Public transport in Helsinki

Tram Cars, Subways and Finland Railways in Helsinki

Public transport in Helsinki consists of a bus, tram, metro and train services. The system is managed
by Helsinki City Transport. Today, Helsinki is the only city in Finland to have tramsand subway trains.
The Helsinki Metro opened in 1982, was the first, and the only subway inall of Finland. Trains depart
from the Central Railway Station and Pasila to destinationsacross Finland. A project to connect Helsinki
-Vantaa Airport and Keharata Station, with the national rail network and downtown Helsinki, has
been approved and construction should be completed by 2013.

Helsinki Central Station, Finland

(L) Ticket sale counters of Helsinki Central Station (R) Ticket sale counters of Pasila Station

(L) Departure information board at Helsinki Central Station.
(R) Diagram showing the non-stop stations. The Helsinki Central Station on a bottom line level.

A modern commuter train at Helsinki Central Station

A long-distance express train, Aurora Borealis Express.

(L) A car loading station (R) Car carrier for a train journey

Sleeping berth ( double berth ), Aurora Borealis Express.

(L) A conductor waiting for departure time, Aurora Borealis Express.
(R) High-speed network trains departing Helsinki Central Station

Italian design high-speed network train and a power car at Helsinki Central Station.

Italian design high-speed VR train at Helsinki Central Station.

Double-deck high-speed Intercity 2 at Helsinki Central Station.

(L) High-speed trains at Helsinki Central Station (R) Almost the time to depart to Moscow, Russia.

Daily train service to Moscow departs from Helsinki at 17:52.

A Russian conductor waiting for a traveler at each train door to check passport, visa and train ticket.

A long Russian train heading to Moscow

(L) A superexpress train, Allegro arrived from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Helsinki.
This photograph was taken in July 2014.
(R) A power car and 2-deck high-speed train at Helsinki Central Station.

(L) VR railroad and condominium buildings in the background (R) Lake Toloviken and a high-speed train of VR.

Pasila (Bole) is a suburb in Helsinki. Eastern Pasila is a commercially active district with the Pasila railway
station. It is also home town of over 3,500 people.There are many buildings of major companies and
educational facilities. Western Pasila is mainly residential area with about 4,500 inhabitants. The apartment
buildings in this area are skinned with redbricks. Premises of major broadcasting companies are in the
northern end of this district.

Pasila (Bole) station

(L) Double-deck Intercity 2 at Pasila (Bole) Station. (R) A new VR train for domestic services.

Pasila (Bole) station and high-speed train

Tram in Helsinki

The Helsinki trams provide transportation in the downtown and areas closed to it. The network is composed
of 11 lines. Over 50million trips are made with the trams each year. The unique pub tram is well distin-
guishable by its vivid red color and PUBdestination board. A city tour takes about 40 minutes travel around
the Helsinki streets, while passengers enjoy their drinks. This tram is separately controlled from a regular
transportation system.

Pub Tram, Helsinki

(L) Office building in Hakaniemi, Helsinki (R) Helsinki street car route map

Kaisaniemi, near the Helsinki Central Station

(L) Modern tram in Kauppatori Market Square (R) Pub Tram,Helsinki

(L) Street car stop (R) Push button to open a tram door and a ticket register

The public Helsinki transportation systems have three zones:internal and two zones of regional. Internal
covers a single city and the regional Helsinki metropolitan area.Zone 1 single tickets are valid for 60minites,
and Zone 2 and Zone 3 tickets are valid for 80minites. Ticket controllers check tickets in a randomly selected
tram car and a penalty fee of 80RUR for any passenger without a valid ticket. 'Proof-of-paymentis', an honor
-based fare collection approach is used in Germany, Eastern Europe and a few cities of North America.

Interior of tram car, Helsinki

(L) Hersinki Cathedral Dome area, (M) Skeppareg road area, (R) A street next to Helsinki Central Railway Station.

(L) Road exclusively for the use of tram car (R) A free newspaper box in tram( Morning only )

Tram car railway between roadside trees.

Tram car railway after rain.

(L) Morning scene of tram car stop (R) VR railway and tram car rail crossing near Pasila.

