Smoke-free Hotels in Tokyo

Double-bridge Nijubashi leading to the main gate over the moats: This picture was photographed in November 2011.

(L) Akasaka Palace Tokyo functions as the State Guesthouse today
(R) A tranquil moat with a lot of grass and algae, near Akasaka-Mituke

(L) Torii of Meiji Shrine (R) Temizusha, purification through a hand-washing basin

(L) Ema, votive tablets for a special personal prayer (R) The Main Meiji Shrine

A moat beside of the Imperial Palace in late March to early April 2009

(L) Rikugien Garden: The weeping cherry tree in 2016
(R) Carps, bridge and spring verdure at Rikugien Garden in 2016

Tokyo, officially Tokyo Metropolis, is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and is located on
the eastern side of the main island, Honshu. Tokyo's government also administers the twenty-three
special wards of Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is located in Shinjuku City.

The population of the special wards is over 8 million people, with the total population of the
prefecture exceeding 12 million. The prefecture is the center of the Greater Tokyo Area,
the world's most populous metropolitan area with 35 to 39million people, and the world's
largest metropolitan economy. Tokyo is the seat of the Japanese government. The Imperial
Palace stands in the center of the city area of Tokyo.

Tokyo went on to suffer two major catastrophes in the 20th century. One was the Great Kanto
earthquake in 1923, and the other was the Second World War. The bombing of Tokyo in
1944 and 1945 destroyed most city area. Tokyo is completely rebuilt. In the late 1980s,
the real estate price rose sky-rocked during a real estate and debt bubble. The bubble,
however, burst in the early 1990s, many companies, banks and individuals were caught with
a mortgage-backed debt while real estate was shrinking in value.
Source: Wikipedia.

Smoke-free Hotels in Tokyo

This site has no interesting relationship with the posted hotels.
The guest room of the presented hotels here are non-smoking and prohibits smoking in all guest rooms.
It excludes hotels, which provide more than one guest room in which smoking is allowed.

Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay  

As a partner hotel, it offers attractive benefits for hotel guests, such as a direct shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort,
various passports purchased at the hotel. It is located in the seven-minute distance from JR Shinurayasu.
Smoking is prohibited in all indoor facilities, including 379 guest rooms.

Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho 

This hotel is located in front of JR and subway Kinshicho station. This is ideal for sightseeing and business of
central Tokyo. The total number of guest rooms is 213. All are smoke-free.
A special facility in this hotel is the Ladies Floor, available for female guest only.

Park Hotel Tokyo 

Park Hotel Tokyo is a luxurious hotel that satisfies the needs of all international clienteles.
The hotel is ideally situated in Shiodome, convenient to visit the central area of Tokyo,
since it directly connected to the railway station of Shiodome.
This hotel allowed smoking on the lobby floor on the 25th floor, providing a seat for smokers.
However, it changed the smoking policy to protect the health of the visiting guests in May 2015,
and became smoke-free. Now, all 237 guest rooms are non-smoking.
There is a smoking booth on the lobby floor.

Hotel Monterey Hanzomon

The hotel is inspired by the traditions and customs of Edo, old Tokyo. Architecture unites the traditions
with modern building techniques. It is located in the center of Tokyo, closed to Hanzomon station,
near the imperial palace. All 340 guest rooms are smoke-free. Smoking booth is provided on the first floor.

  Hotel Monterey Akasaka

Hotel Monterey Akasaka is situated in five-minute walking distance from subway Akasakamitsuke station.
It is convenient to go to Tokyo station, Shibuya and Shinjuku stations. It is an ideal hotel as a base for business
and sightseeing. All 196 rooms are smoke-free. A smoking booth is provided on the second floor.

Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

This hotel is conveniently located in one-minute walking distance from Shinjuku subway station, and
three-minute from JR Shinjukuku station south gate. The hotel is ideal for business and sightseeing in Tokyo.
All 624 guest rooms are smoke-free. Smoking booths are provided on the first and second floor.
The hotel provides an enhanced security system to an elevator and a guest room. A room
exclusively for women is available upon request.

Hotel Sunroute Higashi-Shinjuku

Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku is located in central Tokyo, above the Higashi Shinjuku subway station.
The hotel is a 10-minute walk from Isetan Department Store. Two subway lines provide direct access
to the major attractive city spots.
The total number of guest rooms is 311. In December 2016, 124 smoking rooms were abolished, and became
all rooms are non-smoking. This property is known as one of the best values in Tokyo, when compared to
other properties in Tokyo. Breakfast is served at smoke-free Royal Host Restaurant on the first floor.

