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Smoking ban in public places of Singapore


Singapore's skyline

Singapore has topped 131 cities globally to become the world's most expensive city to live in 2014,
according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Source: University of Texas Libraries

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island city-state, located at the southern tip of
the Malay Peninsula, 137 kms north of the equator, and south of the Malaysian state of Johor.
The area of Songapore is 710 square kms. Population is estimated about 5,000,000.

(L) Imperial Japanese army troops were marching in downtown Singapore in 1942.
Japan did not well recognize that the economic corporation is more important than that of armed intervention.
(R) Singapore Botanic Gardens has a collection of more than 3,000 species of orchids.

Merlion at night in the Merlion Park. Photographed in April 1990.

Beginning July 2006, Singapore's government enforced a total smoking ban in cafes and fast-food outlets.
For establishments with an outdoor area, 10-20% of the area can be set aside for smoking, although
they would have to be clearly marked to avoid confusion. Gradually, the ban has been extended to bus
shelters, public toilets and swimming complexes. In July 2007, the ban was extended to entertainment
night spots.

The rule allows for the construction of designated smoking rooms, which can take up to 10% of the total
indoor space. In January 2009, the ban was extended to all children's playgrounds, exercise areas, markets,
underground and multi-storey car parks, ferry terminals and jetties. It was also extended to non-air
conditioned areas in offices,factories, shops and lift lobbies. Smokers found flouting the rules are fined
S$200 while the owners of the establishments are fined S$200 and S$500 for a subsequent offence.
Source: Wikipedia

(L) No-smoking sign (R) A sign plate shows the designated smoking area in Singapore.

Temple, hotel and a central business district. Photographed in April

Smoking ban extended to more public areas.

National Environment Agency (NEA) is extending the smoking ban to more places
with effect from January 2013. The new list of smoke-free areas that have been
included in the Smoking Act covers common areas of residential buildings such as
common corridors, staircases, stairwells and void decks as well as multi-purpose
halls, covered walkways and link-ways, all pedestrian overhead bridges, within five
metres of bus shelters and hospital outdoor compounds. Smokers who wish to
smoke may do so at other areas.
Together, we can make Singapore a cleaner and healthier place for all to live in.

Source: National Environment Agency

The First Smoke-Free Hotel in Singapore

Royal Plaza (RP) is the first completely smoke-free business hotel, continues to
get to positive results from its move to promote the health of its employees through
its non-smoking program implemented in early 2007.

'The decision to go to 100 percent smoke-free on our premises was based on the health
benefits for both our guests as well as our staff,' said Patrick Fiat, general manager of RP.
'A completely smoke-free environment protects our staff and the guests from the harmful
effects of tobacco-smoke. It is also our way of showing support for the government
initiative to ban smoking in a public place.'
Source: Green Lodging News January 24, 2008

Smoking ban in Hong Kongs 2012-2013









Tobacco products are dutiable goods ( Singapore Customs ).



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The report was written in March 2008, last revised in March 2014, by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD.

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