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Hotel Grand Lisbona Macau

Grand Lisboa is a 58-floor, 261-metre-tall hotel in Macau. Its casino and restaurants were opened in 2007,
while the hotel was opened in December 2008. The casino offers 800 mass gaming tables and 1000 slot
machines. The first and basement floors are designated for non-smoking, and the second floor is designated
for smoking floor.The hotel contains 402 hotel rooms and suites. The numbers of smoking rooms are 350.

(L) A guard man in the Grand Lisbona Macau Hotel (R) A main entrance of the Hotel Grand Lisbona Macau

(L) An outer space of Grand Lisbona and Sky Tower Macau (R) Hotel Lisbona

Casino Lisboa is one of the most famous hotel casinos in Macau. The original casino and the 12-storey round
hotel tower were built in 1970. A 270-room extension was added in 1991 for a total of 926 rooms. Of these,
the number of smoking rooms is 849.

(L) Hotel Lisbona (R) The picture shows the view of Hotel Lisbona from Wynn. Grand Lisbona is seen at the back of Hotel Lisbona.

Wynn Macau: (L) The Performance Lake at the entrance (R) A passage in the hotel

Wynn Macau is a luxury integrated resort in Macau Peninsula. It offers gaming combined with a deluxe hotel,
restaurants, designer shops, and spa. It opened in 2006. In its 24-storey hotel buildings, circa 600 guest rooms
are provided from 5th to 24th floor. Fourteen floors are designated for smoking rooms: they are located on the 5, 6,7,8,9,11,13,14,15,17,19,21,23, and 24th building level. Six floors are designated for non-smoking rooms:
they are located on the 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22nd building level. A new building, Encore on Wynn Macau
features circa 410 rooms.

Wynn Macau (L) An exterior (R) A porch of the hotel

Wynn Macau (L) A lobby (R) A garden and restaurant

MGM Macau (L) A lobby (R) A passage in the hotel

MGM Macau is officially opened on 18 December 2007.It is a 35-story, 582-room casino resort in Macau.
The number of smoking rooms is 108 in this hotel.

Mandarin Oriental Macau

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG) has received awards for its service and management, as well as for
the spas and restaurants, located at many of their hotels and resorts. The total number of guest rooms is 213,
and there are 48 smoking rooms.

(L) Bank of China (R) Nam Van Lake and the Sky Tower Macau

Three bridges linking the Macau Peninsula and Taipa
(L) Ponte de Amizade and Macau-Taipa Bridge (R) Macau Sai Van Bridge

(L) High-rise Taipa Apartments in Macau (R) Grand Hyatt Macau, Taipa Island

Grand Hyatt Macau is located in the Cotai area between the islands of Coloane and Taipa, off the tip of Macau
Peninsula.Its 791 luxury Macau rooms & suites provide with a spectacular view over Cotai and the west banks
of Pearl River.The number of smoking rooms is circa 200.

(L) The Dradon and crystal ball are placed near the Grand Hyatt Macau
(R) A man-made snow is seen in the river of the Venetian Macau Resort

Venetian Macau is a hotel and casino resort, owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation. The main hotel tower
and resort are officially opened in 2007. The resort has 3,000 suits and 51,000 sq m casino space, with 3,400
slot machines and 800 gambling tables and 1,500 seats. The number of smoking rooms is 664.

(L) The entrance to the Venetian Macau Resort (R) A gondola rides in the Venetian Macau Resort

(L) Venetian Macau Resort (R) This space is indoor. Therefore, you have to follow the smoking-ban law.

(L) A passage hall of Venetian Macau Resort (R) Conrad Macao, Cotal Central Hotel
The total guest rooms in the Conrad Hotel are 636, and smoking rooms are 205.

Galaxy Macau Hotel

Galaxy Macau is a resort located on the Cotai Strip, Macau. Construction on the Cotai project began in 2002,
but its opening has been rescheduled several times. In 2011, at the cost of USD 1.9 billion, Galaxy Macau
resort officially opened.The total guest rooms are 1,500, in which smoking rooms are 692 and non-smoking
rooms are 808.

