Finland, officially the Republic of Finland is a Nordic Country of Europe. It is bordered by the country
of Sweden on the west, Russia on the east, and Norway on the north. Estonia lies to its south across
the Gulf of Finland. The capital is Helsinki. Around 5.3 million people reside in Finland, with the
majority concentrated in the southern part of the country.

S0ruce forest in southern Finland

Smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Finland

Finland is the latest European nation to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. The 2007 smoking
ban for bars and restaurants was the second time after the failure of1999 attempt. Bars, cafes and
restaurants larger than 50 square meters with a proper ventilation system can, during a two-year
transition period, set up special smoking sections covering half the size of premises. No customers
are allowed to eat or drink in the booths. According to the data released by Department for
Promotion of Welfare and Health, 22 percent of Finn's smoke. Of these, 24 percent is men,
19 percent is women.

(L) Helsinki city tram( Photographed in July 2008 ) (R) Helsinki street in summer

GDP in Finland, with an annual change in volume

Finn Aircraft heading to Helsinki ( Photographed at Narita International Airport)


排気を直接外部に出す、完全に独立した 7sqm 以上の空間のある喫煙室(smoking booth) を設置する


資料引用 Ministry of Social Affairs and Health,Republic of Finland
資料引用 Helsingin Sanomat
画像引用 University of Texas Libraries

Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Finland
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Arrival to Finland Tobacco Control in Finland Railways in Helsinki City of Helsinki 
Rental car smoking ban in Finland

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Finland's indoor smoking bans.

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