Myoko-Highland Ski Resort

A trip to Myoko Highlands, Niigata

In 1916, Myoko Kogen became nationally famous when it came first in a vote taken to find the most
popular summer resort in Japan. The area is dominated by 'Hokushingogaku' a series of five mountains,
Madarao, Myoko, Kurohime, Togakushi and Iizuna, that make up the border of Nagano and Niigata
prefectures.Mt. Myoko 妙高山 is listed as one of the hundred most famous mountains in Japan with its
summit recorded as 2,454 meters above sea level. Myoko Kogen is famed for its ski resorts, which were
founded in the 1930s, making it one of the oldest established ski areas around the world. The area
includes nine mountain resorts:the main resorts of Akakura Onsen, Akakura Kanko Resort. Myoko
highland is a plateau spreading at the eastern foot of Mount Myoko. To the south, there is the border
with Nagano Prefecture, and Lake Nojiri is close to this highland. Mount Myoko is an active volcano
which has a height of 2,454 meters. The last eruption was about 3,000 years ago, and it is tranquil now.
The highland spreads at a level of 800-1,400 meters. Hot spring resorts and ski resorts are dotted on
this highland.

Here is in Niigata Prefecture, but it is convenient to visit here from Nagano. From Tokyo to Nagano
it takes 80 to 85 minutes by super-express train, Hakutaka. Nagano to Myoko-kogen station, it takes
about 45 minutes by local train of Shinano Railway.

(L) Super-express train, Hakutaka is entering to Tokyo Station. (R) Hakutaka for Kanazawa is stopping at Nagano Station.

(L) Concourse of Nagano Station (R) An automatic ticket bending machine: Ticket to Myuokou-Kogen cost 830 yen.

(L) The exterior of Nagano Station: The thermostat outside shows 5℃. (R) Concourse of Nagano Station

(L) An electric train of Shinano Railway (R) The train runs along the river of the snowy mountainous region.

(L) The train runs along the river. (R) The exterior and interior of the train of Shinano Railway

The train is now approaching Myuokou-Kogen Station.

Myoko Highlands, Niigata

(L) A shuttle bus provided by the Akakura-Kanko Hotel: It will pick up a hotel guest by appointment at Myokoukogen railway station.
(R) A road running with snow wall to the Myoko Highland and to the hotel

Akakura-Kanko Hotel looked up from a parking lot of Myoko Highland.

A mountain road to Akakura-Kanko Hotel

(L) Road almost buried in snow (R) The lower station of a gondola

(L) A panoramic view from a gondola (R) The upper station of a gondola

There were a lot of bird's nests as they were wrapped around trees.

Akakura-Kanko Hotel

Next door to Akakura Kanko Ski Resort, Akakura Kanko Hotel features a top-floor terrace with panoramic views,
three restaurants and hot spring baths. Western cuisine can be enjoyed at the restaurant Sorbier, while Kura
specializes in sushi, and Shirakaba serves seasonal Japanese cuisine. All restaurants are smoke-free and offer
spectacular views of the area. Smoking room is provided next to the bar. The old sections of guest rooms are 60.
In December 2016,the hotel newly constructed 19 rooms. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms.

(L) A sunrise ascending over the snow mountains (R) A protruding aqua terrace of Akakura-Kanko Hotel

(L) Akakura-Kanko Hotel (R) A snowplough

(L) The entrance hall (R) A free self-service-drink desk

(L) A twin-bedroom (M) The entrance to a Japanese restaurant, Shirakaba (R) A menu of Japanese course cuisine

A course Japanese cuisine at the evening dinner

A course Japanese cuisine in the morning

A western-style breakfast

(L) Snow and icicles between at the connection aisle (R) A corner hall of the new Premium section

Aqua terrace in winter time

(L) A spring water fountain (R) A warning sign not to wear a bathing suit in the hot-spring bath

(L) Instruction how to use a public bath (R) An open-air bath in the new Premium section

(L) A smoking room attached to the bar (R) Smoking is prohibited in a bar.

 Akakura-Kanko Hotel

Smoke-free Hotels in Japan
A summary of non-smoking-room rate studied in local hotels of Japan

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Return to Tokyo via Nagano

(L) A railway truck of Shinano Railway (M) Stature of Tengu, braggart is placed on the platform of Mure Station.
(R) A derailment prevention guard

Railroad is running along a river in snowy mountain area.

Mount Koushasan, also called Takai-Fuji, viewed from Toyono, north of Nagano City.

(L) Apple farm, Hokuriku-Shinkansen truck line and Sugadaira Highland (R) Shinano Railway train is entering to Nagano Station.

The super-express train, Hakutaka, is now arriving Nagano Station.

JR's green-car seat is similar to that of the business-class seat of an aircraft.

(L) A pet bottle receptacle
(M) An electric bulletin board shows this super-express train, Hakutaka, is heading to Tokyo Terminal.
The Hakutaka passes through Karuizawa Station and runs away from Nagano and Takasaki nonstop.
(R) Mount Asama, seen from Hokuriku Shinkansen line.


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The article was written, and all photography was taken by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto in March 2017.

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