Kangaroo Island/South Australia

Kangaroo Island

The Flinders Chase National Park is a group of protected areas, located at the western end of Kangaroo Island, 213 kms
southwest of Adelaide, South Australia. It is a sanctuary for endangered species and home to a few geological phenomena.

(L) The entrance sign board to the Flinders Chase National Park.
(R) A road sign warning a kangaroo is crossing.
(L) A pair of Cape Barren Geese( Goose ) take a walk on the road in the Flinders Chase National Park.
(R) A Wallaby and many other wild animals are living in the Park.

Many New Zealand Fur Seals lying on the beach rock at the Admiral Arch, Kangaroo Island.

(L) A group of Australian Pelicans at the beach of Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island.
(R) Many Australian sea lions are taking a nap at a sandy beach of the Seal Bay Conservation Park.
(左)カンガルー島北東、エミュー湾の海辺で休息する (右)の浜辺で昼寝するアシカ

Vivonne Bay, the most primitive beach out of 1000 beaches in Australia.
When Sydney University evaluated 10,000 beaches across Australia, Kangaroo Island's Vivonne Bay came out
on top. * The university did rating them on things like clarity of water, privacy and cleanliness.

Restriction of cigarette sale in the Kangaroo Island

A notice of that as the result the government restricts the store which can sell a tobacco product,
the 'Checkouts' stopped selling a cigarette at their store.

カンガルー島の豊かな自然  カンガルー島はアデレードの南西に浮かぶ大きな島である。東京都と神奈川県とを

参考 ビクトリア州(中心都市:メルボルン)において未成年者にタバコを販売した場合の罰金は215ドル、起訴
された場合はその25倍( 5375ドル)となる。なお、オーストラリア1ドルは2007年5月現在、約100円である。

Source: Victorian Government Health Information ( March 2006)

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 Photography: Australia 2007


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Adelade/South Australia

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