Gothenburg City Tour

Ferries connecting the Danish and Swedish coast run around the clock, and it takes only 20 minutes.
A ticket of ferry between Helsingor and Helsingborg costs about 39 Euros by car. Departure: almost every
20 minutes in a daytime.

Entering to Sweden from Helsingborg pier. A custom officer just blinked at my car.

(L) Euro Highway, E20. Driving north to Gothenburg. (R) A highway tunnel in Sweden digging a hard rock.

A country rich in green woods and farm land.

Euro Highway, E20, entering to Gothenburg. This road continues to Oslo, Norway.

Gothenburg Central Station at dusk

A busy Gothenburg Central Station in the morning.

Gothenburg Central Station. There are many local train services.

A waiting lobby of Gothenburg Central Station. Toilet is toll. A passenger takes her dog into a train.

Departure board and the connecting passage way to a bus terminal.

(L) The main entrance of Gothenburg Central Station (R) computerized motorman's panel.
Sweden's railways run with left-hand traffic, in contrast, Denmark's railways run with right-hand.
Therefore, the driver's seat stands in the center.

(L) No smoking and no dog and quiet sign (M) Interior of a quiet train (R) A train which allows a bicycle, baby carriage and pets in,
is rather popular in a youth?

Gothenburg, 'Yeutebory', is the second-largest city in Sweden. About 500,000 inhabitants live in the municipality
(2008). It is located on Sweden's West Coast at the outlet of Gota river. With over 60,000 students, Gothenburg
University is the largest in Scandinavia. The Gothenburg tram network consists of 80 km track. It is the largest
tram network in Scandinavia. It has around 200 tram cars (2006), which perform about 2,000 trips and cover
30,000 km per day.

(L) Gothenburg Bus Terminal Station. The roof appears as a solar panel, but it is a ventilator.
(R) A city map of Gothenburg. Gota River flows into Skagerrak strait of North Sea.

(L) A restaurant in the city center of Gothenburg. (R) Gothenburg trams are painted with a various color.

The tram car terminal in front of the Gothenburg Central Station.

(L) A two-car tram at the square in front of the Gothenburg Central station. (R) A busy Nordstan shopping district in Gothenburg.

(L) Japanese restaurant, 'Sakura' and Sushi bar in Drottninggatan (Queen's Street), Gothenburg.
(R) Swedish children eating 'sushi' assisted by their mother.

McDonald at Drottninggatan, Gothenburg ( The law prohibits smoking ).

(L) Enjoying a summer sunlight at a cafe in Gothenburg. (R) a Gothenburg tram in old fashioned.

(L) Kungsportsavenyen Street, Gothenburg. A thread-and-yarn shop seen next to a park. (R) A bronze statue of the knight.

(L) A vintage tram of Gothenburg. A similar tram was seen in Tokyo during Meiji era.
(R) A bicycle road is well settled in Gothenburg.

(L) Lilla Bommen of Gota River in front of Opera House, Gothenburg.
(R) The width of a bicycle road is the same all the way, but a pedestrian road becomes
considerably narrow. ( Photo taken near Gota Tunnel Entrance ).

スウェーデンとデンマークとを結ぶ主要なルートは、 Helsingor とHelsingborg との間を連絡していたフェリーであった。
しかし、2000年にマルメとコペンハーゲンを繋ぐ大橋とトンネル( Oresund Connection )の開通で、鉄道車両をも

インターチェンジで一旦、一般道路に出て利用する。欧州の高速道路はOresund Connection、Great Belt Bridgeなどの


ヨーテボリ・トラムカーは関係自治体共同出資による Vastrrafik が運営している。12の主として路面を走る路線があり、
活躍している。トラム全体の走行距離は1日、延30,000 キロとされている。自動車と同じく右側通行である。電車フアン

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The photographs were taken in July, and the article was written in August 2008,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.


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