 Granbell Hotel Shinjuku 

Granbell Hotel Shinjuku was opened in December 2013, which has 380 guest rooms in total. All rooms
are smoke-free. Interior was designed and created by artists from Japan and abroad. The beds used in the
hotel are made by Simmons, to a hotel guest put in Granbell comfortable sleep. Room size varies from 13u
to 62u, with many plans, which include a standard, executive-room on the Club Lounge, and suite-room
G plan. It is located about 4-minute walking distance from subway station, Higashi-Shinjuku. Kabukicho
red-light district is not too far. It takes 10 minutes on foot to well-known Isetan department store.

 Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo 

This apartment-Hotel is situated right in the heart of bustling Shinjuku, a prime location in Kabukicho, a main
entertainment area. The serviced residence is located near the JR Shinjuku Station, the world’s busiest
transport hubs, and is at the eight-minute walking distance from the east exit of station. It has a total of
206 guest rooms ranging in size from 17sqm to 46sqm Granbell Hotel Shinjuku was opened in December
2013, which has 380 guest rooms in total. All rooms are smoke-free.
Interior was designed and created by artists from Japan and abroad. The beds used in the hotel are made
by Simmons, to a hotel guest put in Granbell comfortable sleep. Room size varies from 13u to 62u,
with many plans, which include a standard, executive-room on the Club Lounge, and suite-room G plan.
It is located about 4-minute walking distance from subway station, Higashi-Shinjuku. Kabukicho red-light
district is not too far. It takes 10 minutes on foot to well-known Isetan department store.

 KKR Hotel Tokyo

Neighboring the Imperial Palace, KKR Hotel Tokyo is conveniently located 5 minutes by car from
Tokyo Station. The Hotel is directly connected to a subway Takebashi station. This hotel had 14 rooms
for smokers. However, it changed a smoking policy to provide smoke-free environment. Now all
161 guest rooms are non-smoking. A smoking booth is located on the 14th floor and outside.

 Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

This 25 stories hotel is conveniently located with a direct walkway access to JR and subway Shibuya station,
All 408 rooms are smoke-free.

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

This hotel is conveniently located in one-minute walking distance from Akasaka-Mitsuke subway station.
All 487 rooms will be smoke-free after January 2019. It provides a smoking booth on the lobby floor.

 Hotel Hokke Inn Nihonbashi  

This hotel stands at the place just 5-minute walk from Kayabacho, and takes 10 minutes from Tokyo Station by taxi.
It is conveniently located to access for business and sightseeing around Tokyo.
Total number of guest room is 90. All are non-smoking.

 Hotel Monterey Ginza

Hotel Monterey Ginza is a classic boutique-style hotel nestled in the heart of Ginza. It is located at one to
four-minute distance from Ginza and Ginza-1chome subway stations. It seems ideal for shopping, sightseeing
and business. La Soeur Ginza is designed in the image of a Parisian apartment building, providing guests with
a feeling of relaxing time at La Soeur Ginza Hotel.
A total ban on smoking within Hotel Monterey Ginza and Hotel Monterey La Soeur Ginza has been implemented
in April, 2017. Smoking will not be permitted in the hotels, include all guest rooms and banquet rooms,
due to the increase in the request of non-smoking from hotel guests.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo 

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is located at the 5-minute walking distance from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo terminal station.
The hotel changed a smoking policy to turn to the entire 135 guest rooms to be smoke-free, mainly because of
high demand from guests from North America and Europe. The occupancy rate of a non-smoking guest room
was 91%, compared to 74% in guest rooms, which allowed smoking. A smoking booth is provided on the 15th
floor for smokers.

 Courtyard Tokyo Station 

This hotel is under Marriott groups and opened in April 2014. All guest rooms are smoke-free.
The lobby is located on the fourth floor. Guest rooms are on the 2nd to 4th floor.
Most of the guest rooms are not large and compact. The hotel is conveniently located at 4 to 5-minute
walking distance from the JR Tokyo station, and takes only one-minute on foot from Kyobashi subway station.

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo 

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo is situated at a very convenient place near JR Shinagawa station, which serves
the shinkansen JR station. From Tokto International Airport, only 15 minutes ride to Shinagawa station.
The number of total rooms is 288, and all guest rooms are smoke-free. It features a large window, so that
a hotel guest can enjoy the ever-changing natural beauty of a Japanese garden.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo, one of the leading five-star hotels in the heart within the city. As a lifestyle destination,
the hotel is ideally situated in Roppongi Hills, a stimulating center for business, culture, fashion and leisure.
It is located at the 50-minute distance from Tokyo International Airport to Hamamatsucho Station,
using a monorail, and taxi after that. By subway, it takes three minutes from Roppongi station, Hibiya Line.
Total guest rooms are 387. There were 31 smoking rooms, and 26 flexible rooms, used as smoking or non-smoking
as demand. However, the hotel made a large change to a smoking policy, to be all guest rooms smoke-free.

Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel is directly connected with Suitengumae subway station of Hanzoumon Line. By taxi, it
takes about ten minutes from Tokyo Railway Terminal. All 419 guest rooms are smoke-free. There are
eight Japanese, Chinese and Western restaurants and bars. Indoor swimming pool is available. This hotel
is ideal for business and sightseeing in Tokyo.

