Avis and Hertz prohibit smoking in a rent-a-car

Smoke-free rental cars with Avis and Hertz

Avis rent-a-car office: Helsinki, Finland in the left and Christchurch, New Zealand in the right

An official website of Avis announced that after February 2009, smoking is no longer permitted in
Avis rental vehicles in Singapore. This is an effective measure aimed at boosting air quality and
comfort in a car rented. Through this strict no-smoking policy, Avis aims to make a car rental an
even more enjoyable experience-especially for the large non-smoking majority. Experience abroad
has shown that ever more customers are demanding no-smoking car. As the same story in the
hotel sector, where many guests now explicitly wish to stay in a 'nonsmoking room'.

Since April 2008, there has been a smoking ban in Avis rental vehicles in the countries of Austria,
Czech Republic and Switzerland, The Avis Finland says all cars provided by Avis are smoke-free.
It seems to me the situation has changed. Rental car companies now 'insist' rather than 'request'
that customers not smoke in its cars.

No smoking notice placed on the Hertz rent-a-car office in Helsinki.

The sign plate proved by a rental-car office at Hertz, Helsinki says that smoking is prohibited all
Hertz' rental vehicles. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in an additional cleaning charge
( minimum 100EUR + tax ).

Hertz files for bankruptcy as the coronavirus pandemic crushes the car-rental industry

British National Car Rental and Guy Salmon have announced that their fleets of
a rental car will be strictly nonsmoking. All the vehicles will have a sticker prominently
displayed on the dashboard.

 In October 2009, Avis and Budget announced that their fleets in the countries of United States
and Canada would be 100% smoke-free. For the violation of this rule will be charged a cleaning fee of
up $250 on customers who smoke in the cars. The spokesman of the Avis Budget Group said that the
most frequent request they get is for a smoke-free car, and a common customer's complaint is a car
that smells of smoke. No employees who drive the vehicle are allowed to smoke, and the cars undergo
a new inspection upon return. It eats a more cost to clean a smoky car, and it often has to be taken
out of service longer.
(Reference ) USA TODAY September14, 2009

All Avis and Budget rent-a-cars in Canada and United States have been smoke-free.
If you smoke inside, a cleaning fee up to $250 will be charged to your credit.

 Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Finland
 Sheraton and Marriott Hotel Chains ban smoking in the Hotels.

All rental cars provided by Avis, Hertz, Budget is smokefree in the countries in Europe and
North America.




Japan  7年ほど遅れて日本でもレンタカー全面禁煙化の動き




Japan ニッポンレンタカー、全車禁煙化 

2018年11から日本の業界で初 レンタカー大手のニッポンレンタカーサービスは、乗用車とワゴン車の全車を2018年
11月から禁煙車にすると発表 した。健康志向の高まりでたばこ臭のない車への要望が強いことから、業界初となる
禁煙に取り組む と話す。ただし、トラックなど荷物運搬用の「商業クラス」は除外する。北海道では2016年11月に、
Source: Yahoo ニュース、April 5, 2018

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