Hotels of Shanghai
上海ホテルの禁煙客室比率調査 2013

A survey on the no-smoking-room rate in hotels of Shanghai

Twenty-three hotels in Shanghai in China are presented in this site. They are located in the central part
of Shangahai. Most of the hotels listed here is an internationally known accommodation. A few city hotels
are also included.

Shanghai's skyline: Copyright(C) Junhaku Miyamoto 2013

Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund

Total guest rooms: 260
Smoking rooms: 0
Non-smoking rooms: 260
Smoking guest rooms/ Total guest rooms *0.0%

(L) The Tower entrance of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
(R) A hotel guest may enjoy a spectacular night view of the Huangpu River and Shanghai's skyline.

The Club entrance of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

This is the highest ranking hotel in Tripadviser in Shanghai in 2012. You may find a timeless blend of
heritage and modern elegance at this Shanghai Bund hotel. All facilities are renovated in up-to-date
fashion, and the security of elevator and guest room entrance is reliable. Toilet provided by Toto Company
is fully automatic, a light system and a window curtain are electrically controlled. Guest rooms are
free from tobacco-smoke, and there is no smoking-guest room in this hotel.

(L) Grand Brasserie on the Ground Floor of the Tower Building
(R) Library Lounge with a refreshment corner

(L) A butter case under the name of Waldorf Astoria (M) A welcome fruit on a guest room
(R) A touch-panel hotel card-key, which functions well as the elevator and room key

(L) A fully automated toilet (R) A work desk in a twin-bedroom
The Long Bar and allow smoking. However, Salon de Ville, Pelham and Wei Jing Ge Restaurant
in the Lobby lounge are non-smoking. Grand Brasserie, which serves a breakfast for a hotel guest,
is smokefree inside. In the Peacook-Alley at the passage, smoking is allowed.

(L) A swimming pool with a warm Jacuzzi bath (R) Club Lobby

(L) An ashtray on the table of Peacook-Alley (R) Outside smoking tables

The Peacook Alley on the ground floor is in the passage located between the Club and Tower.
It also shares a large space with Grand Brasserie. The risk of health hazard by a toxic
tobacco-smoke is considered relatively small; however, it is not zero.

The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

(L) The main entrance of Ritz-Carlton Shanghai (R) The Aura lounge is located on the 52F lobby floor.

Total guest rooms: 285 guestrooms and suites
Smoking rooms: 50
Non-smoking rooms: 235
*17.5%= The ratio of the number of smoking guest rooms to the number of total guest rooms

All five restaurants, Scena (52F), Jin Xuan (53F), Flair (58F), Aura (52F), and Aroma (1F),
are smokefree. Flair has a terrace seat outside to see the Oriental Pearl Tower, in which
smoking is allowed.

Pudong Shangri-La East Shanghai

Pudong Shangri-La

Total guest rooms: 952
River Wing: 577
Grand Tower: 375
Smoking rooms: 257
Non-smoking rooms: 695

Three restaurants, Ground Tower lounge, Gourmet, Yi Cafe and Nadaman are smokefree.
In Fook Lam Moon and Jade on 36, smoking is allowed.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Jin Mao tower and satellite antenna

Total guest rooms: 555
Smoking rooms: 221
Non-smoking rooms: 334

Grand Hyatt Shanghai is located on the floor above the 54the floor of Jin Mao Tower,
which is located in Pudong district of Shanghai. The hotel first refused to disclose
the number of smoking-guest rooms. Later, the front office manager informed us that
the percentage of smoking rooms is probably around 14% of the total rooms. However,
according to a travel agent in China, the number of smoking rooms is 221 ( 39.8% ).

Three hotel restaurants of Club Jin Mao, Grand Cafe and Canton are smokefree.
Hyatt is operated by the Hyatt Hotels Cooperation, based in Chicago.

