Metro railway networks in Washinton, DC

Washington Metro

(L) Metro system maps distributed to a train passenger free of cost (R) Map of Metro System drawn to scale

The Washington Metro, officially Metrorail, and commonly called Metro, is the rapid transit system in
Washington, D.C., United States, and its surrounding suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. Since opening
in 1976, the network has grown to include five lines, 86 stations, and 171km of track. Metro is
the second-busiest rapid transit system in the United States in a number of passenger trips, after
the New York City Subway. There were 215 million trips, or 727,684 trips per weekday, on Metrorail
in fiscal year 2008.

L'Enfant Plaza station, the major intersection, at which the railways of redline, Yellow Line, Blue Line, Green Line
and Orange Line are crossing.

(L) Ronald Regan Washington National Airport station is connected with the airport facilities.
(R) Underground plateform of L'Enfant Plaza station

An emergency-help system place at the platform of Branch Avenue metro station

Metro planners designed the system with passenger safety and order maintenance as primary
considerations. The open vaulted ceiling design of stations and the limited obstructions on
platforms allow few opportunities to conceal criminal activity. Station platforms are built away
from station walls to limit vandalism and provide for diffused lighting of the station. Metro's attempts
to reduce crime, combined with how the station environments were designed with crime prevention
in mind has contributed to Metro being among the safest and cleanest subway systems in the
United States.

A longstanding policy, intended to curb unlawful and unwanted activity, has to allow employees
to use Metro restrooms. Station managers may make exceptions for passengers with small children,
the elderly, or the disabled. Metro now allows the use of restrooms by passengers who gain
a station manager's permission, except during periods of heightened terror alerts.

Source: Wikipedia

Gallery Pl-Chinatown station

A colored-sign route and station information column placed at a railway plateform is very valuable
to know that you are at the right place.

(L) Sliver Spring is an urbanized area is a major business district that lies at the north of Washinton, DC.
(M) Many Metrobus routes serve the Glenmont Metro station, the north terminus of Red Line, which is in Maryland.
(R) New Carrolton is a suburban residential community, located just inside the Capital Beltway.

Interior of Metrocar

(L) Intersection of ceiling vaults at Metro Center station, one of the major transfer stations
(R) A platform of Branch Avenue metro station, the southern end of Green Line

(L) Newyork Avenue-Florida Avenue Station of the Red Line service
(R) An escalator of Glenmont Metrostation, in Maryland, is the northeastern terminus of the Red Line.
Metro rail service is now improving its 588 escalators, and we can see that many of them are not functioning.
Navy Yard station of the green Line ( Red flushing light on when a train is approaching )

New Carrolton Metrostation is located in Marylland. It serves as the terminus of orange Line, is connected
with the Amtrak station on the Northeeast Corridor.

(L) A Metrocar is crossing the Potomac River during the heavy rain. The bridge next is for the Amtrak train.
(M) Metro train is arriving at the Landover station.
(R) Double-deck Amtrak train runs along the Orange Line of the Metro rail system.
Video-photography was taken at the New Carrolton station.

Several collisions have occurred on Washington Metro, resulting in injuries and fatalities, along with numerous
derailments with few or no injuries. WMATA ( Washington MetropolitanTransit Authority ) has been criticized
for disregarding safety warnings and advice from experts.

(L) On November 3, 2004, an out-of-service Red Line train rolled backwards into the Woodley Park-Zoo
Adams Morgan station and hit an in-service train stopped at the platform. No one was killed,
but 20 people were injured.
(R) On June 22, 2009 at 5:02 p.m., two trains on the Red Line collided. Nine people were killed.
Source: Wikipedia

Information on the Train Ride

Riders enter and exit the system using a stored-value card in the form of a paper magnetic stripe fare card
or a proximity card known as SmarTrip.

(L) A standard self-service vending machine for passes and fare cards located at each station
(R) An automatic fare adjustment machine near the exit

(L) The front and back faces of the fare cards
(R) One-day Metrorail Pass is valid for one day of unlimited Metrorail travel on a weekday after
9:30 am, or all day on Saturdays, Sundays or federal holidays. The pass expires at 4:00 a.m. on
the day following first day of use.

Fare cards are purchased primarily at vending machines in each station. A minimum fee is $1.60. A mid-range
fee is $2.75, and $2.75 for a maximum fee. Fare cards can hold up to $45 in value and are reused until the
value of the card reaches zero. If the card contains the exact fare needed to exit, leaving the card at a zero
balance, the card is not returned by the exit gate.

Computerized motorman's panel



クレジットカードは最低料金の1ドル60セントでも使用できるのでよい。 購入したその日の夜中まで乗り降り



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Smoking ban in the railway trains of the world

Washington, D.C.
Arrival to Washington, D.C. The U.S.capitol Metro railway Union Station Museums Socioeconomic aspect
Smoking ban in Washington, D.C.

Ontario,Canada and Michigan, USA
Tobacco sale in Ontario 2010 Smoking ban in Ontario 2010 Smoking ban in Michigan 2010 Detroit Airport
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Amtrak Union Station, Washinton, DC

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