A diamond water show makes visitors excited in the lobby of Galaxy Hotel.

A smiling greeting lady at Galaxy Hotel and a lobby of the hotel

(L) Bus terminal at Galaxy Hotel (R) Hotel Okura Macau

The total number of guest rooms of Hotel Okura Macau is 488, in which smoking rooms are 203 and non-smoking rooms are 285.

(L) (M) Banyan Tree Macau (R) Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip

The total number of guest rooms of Banyan Tree Macau is 256. Smoking rooms are 60.
The total number of guest rooms of Four Seasons Hotel is 360. Smoking rooms are circa 85.

Smoking Ban in Hotels in Macau

The Macau's smoking law, as many other countries, has exempted a guest room of the hotel from the restriction.
Therefore, we can speculate on the quality of customers staying in the hotel. The following rate shows the ratio
of smoking rooms to the total guest rooms in hotels at Macau.

A smoking-room ratio (percentage) in the major Macau hotels
Copyright (C) 2012 Junhaku Miyamoto

Hotel Grand Lisbona Macau: Total 402 rooms/smoking 350 rooms ( 87.1% )
Hotel Lisbona: Total 926 rooms/smoking 849 rooms ( 91.7% )
Wynn Macau: Total c. 600 rooms/ smoking c. 420 rooms (70.0% )
MGM Macau Total 582 rooms/ smoking 474 rooms (81.4% )
Mandarin Oriental Macau: Total 213 rooms/ smoking 48 rooms
( 22.5% )

Grand Hyatt Macau: Total 791 rooms/ smoking c. 200 rooms ( 25.3% )
Venetian Macau Resort: Total 3,000 rooms/ smoking 664 rooms ( 22.1% )
Conrad Macao, Cotal Central Hotel: Total 636 rooms/ smoking 205 rooms ( 32.2% )
Galaxy Macau Hotel: Total 1,500 rooms/ smoking 692 rooms ( 46.1% )
Hotel Okura Macau: Total 488 rooms/ smoking 203 rooms ( 41.6% )
Banyan Tree Macau: Total 256 rooms/ smoking 60 rooms ( 23.4% )
Four Seasons Hotel Macau: Total 360 rooms/ smoking c.85 rooms ( 23.6% )

Smoking Restriction in a public Place in Macau

Smoking is no longer permitted at an extensive list of public venues in Macau, starting from the beginning of
January 2012. These include, among others, workplaces, hotels (except rooms and outdoor areas), restaurants,
commercial areas, banks and government buildings.

The only two exceptions are casinos, exempt from the ban for one year and allowed to establish non-smoking
areas; and saunas, massage parlours, bars and clubs, which have three more years before they need to comply.
In order to ensure the complete application of the smoking ban, the Health Bureau has created a special office.
The fine for smoking in restricted area ranges between MOP400 (US$50) and MOP600. However, people can
receive a 50 percent discount if they pay the fine within 15 days. In the first two days since a wide smoking ban
was enacted in Macau, over 750 venues have been already inspected, with 16 people being fined, according
to a press release from the government. Seven of the fined people were tourists.
Source:Macau Business Januar 3, 2012

Casino business in Macau will have to split their floor in two to comply with new smoking rules.

(L) A sign board placed in a casino, stating smoking is prohibited indoor public places.
(R) A sign board posted a new rule in a casino in Macau, at the ferry terminal in Hong Kong.

Macau Business reports that after the period during which casinos were exempt from the blanket ban expires,
they will be able to set aside up to half of the casino floor for smokers. The new rules also state that casino
workers will have no right to compensation should they fall ill from second hand smoke as, according to the
Health Bureau director, Lei Chin Ion, it is not an 'occupational hazard.'

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

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United States Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Seattle
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Smoke-free hotels in Japan
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