Perth/West Australia

Perth, on the Swan River, the capitol of the Western Australia

Western Australia is a state of Australia, occupying the entire western third of the Australian continent.
It has 2.2 million inhabitants, 85% of whom live in the south west corner of the state. The Perth
metropolitan area is the home to 75% of the population of the state of West Australia.

The black Swan is the state bird of Western Australia.
The right photograph was taken in September 1994. Many black swans on the lake shore, Hyde Park of Perth.

The fishing boat harbour in Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia, located 19 kms southwest of Perth. The city is popular with
diners, catering for all tastes and budgets. Italian and Asian cuisine are abundant as well as a vast variety
of seafood restaurants. There are numerous cafes and coffee shops situated at around Fremantle.

(L) Map Source: University of Texas at Austin Library (R) Major resource commodities in the Werstern Australia

Western Australia's economy is largely driven by extraction and processing of a diverse range of mineral
and petroleum commodities. The structure of the economy is closely linked to the abundance of natural
resources found in the State, providing a comparative advantage in resource extraction and processing.
This creates that the gross state product per person, $71,055, is higher than any other state, with
comparison of the average of $55,195 in all Australians. A recent global demand for minerals and petroleum,
especially for iron in China and for LNG in Japan, has ensured the economic growth above the national average.
Source: Wikipedia

(L) A giant tree placed in the Kings Park, Perth. (R) A beautiful garden in the Kings Park, Perth

Greeting with the animals at the Australian Wildlife Park in the early morning

These photographs show pinnacle desert area in the Nambung National Park, Western Australia, which locates
162 kms northwest of Perth. Photograph in September 1994, by Dr.Junhaku Miyamoto.



Smoking Ban in Western Australia

Smoking is forbidden inside all airports, government offices, health clinics, restaurants and workplaces in
Australia, which took effect from July 2006. Following that, in 2007, the city of Fremantle went to a step
further and banned smoking in all outside dining areas. Perth followed suit in August 2008. In Sydney,
smoking is also banned on the famous beaches in Manly and in Bondi. It is expected that eventually all
states will ban smoking in outside dining areas.


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