Park Hyatt Shanghai

Total guest rooms: 174 ( 79F-84F )
Smoking rooms: 54
Non-smoking rooms: 120

Basement entrance elevator hall
Park Hyatt occupies 79th t0 93rd floor spaces (brown-colored area)

Park Hyatt Shanghai is a modern Chinese hotel occupying 79th to 93rd floors of
the Shanghai World Financial Center. The 492-meter high building, with its 101 storeys,
is one of the tallest buildings in the world, making this hotel the highest hotel in the world.

Three restaurants, Dinning Room, Living Room ( 87F ) and The 100 Century Avenue
are smokefree

The Peninsula Shanghai

The Peninsula Shanghai and smokefree The Lobby restaurant

Total guest rooms: 235
Smoking rooms: 55
Non-smoking rooms: 180

All restaurants and bars allow smoking, except for The Lobby.
The peninsula hotel' s headquarter is in Hong Kong.

Fairmont Peace Hotel

Lobby and a giant relief of old day's Shanghai Bund

(L) A lobby at Christmas season (R) Dragon Phoenix restaurant

Total guest rooms: 270
Smoking rooms: 60
Non-smoking rooms: 210

Fairmont Peach Hotel is situated just step from the famous Bund promenade.
With its origins aging back more than a century, this landmark hotel served as
a glamorous Shanghai.
Restaurants, Dragon Phoenix, Jasmine Lounge, Cathy Room, Victors Cafe,
Afternoon Tea and Weekend Brunch on the Bund are smokefree.
Fairmont Peach Hotel is operated by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts of Canada.

Grand Central Hotel Shanghai

A lobby of the Grand Central Hotel Shanghai

Total guest rooms: 353
Smoking rooms: 173
Non-smoking rooms: 180

Grand Central Hotel Shanghai was opened in 2009. The ground-level cafe has
a separate smoking room. However, the space partly shares with the non-smoking
section. Two restaurants, Chinese and French, are smokefree.

The Westin Bund Center Shanghai

(L) The hotel entrance of The Westin Bund center Shanghai (R) A lobby hall of the Westin

Total guest rooms: 570
Smoking rooms: 127
Non-smoking rooms: 443

At glance, a gust might feel a jolly atmosphere at the hotel lobby. There are six restaurants:
Bliss, Daily Treats, EEST-The Crystal Garden, Heavenlies, Prego and The Stage.
They are all smokefree, but in Niche, smoking is allowed.

City Hotel

The newly renovated City Hotel Shanghai

Total guest rooms: 276
Smoking rooms: 166 rooms - 8F, 9F, 13F, 15F, 16F, 18F, 19F, 22F, 23F, 24F and 25F
Non-smoking rooms: 110 rooms - 10F, 11F, 12F, 14F, 17F, 20F and 21F

In the City Hotel, smoking is allowed in all restaurants.

Le Royal Meridian Shanghai

A restaurant in Royal Le Meridian Shanghai: Inside of this restaurant is non-smoking.

A restaurant in Royal Le Meridian Shanghai: Smoking is allowed in a terrace seat.

Total guest rooms: 761
Smoking rooms: 80 (The number of smoking rooms was reduced )
Non-smoking rooms: 681

A few restaurants have a smoking area inside. Smoking is allowed in bars.
This hotel is conveniently located neat People's Square metro station.

Hotel Equatorial Shanghai

Total guest rooms: 507
Smoking rooms: 280
Non-smoking rooms: 227

No smokefree restaurants except for the Club Lounge, in which a breakfast is
served to a hotel guest.

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel

(L) Exterior of the Howard Johnson viewed from People's Square. (R) No-smoking section of a cafe

Total guest rooms: 350
Smoking floors: 11floors - 8F, 9F, 10F, 12F, 17F, 18F, 19F, 20F, 21F, 25F and 27F
*Approximately 50.0% of the total
Non-smoking rooms: *Approximately 50.0% of the total

Old-day's Howard Johnson's restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA

We used to see the motel and restaurant signs of Howard Johnson in the United States in 1960's.
It is a very nostalgic name to the writer. It may be so for a person of advanced age lived there.
However, almost all Howard-Johnson had been closed, and as of 2012, two remains in New York
and Maine. At present, Howard-Johnson Hotel in Shanghai is owned by a Chinese company.
A receptionist at the hotel in Shanghai said they never count the number of smoking rooms.
Therefore, the number described in here may not be so accurate.
In two restaurants in this hotel, there is a smoking area.

