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State of Virginia

The commonwealth of Virginia is a U.S. state on the Atlantic Coast. The estimated population is about 7,000,000
in 2008. In northern Virginia, near the state border with Washington, D.C., there are federal agencies of the
Department of Defence and CIA. The growth of the media and technology sectors have made computer chips
the leading export of the state. There are the 21 TV stations in the Virginia. The headquarter of the popular
paper 'USA Today', which now is the second largest after the Wall Street Journal, is located in McLean, Virginia.

(L) Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
(R) This map shows the site of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Many rivers in Virginia, including Potomac river, flow into the Chesapeake Bay. The Blue Ridge Mountains are on the
links of Appalachian Mountains, the highest point in the state, which is the Mount Rogers at 1,746 m.

Source: Wikipedia

Norfolk Botanical Garden (Azelea), in April 1961

Williamsburg Colonial Historic Sites, in April
All four photographs were taken by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto.

Source: University of Texas Libraries

Virginia is also well known for the production of tobacco. Tobacco, one of the most widely used addictive substances
in the world, is a plant native to the Americas and historically one of the half-dozens most important crops grown by
American farmers. From 1617 to 1793,tobacco was the very valuable staple export from the English-American
mainland colonies and the United States. Until the 1960s, the United States not only grew but also manufactured
and exported more tobacco than any other country.

Tobacco field in Virginia

Philip Morris USA, which is the world dominated tobacco company, moved its headquarters from New York City to Richmond, Virginia.
Philip Morris plans to move all domestic productions to Richmond, VA, by the year 2010.

Smoking Ban in a public place in Virginia

A broad ban on smoking in restaurants and bars passed both houses of the Virginia legislature, giving final
approval to an unprecedented restriction in a once a reliably pro-tobacco state. - The home state of Marlboro
cigarettes and the world's largest cigarette factory is banning most smoking in restaurants and bars.

Details of the smoking restriction:@It allows smoking only in private clubs or in restaurant rooms that are
enclosed and separately ventilated. It prevents restaurant and bar employees from being required to work
in smoking areas. The ban allows lighting up only in closed off, separately ventilated areas or in private clubs.
However, establishments or patrons flouting the law would incur a fine of $25

Source: www. Washingtonexaminer.com. April 12, 2009

Smoking ban in Virginia to protect restaurants workers and patrons

New Virginia's legislation goes into effect December 2009, to protect restaurant workers and patrons from
the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. The Virginia Department of Health offers these frequently asked
questions and answers about the law and the role of Department of Health.

œWhat Is the key provision of the law?
Smoking will be prohibited in restaurants that are open to the public, with a few exceptions.
œWhat Kind of establishments are exempt from the law?
Any place or operation that prepares or stores food to distribute to people in the same business operation,
or of a related business operation for service to the public. Examples include operations that prepare food
for catering services, pushcart operations, hotdog stands or other mobile points of service. Any outdoor
area of a restaurant, with or without a roof covering, provided it is not enclosed by temporary enclosures.
Any restaurant located on the premises of any manufacturer of tobacco products. Any portion of a
restaurant constructed so that the area where smoking is
permitted is: Structurally separated from the areas, in which smoking is prohibited, of the restaurant, and
separately vented to prevent the recirculation of air from the smoking area to the non-smoking area. At least
one public entrance must be into an area where smoking is not permitted.
œDoes The smoking ban prohibit smoking in restaurants operated in private clubs?
No, a private club is exempted from the smoking restriction.
œSmoking will be allowed in outdoor areas of restaurants?
Smoking will be permitted in open-air outdoor areas of a restaurant.
œDoes The anti-smoking law affect employees who work in areas where the law
permits smoking?
Yes, wait or bus staff may not be required by the proprietor to work in any area of the restaurant
where smoking may be permitted.
œPost Sign boards, stating 'No-Smoking' or containing the international
'No Smoking' symbol no smoking clearly and conspicuously in every restaurant where smoking is prohibited; Remove
all ashtrays and other smoking paraphernalia from all areas of the restaurant, where smoking is prohibited.
Source: Virginia Department of Health.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Crystal City, Virginia, are situated 7kms south of Washington, DC.
Photographed in October 2010.

Total Smoking Ban in USA

smorking ban New Jersey @Smoking Ban in New Jersey@
smorking ban Illinois USA@Smoke-free Illinois Act@
smorking ban California USA@Smoking Ban in California@1998
smorking ban Beverly Hills California@Beverly Hills banned in all outdoor dining areas@
smorking ban condominium@Smoking Ban in a condominium of California
smorking ban Washington state@Smoking Ban in the State of Washington
smorking ban Oregon USA@Smoking Ban in Oregon@@
smorking ban Montana USA@Montana passed statewide smoking Ban
smorking ban Colorado USA@Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act
smorking ban Arizona USA@Smoking Ban in Arizona@
smorking ban Maine USA@Smoking Ban in the State of Maine
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smorking ban Massachusetts@Smoking Ban in the ‚lassachusetts state.
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smorking ban Maryland USA@Smoking Ban in Maryland@
smorking ban Washington DC@Smoking Ban in Washington,D.C.
smorking ban Minnesota USA@Smoking Ban in Minnesota@
smorking ban Delaware USA@Smoking Ban in Delaware@
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smorking ban Iowa USA@Smoking Ban in Iowa@
smorking ban Utah USA@Smoking Ban in Utah@
smorking ban Rhode Island@Smoking Ban in Rhode Island@
smorking ban Nevada USA@Smoking Ban in Nevada@
smorking ban Virginia USA@Smoking Ban in Virginia
smorking ban Michigan USA@Smoking Ban in Michigan@
smorking ban Wisconsin USA@Smoking Ban in Wisconsin

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The article was written in April 2009, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

smorking ban Michigan USA@
Smoking Ban in Michigan

Special Note:@“ú–{Œê•\Ž¦
@Russia unduly occupies our Northern Territories of Japan.
@Smoke-free hotels in Japan
@ Domestic travel in Japan
@Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
@WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
@World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
@Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
@Stop merging war criminals and war victims at Yasukuni Shrine.
@Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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