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Smoke-free Hotels in Kyoto and Nara

Illuminated pagoda after dark at Toji temple

Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. It has a population close to 1.5 million.
As the imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, it is now composed of the major
part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area. With the temples, parks, bustling business districts,
markets, from regal estates to the tightly-packed neighborhoods, Kyoto is one of the oldest and
most famous Asian metropolises.

(L) Ginkaku-ji, The temple of the Silver Pavilion, is a Zen temple of Kyoto
(L) Typical maiko dress, hair ornaments, and nape make-up
(R) A visitor in a Japanese dress

Smoke-free hotels in Kyoto and Nara

This site has no interesting relationship with the posted hotels.
The guest room of the presented hotels here are non-smoking and prohibits smoking in all guest rooms.
It excludes hotels, which provide more than one guest room in which smoking is allowed.

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Kyoto Century Hotel 

Kyoto Century Hotel is located at the two-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station and is very convenient,
making access easy in the central region. This hotel changed a smoking policy to be smoke-free.
Since April 2016, in all 219 guest rooms, smoking is prohibited. The total public and private space
became smoke-free.
京都 センチュリーホテル
Kyoto Century Hotel

Kyoto Garden Hotel 

Kyoto Garden Hotel is located at one-minute walking distance from Karasuma-Oike Station of Kyoto
Municipal Subway. Nijo Castle is nearby. A total of 129 guest rooms is provided for visitors to Kyoto.
This hotel has kept the policy that all rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. The total public and private
space is smoke-free. This would be the reason of a good reputation of tourists from overseas.

京都 ガーデンホテル

 Hotel Gimmond Kyoto

Hotel Gimmond Kyoto stands in the center area of Kyoto, and it is convenient to access to sightseeing
spots of ancient city, within the one-hour distance. All 139 rooms are smoke-free. A smoking booth is
provided on the lobby floor.

Urban Hotel Kyoto

The hotel is located in the eight-minute driving distance from the Hachijouguchi Exit. It provides an ideal place
for sightseeing and business, offering quick easy access to Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine and Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
All 199 guest rooms are smoke-free. Smoking booth is set on the first floor near the entrance.

The Palace-Side Hotel 

The hotel is situated in the heart of historical city of Kyoto, just next to the Kyoto-Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace).
It takes three minutes from Karasuma Oike station on the Karasuma subway line. All 120 rooms are smoke-free.
On the first floor, there is a free Internet booth, coin laundry and a smoking booth on the second floor.

ibis Styles Kyoto Station Hotel
ibis Styles Kyoto Station is located right in front of JR Kyoto Station, which is just a minute's walk away.
Guests also enjoy easy access to all of Kyoto's major tourist attractions, including the famous historical shrines.
This is the hotel is ideal for both leisure and business travellers. All 215 guest rooms are smoke-free.
Smoking booth is set on the third floor.

 Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station  

Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station is directly connected to Kyoto JR and Kintetsu stations, and it is very convenient
to go anywhere in Kyoto. It takes 75 minutes by an express train from Kansai International Airport.
All 368 guest rooms are smoke-free. Japanese and Westrern style buffet is provided to a hotel guest in the
breakfast lounge.

The Westin Miyako Kyoto

The Westin Miyako Kyoto stands on the Higashiyama Hills, near many famous or historic sites, including
Nanzenji Temple and Heian Jingu Shrine, overlooking the ancient Capital, Kyoto. It is located at about
75 minutes from Kansai International Airport. A shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes in the daytime from
Kyoto JR shinkansen station. All 499 guest rooms became smoke-free from January 2018. The hotel is
planning to expand the facilities by 2020; however, the number of guest rooms squeeze to about 270
and the average room size from 35 to 50 square meter, with a new hot-spring facilities.

  Hotel Sancrane 

The hotel is located at the two-minute walking distance from the Gojo-station of the subway Karasuma line,
Kyoto. It provides an easy access to the central area of the ancient city of Kyoto, good for a sightseeing.
All 52 guest rooms are smoke-free.