Hotel Sofitel Hyland Shanghai

(L) The entrance sign plate of the Sofitel Hyland Shanghai (R) A busy East Nanjing Road

Total guest rooms: 401
Smoking rooms: 66
Non-smoking rooms: 335

There is a smoking area in all three Chinese, Westrn and Cantonese restaurants.

The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai

An approach to the reception desk

Total guest rooms: 96
Smoking rooms: 15
Non-smoking rooms: 81

This hotel recently repaired the 1930's old Langham Shanghai Hotel building and reduced
the number of a guest room to 96. It is conveniently located at the center in the city,
near the People's Square. Two restaurants, Ciao (1F ) and Xuan Tang ( 2F ), are smokefree.
This hotel is the 2013 Tripadviser winner.

Raddison Blu Hotel Shanghai New World

(L) Raddison Blu Hotel Shanghai and the sign plate (R) Smokers at the entrance to the hotel

Total guest rooms: 525
Smoking rooms: 300
Non-smoking rooms: 220

Raddison Blu Hotel Shanghai New World conveniently is located on the Nanjing Road,
next to the People's Square. Smoking is allowed in all restaurants, except the Lobby Lounge.

JW Marriott Shanghai

(L) The Tomorrow Square, which is viewed from the old Shanghai's houses
(R) A view towards People's Sqaure from the lobby floor of JW Marriott

Total guest rooms: 342
Smoking rooms: 32
Non-smoking rooms: 310

A lobby lounge and bar

Tomorrow Square is located close to People's Square. It is about 285 m tall and has 55 floors.
This multi-purpose building contains a 342-room Marriott hotel, and 255 executive apartment
units. Starting from a square base, the Tomorrow Square tower transforms itself into
a diagonal square as it rises to a peak. Engineers of the exterior vertical support systems
were faced with a unique challenge as a result of this unusual shape.

Front desk is on the 38th floor.
Lobby Lounge is smokefree. All other restaurants have a smoking area.

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

The Four Seasons Hotel and a lobby floor

Total guest rooms: 422
Smoking rooms: 130 - 11F〜15F, 34F 〜36F
Non-smoking rooms: 292

Restaurants, Si Ji Xuan, Shintaro and Cafe Studio have been smokefree since 2010.
In Lobby Lounge, smoking is allowed.
Four Seasons Hotels are Canadian-based hotel groups.

Shanghai JC Mandarin

Lobby of Shanghai JC Mandarin

Total guest rooms: 514
Smoking rooms: 214
Non-smoking rooms: 300

(L) A sign-board of Shanghai JC Mandarin (R) A smokefree Chinese restaurant, Tatlers

The lobby of Shanghai JC Mandarin was renovated, featuring a magnificent 5-storey,
hand-painted lacquer mural of Admiral Zheng-Ho. New hotel, Mandarin Oriental
Pudong Shanghai - Total guest rooms: 318 - was opened in April 2013.
Mandarin Pavilion, Tatlers are smokefree. Park Lane is non-smoking inside.
Headquarter is in Hong Kong.

The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai

A carriage porch of the Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai: A VIP hotel guest arrived to the Ritz-Carton at this time.
Many security staffs are around the entrance.

Total guest rooms: 610
Smoking rooms: 34
Non-smoking rooms: 576

A high-class luxury hotel on the Nanjing Road is conveniently located with the access
to the city's finest shopping and cultural attractions.
Four restaurants, Palladio, Summer Pavilion, The Lobby Lounge and Tables, are smokefree.
Smoking is allowed in The Ritz Bar.

