Stockholm County Railways

The Blue Line is almost entirely underground ( except Kista Station ) and all stations were built in rock
at a depth of 20-30 m. All stations boast a great design by different artists. Due to the deep alignment,
the line is not very busy with inner-city traffic, most passengers board the trains at T-Central station
to go to the northwestern suburbs.
The Blue Line operates two lines:
Route T10: Kungstradgarden - Hjulsta. Route T11: Kungstradgarden - Akalla.

A ticket gate of T-Centralen Station, Blue Line and a one day pass ( good for 24hours )

Escalators of T-Centralen Station and Akalla Station, Blue Line.

Station gallery under rock

Platform of T-Centralen Station, Blue Line.
Quite different decoration seen in Stockholm subway, in which several of the deep underground stations are
cut into a solid rock which was left with cave-like ceilings.

(L) Radhuset Station, Kungstradgarden Station, Blue Line.

Interior of T-Bana train and a dog. No human nor dog interferes with each other.

A painting display on the wall of Tensta subway station, Blue Line.

The fine cave paintings of penguins on the line and an elephant at Tensta Station, Blue Line.

The world of birds drawn on the wall may in some day may fly out. The picture was photographed in the Tensta Station.

The silent world of reindeers. When you stand long in front of them, they may start to talk to you.

Painted sun on the wall of the platform. Animals drawn on the wall may invite you to the world of imagination.

ストックホルムの地下鉄および郊外鉄道網( T-BANA )はヨーロッパで最も優れた交通システムと言われている。

(終点 Farsta Strand )は2008年6月現在運行されていない。

堅い岩石を深く掘って出来上がった洞窟駅 TENSTA 描かれた壁画は実にすばらしい。地表から30メートル下の


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Stockholm County Railways
Stockholm T-Bana 2

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