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Canada smoking ban
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, Canada

There is no change of the scenes of poppy flowers, lake and glacia in front of the Fairmont Lake Louise Hotel for over fifty years.

Glacia, Lake Louise, flowers and a lake-side esplanade

A wedding in the Lake Louise

(L) Entering Lake Louise (R) A glacia in the center back of Lake Louise

Lake Louise is located 52 kms northwest of Banff, and located 207 kms southeast of Jasper.
The town is much cozier and less commercial than Banff; it feels like the doorway to the
ruggedness of the Rockies on both sides of the Albert-British Columbia border. Lake Louise
itself has two parts: the townsite in the Bow River Valley, and the well-known Lake itself.
The town is also the starting point of the Icefields Parkway, passing, through Columbia Icefields
up to Jasper.

Paradise Bungalows in Lake Louise district

(L) Bungalow office (M) A car must park at the designated place. (R) Photo shows the interior of a guest room. All are smoke-free.

(L) A dog is with a keeper on a hill trail. (R) A roadside trail to and from Lake Louise

A clear stream from the Lake Louise

(L) A hanging flower and Lake Louise (R) Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel

Poppy flowers in full bloom, a squirrel and the hotel.

The main entrance of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel and bellhop

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is on the eastern shore of Lake Louise, Alberta. The original
Chateau was gradually built up at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century by
the Canadian Pacific Railway and was thus "kin" to its predecessors, the Banff Springs Hotel,
and the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. The Painter Wing, built in 1913,is the oldest portion
of the hotel still standing. The Mount Temple Wing, opened in 2004, is the newest wing of the hotel
and features modern meeting facilities.

The hotel was first conceived by the railway at the end of the 19th century, as a vacation destination
to lure moneyed travelers into taking trains and heading West. By the time airplanes and automobiles
had displaced the trains, it had gained sufficient renown to have a life of its own. The Canadian Pacific
Railway long ago sold it to other interests. From the start, the goal was to exploit the stunning natural
beauty of the emerald-green lake and of Victoria's glacier, which rose above it. There were many hiking
courses for nature lovers. It was originally built to function only in summer. The hotel was winterized
in 1982 and now offers ski resort services during the winter months.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

(L) A fresh air, flowers, trees and mountain (R) A gentle breeze ripped the surface of Lake Louise.

(L) Trail guide around the Lake Louise (R) The entrance to the trail to the Mirror Lake

(L) A peaceful lake side trail of Lake Louise (R) Fairview Mountain and lake Louise
(L) Lake Louise seen from the trail to the Mirror Lake (M) A trail to the Mirror Lake
(R) Beehive Mountain and Mirror Lake
(L) Mirror Lake (R) A trail guide around the Mirror Lake

(L) Mirror Lake (R) A distance guide to the destination
(R) A horse riding, we met on the trail from Lake Louise to Lake Mirror. However, the horse manure pollutes
the surrounding nature, and this activity should be stopped in order to preserve the nature we cannot redeem, soon.

(L) A panoramic sense of Lake Louise and Bow River Valley (R) Lake Agnes Falls and Mount Niblock in the back

Mount Niblock, Lake Agnes and the Tea House

Lake Agnes Falls
Two young women were standing on the slippery rock in the fall.

(L) The Wildlife Interpretive Centre of Lake Louise Gondola (R) A coffee shop in the Centre

(L) A panoramic spectacle scene of Lake Louse Valley and Rocky Mountains came into view as Gondra is going up.
(R) Lake Louise in the centre viewed from a Gondola.

(L) The picture shows Mt. Temple in the left, Haddo Pk.,Mt. Aberdeen and Mt. Lefroy in the right.
(R) No-smoking sign was observed in the pole of Gondora.

(L) A no-smoking sign at the Gondra station (M) Highway guide posted at Lake Louise Intersection.
(R) A farewell sign of the beautiful Lake Loise



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Canada smoking ban
Banff, Alberta, Canada

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