Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden. It is the site of the Swedish government, parliament
and official residence of the king of Sweden as well as a prime minister. As of 2008, the Stockholm metro-politan
area is the home of about 21% of total population. About two million people live in the Stockholm metropolitan
area. Due to the high northerly latitude, daylight varied widely from more than 18 hours in midsummer, to
only around 6 hours in late December in the city of Stockholm.

A view of the Riddarholmskyrkan beyond the Riddarfjarden. リッダー湾を挟んでリッダーホルム教会を望む

(L) The buildings reminded of a northern country, seen near the Stockholm Central Station.
(R) The gate to the Riksdagshuset (House of Parliament).  

(L) The buildings at the corner of Riddarholmen (The Knights' Islet).
(R) A changing guard ceremony at the Kungliga Slottet (The Stockholm Palace)


A changing guard ceremony at the Kungliga Slottet.

Stadhuset, the City Hall. This is the place of the Nobel Prize banquet takes place.

(L) Stadhuset garden, Stockholm. (R) A view of Riddarfjarden. 

(L) The front of the Stadhuset.. (R) A view of the Riddarfjarden from the upper floor window of Stadhuset, Stockholm.

(L) Stadhuset, Stockholm. (R) National Museum.

(L) St. Jacob’s Church. The church took a long time to complete, and as a consequence included a wide range of architectonic styles,
such as late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque design of architects.
(R) Radisson SAS Hotel Stockholm faced to the Riddarfjarden. 

(L) Vasagatan is the major street in central Stockholm. The Central Post Office in the right.
(R) The Vasagatan street in around the year 1900.

A SJ train crossing the river of Riddarfjarden.

The old street and the shopping district of Vasterlanggatan. Many restaurants in the old town, Gamla Stan.
王宮近くの古い街並みにはレストランや ショップが立ち並ぶ

A narrow quiet street just a few minutes from the busy Vasterlanggatan. The world of the 15th century.

(L) A yacht harbor in the Riddarfjarden. The water links to the Baltic Sea.
(R) A cycling road. It is much wider than a pedestrian walk.
(L) A parking pole for a bicycle and a rental cycle depot.
(R) The tram line is a heritage tramway with line number 7, departs from the Norrmalmstorg square, Stockholm.

(L)The Stockholm Central Station viewed from the Scandic Continental Hotel.
(R) The late sunset time of the area of Riddarfjarden.
The Nordic Light Hotel. A morning buffet and the dinning room in the hotel.

The dinning space which may imagine the society one century ahead.

Black clouds are covering over the sky of Riddarfjarden of Stockholm, which remind us the severe cold, dark winter
in the northern country.

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Railway Travel around the World 世界鉄道旅行
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Smoking ban in the railway trains of the world

 Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Express Train

 Smoking Ban in restaurants and bars in Sweden
 Kingdom of Sweden

Stockholm Stockholm Rail Blue Line Stockholm Rail Red Line Stockholm Tram Express X2000
Gothenburg Malmo Oresund Bridge & Drogden Tunnel

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Stockholm County Railways

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