The Royal Park Tokyo Shiodome

The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome, occupies the floors of B2, 1st, and 24th to 38th of the Shiodome tower.
An underpass directly connects the hotel to Shimbashi and Shiodome stations, enabling guests to reach the hotel
easily and comfortably without having to use an umbrella. It located at five-minute walking distance Ginza
district. The reception desk of the Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome is located on the 24th floor.
Since October 2014, all 419 guest rooms are smoke-free. A smoking booth is set on the floors of 24, 25, and 26.

Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay is directly connected with Takeshiba Monorail station of Yurikamome line.
It is located at two to three minute riding from JR Shinbashi station or Shiodome subway station.
A free shuttle bus is operated from JR and airport-monorail station, Hamamatsucho. All 330 guest rooms became
smoke-free from March 2019. A smoking room is provided on the 20th floor.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

This is one of the famous banquet halls for wedding in Tokyo. The minimum size of all 60 luxurious guest rooms
is 70 sqm, became smoke-free since April 2018. This hotel is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
A hotel courtesy bus is operated from JR Meguro station ( East Exit ) and JR Shinagawa station (Takanawa Exit).

Ueno Touganeya Hotel
This business hotel is conveniently located two-minute walking distance from JR Ueno station,
six minutes from Keisei Ueno Terminal. All 55 guest rooms are smoke-free. The size of room starts
from 12u. The fee is relatively low, compared to other hotels in Tokyo.

Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo
RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo is the hotel nearby Waseda Univrsity. It has 129 guest rooms, and all guest rooms
will be smoke-free from April 2019. A smoking booth is set on the first floor. There is a shuttle bus service
between JR Takatanobaba station and the hotel, every 30 minutes. It is situated at seven-minute walking
distance from Waseda subway station.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

The Grand Nikko is located at Odaiba station of Yurikamome line, which is the 15-minute ride from JR
Shinbashi station. The hotel is also accessible by walking for 10-minutes from Tokyo Teleport station of
Rinkai line. Starting March 2019, all 884 guest rooms became smoke-free. Smoking room is situated
on the second floor.

Sakura Hotel and Hostel Hatagaya

Sakura Hotel is an economy-class hotel, located at the two-minute walk from Hatagaya subway station,
which takes 3-minute from JR Shinjuku station by a train. All 74 guest rooms are non-smoking.
This hotel is Muslim friendly, providing prayer room and halal foods.


  Hotel WBF Tokyo Asakusa

This hotel is conveniently situated in Asakusa district. It has access with four railway stations of Asakusa.
A famous Sebsouji temple is about three-minute walking distance. Total numbers of 216 guest rooms are
smoke-free. They are composed by a compact size with a very reasonable price.


 Asakusa Hotel Hatago 

All 30 non-smoking guest rooms are tatami-mats rooms, and it produces a feeling of exoticism in Edo,
that is the former name of Tokyo. The hotel is situated at two-minute walking distance from Asakusa
Toei-subway station. An extensive view is expected from the ninth lunge, with views of the Sumida River
and Tokyo Sky Tree.

Kichijoji Tokyu REI Hotel

Kichijoji is the center of nature-rich Musashino district, north of Tokyo Metropolitan area.
Kichijoji Tokyu REI is conveniently located just in front of JR Kichijoji station.
All 234 guest rooms will be smoke-free from October 2016. Smoking booth will be provided inside of the hotel.

There is no place to smoke in the hotel building.

english index tobacco control
International and domestic smoke-free hotels in Japan ( Japanese version 日本語 )
There are many other smoke-free hotels and ryokan in Tokyo.
However, in the Japanese version, English correspondences with the listed hotels are not perfect.

A partial smoking ban in a hotel does not protect guests from dangers of tobacco.

Hotels, that have the smoking and non-smoking rooms, do not adequately protect people
from the dangers of tobacco. That is the conclusion of a new San Diego State University study
published in the Journal Tobacco Control.

Researchers took air quality readings and tested surfaces for evidence of tobacco-smoke
in a random sample of San Diego hotel rooms. Ten hotels had complete smoking bans
while 30 others had some dedicated non-smoking rooms. Compared with hotels that
prohibit smoking, hotels with only partial ban had higher surface and air nicotine levels.

That was true even in the non-smoking rooms in hotels with a partial ban. Only five U.S. states,
Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Vermond and Wisconsin, require all motels and hotel rooms
to be smoke free. Four cities in California, including Santa Monica, have such a law.
Researchers say guests who want to avoid tobacco exposure should stay only in smoke-free hotels.

Source: KPBS, San Diego, May 15, 2013

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english index tobacco control 日本語 全室禁煙ホテル(日本全国)
english index tobacco control 日本語 全室禁煙ホテル(東京地区)

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 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
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