Hilton Shanghai

Hilton Shanghai Hotel

Total guest rooms: 714 - official website shows guest rooms are 450 in all.
Smoking rooms: 125 - 11F, 12F, 26F, 36F and 37F
Non-smoking rooms: 589

There are six restaurants and bars in the Hilton. Atrium cafe is the only smokefree
restaurant. Smoking is allowed in smoking rooms, Lobby Pavilion, the designated lounge
on the second floor, a smoking area of Penthouse Bar, Sichan Court Restaurant
and People on the water.

Hotel Nikko Shanghai

Hotel Nikko Shanghai and Lobby Lounge

Total guest rooms: 382
Smoking rooms: No exact data is available, about 50% (Flexible)
Non-smoking rooms: No exact data is available, about 50% (Flexible)
Rough estimation *50.0%

The majority of guests of Hotel Nikko Shanghai is Japanese. It takes about 10 minutes on foot
from the Jiangus Road metro station. In all restaurants, smoking is allowed, except for
an inner space of the Lobby Lounge. This hotel might be a smokers-friendly hotel; however,
a reputation from hotel users is not so good, according to the site of TripAdviser.
Nikko Hotel International was founded by Japan Air Lines. Now, it is owned by Okura Hotel.

Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

(L) The old-day's stairway (L) Exterior of the Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

A stand ashtray outside of Hotel Okura

Total guest rooms: 485
Smoking rooms: 317 - 14F, 15F, 19F, 20F, 21F, 27F and 28F
Non-smoking rooms: 168

Smoking area is provided in all eight restaurants in Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai.
There are no completely smokefree restaurants. Headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan.

: The number of smoking guest rooms in a hotel recorded during this survey was a result
obtained directly from a hotel officer. Grand Hyatt Shabghai first refused to disclose the
number of smoking rooms. However, later, the front-desk manager told the smoking room-rate
to total would be 14% or under. Since China's travel agent has been up about the number of
smoking rooms in this hotel, we quoted its data here. Please consider that there is a possibility
that the actual number might be slightly smaller than that at present time.

Both Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel and Hotel Nikko Shanghai appears not to have a fixed room
for non-smokers. Probably, these hotels use the guest rooms, sometimes for smokers, at times,
for non-smokers. Hotel Nikko says in its own site, that 'they can provide a non-smoking room when
desired.' This kind of statement is unimaginable in hotels in North America and Scandinavian hotels.

Regarding a smoking restriction on the restaurants, most of data were obtained at the front desk.
We have not confirmed its accuracy at each restaurant. Please understand so.

Health warning tobacco Beware of Third-Hand Smoke

Summary of smoking-room rate studied in 20 hotels of Shanghai

Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund: 260rooms/ smoking zero rooms ( 0.00% )
The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai: 610 rooms/smoking 34 rooms (
5.6% )
JW Marriott Shanghai: 342 rooms/smoking 32 rooms (
9.4% )
Le Royal Meridian Shanghai: 761 rooms/smoking 80 rooms (
10.5% )
The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai: 96 rooms/smoking 15 rooms (
15.6% )
Hotel Sofitel Hyland Shanghai: 401 rooms/smoking 66 rooms ( 16.5% )
The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong: 285 rooms/smoking 50 rooms (
17.5% )
Hilton Shanghai: 714 rooms/smoking 125 rooms (
17.5% )
Fairmont Peace Hotel: 270 rooms/smoking 60 rooms (
22.2% )
The Westin Bund Center Shanghai: :570 rooms/smoking 127 rooms (
22.3% )
The Peninsula Shanghai: 235 rooms/smoking 55 rooms ( 23.4.% )
Pudong Shangri-La East Shanghai:952 rooms/smoking 257 rooms (
27.0% )
Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai: 422 rooms/smoking 130 rooms (
30.8% )
Park Hyatt Shanghai: 174rooms/smoking 54 rooms (
31.0% )
Shanghai JC Mandarin: 514rooms/smoking 214 rooms (
41.6% )
Grand Central Hotel Shanghai: 353 rooms/smoking 173 rooms (
49.0% )
Hotel Equatorial Shanghai: 507 rooms/smoking 280 rooms (
55.2% )
Raddison Blu Hotel Shanghai New World: 525 rooms/smoking 300 rooms (
57.1% )
City Hotel: 276 rooms/smoking 166 rooms (
60.1% )
Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai: 485 rooms/smoking 317 rooms (
65.3% )