Hotel Sunroute Kyoto

Hotel Sunroute Kyoto is located at the 10-minute walking distance from Kawaramachi Station
(Hankyu Dentetsu Line),and 5-minute walk from Kiyomizu-gojo Station (Keihan Dentetsu Line).
It takes about 7 minutes from JR Kyoto Station. Kiyomizu-dera temple is at 20 minutes in walking
from the hotel. The temple is built on the side of a steep hill, and this facilitated the construction of
a huge platform that is now famous as an overlook. From the temple, it will give visitors a good tour of
the old capital of Kyoto. All 144 guest rooms are smoke-free. Smoking booth is located on the second floor.

 Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto

Grand Prince Hotel is located at somewhat remote area from the central area of Kyoto. Its round building
is not like the ancient city of Kyoto. In September 2017, all 310 guest rooms were renovated to turn
the smoke-free hotel. A smoking booth is located on the basement floor. Access: From Kyoto station,
take a subway Karasuma line, and get down at Kokusai-kaikan Station. Three minutes walk from Gate 4-2.

 Royal Park Hotel Kyoto

Royal Park Hotel Kyoto is located in Kawaramachi-Sanjo, in the heart of Kyoto, one of the foremost
tourist destinations. Access: Take the subway Karasuma Line from JR Kyoto Station, change train at
Karasumaoike, and get off it at Kyoto-Shiyakushomae Station. Three-minute walk is needed to come
the Royal Park Hotel. This hotel changed the policy to turn all 172 guest rooms to be non-smoking in
April 2014. Smoking booth is provided on the basement and third floor.
ロイヤルパークホテル ザ京都

 Hotel Monterey Kyoto 

Hotel Monterey Kyoto is located near Karasuma-oike Tozai Line subway station. It takes about three minutes
on foot. This hotel combines the Kyoto's stylish culture and Britain's traditional heritage. The design is based
on the arts and crafts of Scotland, particularly Edinburgh, its ancient capital. This hotel expresses the relationship
between the two cities through its traditional architecture and warm atmosphere.
All 327 guest rooms became non-smoking from October 2017.
The top floor is designated as a woman's floor. Smoking booth is set on the first floor.

 Almont Hotel Kyoto 

Almont Hotel Kyoto is located at the place within five minutes on foot from Kyoto JR station
(The Exit Hachijyo-Higashi). All 169 guest rooms became non-smoking from September 2017.
The hotel provides a relatively large public bath.

(L) The Great Buddha (Daibutsu) in the main hall (R) Great Buddha Hall ( Daibutuden ) in Nara

 Noborioji Hotel Nara 

Noborioji Hotel Nara is situate at three-minute walking distance on up-slope from Nara Terminal of
Kintetsu Railway. It stands near Kofukuji, Todaiji, Kasuga Grand Shrine and Nara Park, in that a lot of
deer comes closer to people. The number of hotel rooms are only 14 rooms. Although, hotel staff members
will provide to spare no effort to provide the utmost luxury even in small details. No children unde age
of 12 or under is not accepted. This hotel is listed on the book of 'small luxury hotel of the World', and
a guest might experience the real Nipponese hospitality. All 14 rooms are smoke-free. However,
smoking is allowed at a bar. A stand-type ashtray is provided at a balcony.
Noborioji Hotel Nara

 Hotel Nikko Nara

Hotel Nikko Nara is directly connected with JR Nara station. All 330 guest rooms became smoke-free from
April 2018,to prevent a smoking hazard in the facilities. A smoking booth is provided on the third lobby floor.

There is no place to smoke in the hotel building.

A partial smoking ban in a hotel does not protect guests from dangers of tobacco.

Hotels, that have the smoking and non-smoking rooms, do not adequately protect people
from the dangers of tobacco. That is the conclusion of a new San Diego State University study
published in the Journal Tobacco Control.

Researchers took air quality readings and tested surfaces for evidence of tobacco-smoke
in a random sample of San Diego hotel rooms. Ten hotels had complete smoking bans
while 30 others had some dedicated non-smoking rooms. Compared with hotels that
prohibit smoking, hotels with only partial ban had higher surface and air nicotine levels.

That was true even in the non-smoking rooms in hotels with a partial ban. Only five U.S. states,
Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Vermond and Wisconsin, require all motels and hotel rooms
to be smoke free. Four cities in California, including Santa Monica, have such a law.
Researchers say guests who want to avoid tobacco exposure should stay only in smoke-free hotels.
Source: KPBS, San Diego, May 15, 2013

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Tofukuji Temple and Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto

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