passenger
   A smoking booth or smoking vehicle is provided in a super-express train operated by JR-Tokai and JR-West.


All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

イタリア鉄道旅行・シシリア Italia Rail: Trenitalia
アイルランド鉄道旅行 Rail Travel Ireland
ニュージランド鉄道旅行 NZ Rail: Tranz Alpine/Scenic
オーストラリア鉄道旅行 Brief Journey by Australian Rail
米国・東北部鉄道旅行 Amtrak Acela Express: Boston-Newyork
シカゴ鉄道 Chicago CTA Rail
マイアミ鉄道 Miami Metro Rail

ストックホルム・空港鉄道 Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Express
ストックホルム地下鉄 Stockholm County Railways
スエーデンX2000の旅 X2000:Stockholm-Copenhagen Express
コペンハーゲン近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Greater Copenhagen Railways
パリ鉄道ターミナル駅 Paris Rail Terminals
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Paris Metro-RER-Tram
タイ・バンコク鉄道 Bangkok Mass Transit/Thai Railways
台湾高速鉄道 Taiwan High-Speed Rail
フィンランド鉄道 路面電車 地下鉄 Railways in Helsinki, Finland
インド鉄道 Indian Railways and Dehli Metro

シカゴ鉄道 Portugal Metro, Railways
マイアミ鉄道 Amsterdam Rail
シカゴ鉄道 High-speed train in Spain 2010
マイアミ鉄道 Barcelona Railways
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Washington DC Metro/Union Station

 Railway Travel in France 2011
 Railway Travel in Germany 2011
 Vancouver Skytrain
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Edomonton Metro
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Alaskan Railroad

韓国高速鉄道 Korea Train Express, Airport Express and Metro
米国横断鉄道旅行 Amtrak: Seattle to Glacier National Park
米国横断鉄道旅行 Airport Express and MTR, Hong Kong
サンフランシスコ鉄道 San Francisco: cablecar, tram and Bart
サンフランシスコ鉄道 High-speed train in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2013

 Moscow Metro
 Saint Petersburg Metro
 Sapsan, high-speed train of Russia
 Allegro, high-speed train between Finland and Russia

 Railways connecting Canberra and Sydney, Australia
 Gold Coast Light-Rail
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Train in Norway, Trondheim to Oslo

 Narita Airport-City Rail Service
 Japanese high-speed train 'Hayabusa'
 Japanese high-speed train 'Super-Komachi'
 Japanese deluxe sleeper-train, Seven-Stars, by JR-Kyushu is all non-smoking.

高速鉄道網建設 高速鉄道網建設高速鉄道網建設 高速鉄道網建設  Market Booms for new High-speed Trains

Health ministry urges smoking ban for restaurants, other indoor spaces.

Japan should aim at a 100 percent ban on smoking indoors, instead of setting up smoking rooms.
The report cites a World Health Organization estimate showing secondhand smoking causes around
15,000 deaths annually in Japan, making it one of the worst for inaction on passive smoking.
Source: The Japan Times August 31, 2016
Attention: However, we found that the smoking restriction proposed by Japanese Government
is excluding in a railway train

Health Ministry Panel 2016:
Japan's effort to curb exposure to secondhand smoke is one of the worst in the world.
Smoke-free restaurants and cafes are a prerequisite for 2020 Olympic Games.

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This is the first time that sleeper-train prohibits smoking inside.
The next: A newly introduced smokefree deluxe sleeper-train in Kyushu, Japan

Special Note:
 Two South Kuril and two islands off Hokkaido are the own land of Japan.
 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Domestic travel in Japan
 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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