Taipei Railway Trips 2016

Taiwan's High Speed Railways 台湾高鐡

(L) A ticket gate of Taoyuan THSR Station (M) Platform to the direction to Taipei (R) A high-sped train is now entering Taoyuan Station

(L) Interior of the business-class vehicle (M) Electric bulletin board shows the train is now arriving to Taipei Station.
(R) A ticket gate of Taipei Station

(L) A guidance board shows the south-bond platform is downstairs.
(M) Nippon-Koden made Automated External Defibrillator ( AED)
(R) A system control room on a platform

(L) THSR train for Zuoying is arriving in Taipei Stattion
(M) Smoking in any part of a train is prohibited in a train, and liable to a maximum fine of NT$10,000.
(R) THSR train arrived in Taichung Station.

(L) A ticket of THSR (R) A train is leaving from Taichuung Station.
(L) A guide plate of stations of Northbound train (M) A general trash box and recycled trash box (R) It said, please abide by the smoke-free law.

(L) Taichung City view from a train window (R) In-car attendant: A free tasty cookie and tea or coffee is served to a passenger in a business-class vehicle.

A window view between Taichung and Taipei

A description of Taiwan High-Speed Rail in 2009

Railway trip to Ruifang, Shifen, Jingtong and back 台湾鐡路

貂嶺 - 菁桐坑間が完成したのは、1923年1月のことであった。1929年7月10日に台湾総督府に買収され平渓線として営業を

(L) A ticket sales office of Twaiwan's Daitetsu (R) A railway route map centering around Taipei

(L) A commuter trains to the west of Taipei (R) A well-known lunch box sold in the large stations of Taiwan
(L) An express train to Ruifang and beyond Ruifang (M)(R) Inside of a car is densely packed with passengers at Ruifang Station.

(L) A guide plate of the Pingxi Line 平溪線 (R) The railway track runs along Keelung River. 基隆河

The Pingxi Line is a 12.9 km long, single-track railway. It runs between Ruifang and Jingtong. The railroad was
originally built to transport coal. It was completed in July 1921, during the Japanese administration era.

(L) Keelung River upstream (M) Shifen Waterfall is just nearby this suspension bridge
(R) Shifen's waterfall seen from a railway track.

(L) A train of Pingxi-LIne is running through the center street of Shifen.
(R) So many train passengers are crossing the platform of Shifen Station.

(L) Many tourists at a platform are waiting for the local train is arriving to Shifen Station.
(R) The sideway of railway track is full of crowds.

(L) Jingtong terminal station, leaving the face of the coal mine. (R) A train campaigning the 2015 Taiwan cycling festival

A train waiting for departure and a smiling train driver and child passenger at Jingtong Station

A single-track railroad between Jungtong and Shifen

(L) An old-style lower-quadrant semaphore stop signal with subsidiary arm below
(R) Turnout of which main line is straight and another line branches-off to the left.

The place of railroad near the Shifen Station is filled with tourists.

A tunnel in the single-track section between Ruifang and Shifen

A double -track section between Taipei and Sandiaoling stations

(L) Interior of the limited express train for Taipei (R) A train stops at Taipei Station.

(L) This train is made by Nippon Sharyo( Japan ) in 2013.(R) A railway ticket from Ruifang to Taipei

Taiwan 2009
Smoke-free Taiwan Yaoyuan Airport Taiwan High Speed Rail Taiwan Railway
Welfare and security support by Taipei MRT Taipei along MRT line (Hot Spring Valley, National Palace Museum )
Taipei long MRT line ( Long Shan Temple ) Taipei along MRT line ( Taipei 101 Building )
Taipei along MRT line ( Grand Hotel Taipei, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall,NationalTaiwanUniversity )
Kaohsiung MRT, Kaohsiung Airport  Kaohsiung City Smoke-free public transportation 
No smoking guest room in Taiwan Smoke-free restaurant and bar in Taiwan Smoke-free Hospital
A new era in a chinese culture and life in the island of Taiwan Departure from Taiwan

Taiwan 2016
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Taipei Railway Trips
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High-speed Railway in Taiwan


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