Stockholm County Railways


A new kind of circular light rail line, which opened in June 2000 from the Gullnarsplan station to Alvik station
(9.4km). In 2002, it was extended towards the east to Sickla Udde on the eastern side of the Sickla canal.

Motorman's computer panel. Driver's seat of Stockholm tramcar.
To confirm the status of the tram, a driver uses a back mirror, in comparison with that a driver of
the subway checked the status of the train always on the platform. Since a tram runs on a street road
same as automobile, the motorman's seat stays left side of tramcar.

(L) Platform of Alvik Station, the west terminal of the tram line. (R) A bus leaving from Alvik station.

A view of Malaren inlet, near Alvik

(L)Tram cars pass each other near Stora Essingen. (R) Tram car line and expressway at Grondalsbron.

After Grondalsbron, a tram car runs to the town of Grondal.

A condominium in town of Grondal.

Sopping district of Grondal and a Stockholm tram.

(L) A tram car runs on a street road near the Liljeholmen Station.
(R) Expressway bridge over Arstaviken River. ( Photographed from a tram near Gullmarsplan )

(L) Tram line near Gullmarsplan Station. (R) Arstaviken River ( inlet ) seen from a Stockholm tram.

Town of Sickla Kaj

(L) Junction station, Gullmarsplan. Passengers to downtown Stockholm change train here.
(R) There is a bus terminal to suburb area at Gullmarsplan Station.

ストックホルム市の中央に位置するSodermalm (ストックホルム中央駅より南にある島)はスカンジナビア半島で
最も人口密度の高い島とされているが、 Gullmarsplan はJohanneshov橋でSodermalm と結ばれている。トラムは
T-BANA Gullmarsplan 駅を挟んで東西方向に伸びる。ほとんどの乗客はこの駅で入れ替わる。ホームには
改札ゲートがなく、街中の駅で自由に乗り降り出来る。検札は車内で私服の車掌が行っていた。西の終点は Alvik、
東の終点はSickla Udde である。地上を走るので乗っていても気持ちよい。特にAlvik へ向かう路線は景色がよい。

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