Three Hotels, Grand Hyatt Shanghai (14.0%-39.8%), Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel and
Hotel Nikko Shanghai (about 50%, each) was excluded from this listing, because of
the data obtained here may not be accurate.

A smoking-room ratio (percentage) in the selected hotels in Shanghai

Copyright (C) 2013 Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.

The smoking-room ratio to the total guest room is really depended on the individual hotel policy
in Shanghai. Waldorf Astoria, known as one of the most luxurious hotels around the world,
abolished a smoking guest room and intended to show a smokefree environment. However,
contrary to protect a guest's health, it allows smoking on the Peacook-Alley in the passage.

The smoking-room ratio was under 18% in Portman Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Le Royal Meridian,
Yangtze Boutique, Sofitel Hyland, Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong and Hilton Shanghai. On the
other hand, City Hotel and Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai showed a higher smoking-room rate.

Many hotels in Shanghei are reducing the number of smoking rooms when they make a renovation
work. The world has been encouraging the pleasant indoor surrounding to eliminate a toxic
tobacco-smoke. In Hong Kong, the smoking-room rate of 18 hotels out of 22 was under the level
of 20%. No-smoking guest rooms in two hotels.

In Whistler, BC Canada, all ten hotels have no-smoking guest room. In Vancouver, eight hotels
out of 12 hotels abandoned a smoking guest room. In Seattle, six of eight hotels provides all
no-smoking guest rooms. The smoking-room ratios of the remaining two hotels are 1.1% to 5.7%.
In San Francisco, California, the 15 hotels out of the 17 hotels are smokefree.
Smoking-room ratios at the remaining two hotels are 1.6%.

This study was conducted by Junhaku Miyamoyo, M.D., PhD in May 2013.

All hotels in Shanghai abolished a smoking space inside, according to a strict smoking ban,
that includes a guest room in a hotel, which was enforced in March 2017.

Sunrise in the Shanghai's skyline


Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Japan high speed railways Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Tokyo
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Korea
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Macau
Thailand Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Bangkok
Hong Kong Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Hong Kong
Canada smoking ban Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Vancouver
United States Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Seattle
United States Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at San Francisco
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Shanghai

 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Nice
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Berlin
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Austria
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Germany
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Switzerland
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Moscow, Russia
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Saint Pertersburg, Russia
Australia smoking ban Smoking ban in hotels of Canberra and Sydney
Australia smoking ban Smoking ban in hotels of Gold Coast

A partial smoking bans in hotels do not protect guests from
dangers of tobacco.

Hotels, that have the smoking and non-smoking rooms, do not adequately protect people from
the dangers of tobacco. That is the conclusion of a new San Diego State University study published
in the Journal Tobacco Control.

Researchers took air quality readings and tested surfaces for evidence of tobacco-smoke in a random
sample of San Diego hotel rooms. Ten hotels had complete smoking bans while 30 others had some
dedicated non-smoking rooms. Compared with hotels that prohibit smoking, hotels with only partial
bans had higher surface and air nicotine levels.

That was true even in the non-smoking rooms in hotels with a partial ban.Only five U.S. states ,
Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Vermond and Wisconsin,require all motel and hotel rooms to be
smoke free. Four cities in California, including Santa Monica, have such a law. Researchers say
guests who want to avoid tobacco exposure should stay only in smoke-free hotels.
Source: KPBS, San Diego, May 15, 2013

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Information was added in April 2019.
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