(L) Hakaniemi tram car stop (R) A new-type tram car beside a city park.

(L) Motorman's automatic computer panel (R) Tram car stop in Skeppareg Street.

Touch panel self-ticket register
(L) One-day Pass ticket (M) Ticket prices (R) Ticket controllers in a tram, after inspection was completed.

Map of Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Metro Map ( Illustration )

The metro is the backbone of the public transportation for Helsinki. There is a single line with two
branches. The whole system has 17 stations. By 2011, all trains should be automatic without drivers.

A ticket vending machine and warning of 80Eur penalty if ride a subway without purchasing ticket.

Rautatientori subway station (Central Railway Station )

Route map of Helsinki Metro.

Interior of subway train

(L) Metro train departing Vuosaari subway station
(R) Lake view between Kalasatama Station and Kulosaari Station

(L)(M) Elevator for a wheel chair and a bicycle (R) Helsinki subway train

Itakeskus Station

(L) A passenger with bicycle (M) Roof-deck covered Rastila subway station (R) Entrance to Vuosaari subway station

Vuosaari ( Nordsjo ) subway station, the southeast end of Helsinki subway line.

Vuosaari subway station

Ruoholahti ( Grasviken ) subway station, the southwest end of Helsinki subway line.

(L)Toll toilet in metro station (M) (R) Ruoholahti Street

(L) The entrance to Kamppi, Shopping Center, a neighbourhood of Helsinki (R) Escalator in the metro station of Kamppi

City Bus Terminal, Helsinki

City Bus Terminal, Helsinki  All photographs were taken in July 2009.

Internal bus routes can be found most anywhere in Helsinki. For some parts of the city, these buses provide
the backbone of the public transportation system.

High-speed train Allegro links St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Russian and Finnish railways announced the high-speed train, Allegro,project, which promises the reduction
of travel time between Helsinki and St. Pertersburg from 5.5 to 3.5 hours. The passengers will be able to
pass customs during the train ride with no time loss.
Source:Travel.RU 31/12/2008

Allegro, high-speed train between Finland and Russia 2014

2014: Allegro, an express train linking Finland and Russia

フィンランドはロシアの一部であったこともあり、鉄道はロシアとほぼ同じ広軌(1,524mm )である。
容易にロシア国内(軌道幅は4mm小さい1520mm)へ乗り入れできるが、広軌 (1,435mm )を採用して


時間外でも抜き打ち的に行う。 (2009年7月現在:1ユーロ=132円)

ヘルシンキ地下鉄は世界で最北の地下鉄である。地下鉄といっても Kalasatama 駅から東はすべて地上を
走行する。1982年に開業、ヘルシンキ交通局によって運営されている。全長、21.1Km の路線は
Itakeskus 駅でY字形に分岐する。ここには大規模のイタケスクス・ショッピングセンターがある。
西側の終点の Ruoholahti 駅は地下深い場所にあり、岩盤をくりぬいて建設した。長いエスカレータを
使用して地上に出る。地下鉄駅のトイレは有料で、自動装置では 20 セントのコインを入れて戸を開ける。
ヘルシンキ中央駅の有人トイレでは入口で 1ユーロを支払う。


地下鉄は速度も早く、市内や郊外住宅の移動手段としてよく利用されている。改札口バリア ( barrier ) は
なく自由に出入りできるが、「支払い証明」にあたるカード(Ticket )を手に乗車する。

ショッピングセンターのある地下鉄 Kamppi 駅で下車し、長いエスカレータを登ると、地下1階部分に

ヘルシンキ交通局管轄の市内バスでは、その乗車率の目標を、ラッシュ時、75%, 通常、55% としている。
採算ラインの最低、20% を目安にダイヤを組む。乗車券のIC化を図り、紙の切符は普通乗車券以外は


注目のヘルシンキ・セントピーターズバーグ特急列車 Allegroについては、上記記事を参照のこと。

Travel by Train
All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

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Smoking ban in the railway trains of the world

Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Finland
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Arrival to Finland Tobacco Control in Finland Railways in Helsinki City of Helsinki
Rental car smoking ban in Finland

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