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Manitoba is a prairie province is bordered by the province of Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west,
and the American states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the south, and the salt water coastline on Hudson
Bay in the northeast. Agriculture, found especially in the fertile southern and western parts of the province,
dominates the province's economy; other major industries include transportation, manufacturing, mining,
forestry, energy, and tourism. The population of Manitoba was estimated about 1,214,000 in 2006.

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city, with a population of about 630,000. Winnipeg developed rapidly after
coming of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1881. Winnipeg has a humid climate withextremes of hot and cold.
Average low temperature in January is -22.8Ž, high in July is 25.8Ž.
Source: Wikipedia

(L) A main street in Winnipeg in 1887 (R) The Winnipeg general strike, 1919

Panorama of Winnipeg in 1907

(L) Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg (M) Esplanade Riel bridge for a pedestrian, Winnipeg (R) Red Rover flood in 1950

Non-Smokers Health Protection Act, Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba banned smoking in an enclosed public space, an indoor workplace.
A vehicle used for a public use, or used in a course of employment has to
become smoke-free. This act becomes effective after June 2005.

The "enclosed public place" means any part of an enclosed place to which members
of the public have access, including, but not limited to;
any part of office building, a retail store or other commercial establishment, or the
common area of residential building or shopping mall.
a health-care centre facility
a day care center or nursery
an educational institution or facility
a restaurant
an elevator
a licensed premise
an enclosed place, other than a private residence
a private club to which a member or individual has access
a bus shelter, pedestrian tunnel or enclosed walkway.

Exception for outdoor eating or drinking areas

An outdoor eating or drinking area that is a part of, or operated in conjunction with,
a restaurant, a licensed premise, a non-public club, to which a member or an invited
person has access, or an enclosed place, other than a private residence.

Exception for a hotel room

A registered guest, and his or her invited guests, may smoke in a guest room of
a hotel, motel, inn or bed-and-breakfast facility, but only if the guest room

is designed primarily as sleeping accommodation,
is not frequented by non-smoking in-patients or residents,
is fully enclosed by floor-to-ceiling walls, a ceiling and doors that separate it
physically from any adjacent area in which smoking is prohibited by this Act, and
has a separate ventilation system.


A proprietor shall ensure that no ashtray or similar receptacle is placed or allowed
to remain in any place or area in which smoking is prohibited under this Act.

eneral offence and penalty

A person who contravenes a provision of this Act is guilty of an offence, and
is liable on summary conviction:
A first offence, to a fine not more than $3,000
A second offence, to a fine not more than $5,000
A third or subsequent offence, to a fine not more than $15,000

Source: the Manitoba Law, Government of Manitoba, Canada

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