States of Vermont and New Hampshire


Lake Champlain, a natural, fresh water lake located within the borders of the United States and Canada.
The Vermont and New York states and Quebec province are sharing the boundary of the lake.

The state of Vermont in the New England region has a population of about 620,000, making it the second
the least state in the number of residents. Vermont is known for Lake Champlain and Green Mountains,
which run north to south.

Vermont ranks first nationally in craft breweries per capita.

Statewide smoking ban in Vermont

Vermont anti-smoking law among nation's strictest;
Vermont is the seventh state in the country to ban smoking in cars carrying childrenand the sixth to outlaw
smoking in hotel rooms. Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen said Friday it's hoped that the latest expansion
of Vermont's anti-smoking laws will encourage smokers to quit and protect the health of people who are
around smokers, including children and hotel staff members who could be exposed to secondhand smoke.
The fines are up to $100. The new law, most of which took effect on July 1, 2014.

Source: The Washington Times, June 27, 2104

Beebe Plain forming the northern border for Vermont and dividing the Vermont and Quebec sides of the village
American flag in both sides of the street

A map of Vermont

(L) A peaceful country scene of Vermont in autumn color (R) A char in the river of Vermont

Autumn tinted Vermont mountains. Clean, cool air and a quiet world

(L) A sunset at Lake Winnipesaukee, the largest lake in New Hampshire (R) A postcard of Lake Winnipesaukee issued in 1920.
The lake is located in the center area of the state, 154 m above sea level. The maximum depth is 65m.

Statewide smoking ban in New Hampshire

Governor signed a bill banning smoking in restaurants, bars, and in cigar bars. The law came into effect in
September 2007. It exempts bars located within private clubs.

US Interstate 93 passes through the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire
I-91.svg Interstate 91 runs north-south direction between the Massachusetts border to the Canadian border, connecting
White River Junction and Newport
I-93.svg Interstate 93 is the main highway in New Hampshire, it runs north-south direction between the Massachusetts
border to Vermont border, through White Mountain National Forest.

A dinning room of the Woodstock Inn, New Hampshire
A framed plate on a table at the lobby of Inn says 'Thank you for not smoking'.

Forbidden clauses posted at the entrance of McDonald's shop.
A stand ashtray placed outside of the McDonald's, near the entrance.

A map of NewHampshire

A highway rest area along the Interstate 93, New Hampshire, and 'Thank you for not smoking' sign placed inside of building.
After crossing Charles River, and passed through the tunnel near the South Station, that is the downtown of Boston.
Charles River を渡り South Station 横のトンネルを抜けると、そこはもうボストンのダウンタウンだ



したニューハンプシャー州、Woodstock Inn は全室禁煙であり、レストランも全面禁煙であった。

Total Smoking Ban in USA and Canada

smorking ban bc canada Smoke-free BC Canada
smorking ban alberta canada Smoking Ban in Public and Work places in Alberta
smorking ban Saskatchewan Smoking Ban in Saskatchewan 
smorking ban manitoba canada Nonsmokers Health Protection Act, Manitoba 
smorking ban ontario canada Smoke-free Ontario Act 
smorking ban quebec canada Tobaco Control in Quebec 
smorking ban new Brunswick Smoke-free Places Act, New Brunswick 
smorking ban nova scotia Smoke-free Places Act, Nova Scotia 

smorking ban New Jersey  Smoking Ban in New Jersey 
smorking ban Illinois USA Smoke-free Illinois Act 
smorking ban California USA Smoking Ban in California 1998
smorking ban Beverly Hills California Beverly Hills banned in all outdoor dining areas 
smorking ban condominium Smoking Ban in a condominium of California
smorking ban Washington state Smoking Ban in the State of Washington
smorking ban Oregon USA Smoking Ban in Oregon  
smorking ban Montana USA Montana passed statewide smoking Ban
smorking ban Colorado USA Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act
smorking ban Arizona USA Smoking Ban in Arizona 
smorking ban Maine USA Smoking Ban in the State of Maine
smorking ban Vermont USA Smoking Ban in Vermont 
smorking ban Massachusetts Smoking Ban in the Massachusetts state.
smorking ban New York Smoking Ban in New York 
smorking ban Maryland USA Smoking Ban in Maryland 
smorking ban Washington DC Smoking Ban in Washington,D.C.
smorking ban Minnesota USA Smoking Ban in Minnesota 
smorking ban Delaware USA Smoking Ban in Delaware 
smorking ban Ohio USA Smoking Ban in Ohio 
smorking ban Iowa USA Smoking Ban in Iowa 
smorking ban Utah USA Smoking Ban in Utah 
smorking ban Rhode Island Smoking Ban in Rhode Island 
smorking ban Nevada USA Smoking Ban in Nevada 
smorking ban Virginia USA Smoking Ban in Virginia
smorking ban Michigan USA Smoking Ban in Michigan 
smorking ban Wisconsin USA Smoking Ban in Wisconsin

USA and CANADA 2007

Arrival to Boston State of Maine to the Canadian Border Quebec City Autumn-tinted Quebec, Montreal Ottawa
Vermont and New Hampshire Boston  Boston Railway Boston Subway  Amtrak Acela Express  Manhattan1
Manhattan2 New York Railway  New York Subway and JFK Airport

USA and CANADA 2010
Washington, DC Ontario Michigan

Canada 2011
British Columbia Alberta  Trip to Canada 2011 Vancouver North Vancouver Whistler
Skytrain  VIA train Jasper Icefield and Bow Summit Emerald Lake Lake Louise Banff Calgary
Edmonton Hospitals in BC and Alberta Tobacco control in B.C. and Alberta 2011

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City of Boston

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